PSU staff gives thoughts on first wave of PS4 games

PSU writes:

"Say what you will about Sony's PlayStation Meeting and PlayStation 4 reveal; the event was positively littered with games. We didn't get merely a taste of next-gen. No, we got what seems like the whole damn pie. Sony rolled out title after title - from racing to shooting, from indie beauty to cartoon antics, and every genre seems ready to captivate at or near launch.

Killzone. Destiny. Watch Dogs. inFamous. Where do we start?

As we continue delving deeper into the questions and details behind PS4, we can't help but stop to speak on PS4's reveal lineup, which (for better or worse) will define PlayStation gaming in just a few months' time. Here's what a number of PSU staff members--editors and writers alike--had to say on the games:"

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caseh1908d ago

If they can launch the PS4 with Killzone and Infamous as launch titles i'll be a happy bunny, day 1 purchase on the console.

If not i'll probably leave it for 6 months and see how it pans out.

isa_scout1907d ago

Well, we know from when Guerilla showed Killzone on Jimmy Falon that at the very least Killzone Shadowfall will release alongside the PS4. He said something along the lines of, "It will launch with the Playstation 4." Jimmy Falon asked when the PS4 launched and he said, "Holiday, this year." So it sounds like Killzone will be ready to make the launch window.

caseh1907d ago

Hopefully they can stick to that schedule. I wasn't even aware that any devs had the dev kit for PS4 let alone announcing the PS4 release before the end of this year.

Guessing the PS4 is far easier to develop for judging by the amount of time that KZ4 has been in development for, can't be any longer than 2 years surely.

Still, looks good so far. Bring us the bacon!

thebigman1908d ago

I really don't understand what all the hate is about with Square Enix. Yeah it was disappointed that they didn't announce anything new, but the fact that their new engine is running on the PS4 at 1080p is impressive in its own right. Last year when they first showcased Agni's Philosophy they said that it was running on a GTX 680, 32GB of RAM, and an i7, so for me I didn't come away from their showing with disappointment.

Malice-Flare1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

July 2008 is where the hate comes from, plus the incomprehensible development time of Versus XIII...

thebigman1908d ago

I meant with the announcement in particular, I agree they blew it this gen

NateCole1908d ago

They suck big time this gen. Thats why.

a08andan1908d ago

A small thing I would love to see is an automatic remote-play, meaning when I click remote-play on my Vita, I don't want to have to turn it on manually on my ps3 as I have to now. It is a small thing and won't stop me from buying a ps4, but still, it would be nice :)

remanutd551907d ago

Well from a first party perspective sony has shown some variety in their line up :
sandbox open world game
first Person Shooter
racing game
they need to release an exclusive RPG game and the system will have a good diverse launch line up, hopefully they'll announce Third person shooter, Action/adventure, RPG and Hack/Slash exclusive titles at E3 so in other words:
Syphon Filter
Dark Cloud/ Rogue Galaxy
Heavenly Sword (i think i saw Ninja Theory talking about ps4 on the ps4 conference)

dcbronco1907d ago

Oh my god. He just said Sony is forgetting the core gamer. Why would they want other peoples money just because they are a business.