A Small Detail About The PlayStation 4 Could Have Big Implications

Kotaku: Among the bits of information dropped during last week's PlayStation 4 announcement was this from PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny, as he discussed the system's enhanced social features.

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sinncross1967d ago

I honestly think it will be a simple case of your PSN ID and avatar is used at all times, but you can toggle if you want people who you are friend with to be able to see your real name etc.

NewMonday1967d ago

hey Kotaku!

lets say the game tag is "DayZ100" just post the "real" ID as Day Zee(or Zed :p) Hundred

problem solved

black9111967d ago

Expect A Facebook/PS Home PS4 Integration???

Blackdeath_6631967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

at black911
i hope the facebook integration is very minimal as i don't have a facebook profile. i think its clever to use real names as people are much less likely to troll with their real id specially if a headset is being supplied with every ps4

MikeMyers1967d ago

We can already see by those screenshots that your PSN ID and real name can be both shown. This has to do with the new share feature and Facebook being integrated. That will make it much easier to upload images and videos to friends.

If people are really worried about having their real name attached it's easy enough to create a false Facebook account.

I like the idea of taking some of that anonymity away from gamers in hopes it will help curb the attitude. But again people will just create dummy accounts and still act like idiots. If they were to integrate a better reporting and feedback system that would be a smarter approach. Once they find that their voice channel doesn't work because they have been muted to everyone and they are having issues getting into quickmatches, hopefully they will change their behavior.

JackBNimble1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )


Your name is already tide to your psn ID so how will it be possible to use a fake name? Is it even possibvle to change your real name on the ps3 and keep your existing psn ID? I haven't tried to do that yet, but if you can't change it now then how do you expect it to work on the ps4?

I have kids and I don't want their real names on psn, I don't even want my real name on psn.

All I can say is there had better be some options with this.

EDIT: ok, so you can change your name on psn, everything is all good.

MysticStrummer1966d ago

I'd bet a large amount of money that it's optional anyway. People just look for problems.

MikeMyers1966d ago


You can use whatever name you choose when you signed up. They don't take your credit card information and paste it to your PSN ID.

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TotalHitman1967d ago

I agree. They'll have to give you an option to use a pseudonym or your real name to protect kids.

FamilyGuy1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Cerny said it clear as day, I really don't get the confusion.

Anonymous players you meet in games will see your psn id, not your real name. Friends you add will be able to see your real name.

Now the only thing unmentioned were settings. Maybe only your facebook friends you've added get to see your real name, or maybe you give access to your real name id on a friend-by-friend basis.

Either way it was completely clear that random people won't know who you are in real life unless you let them.

Not everyone has a facebook to integrate it into their psn account anyway. It's all up to you.

*Down voting kotaku*
They keep trying to find negative things to say or feign ignorance about when it comes to the PS4. They really don't like Sony and they aren't even trying to hide it.

ANIALATOR1361967d ago

I just know some idiots will abuse the feature and have a picture of a dick of something else obscene

FamilyGuy1967d ago

Not if profile pics have to be the same as your facebook profile pic.

In either case the photo would get reported and removed or the user could get banned. It'll happen but there will be repercussions.

SilentNegotiator1967d ago

But that IS my Facebook picture...

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dredgewalker1967d ago

I always expected the "lets make mountains out of anthills" attitude from Kotaku regarding any Sony articles.

Cryptcuzz1967d ago

The less article I see of Kotaku on N4G the better.

miyamoto1967d ago

Couldn't agree more,sir.

theBAWSE1967d ago

Click the plus sign and rate kotaku down I do everytime

FunAndGun1967d ago

I do too, but it doesn't seem to do anything. They have had 3 stars for the longest.

dredgewalker1967d ago

I don't think that ever worked, since we see a lot of these articles.

poopsack1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I really dont understand how a statement that made everything clear was turned into another useless piece of "journalism". The focus is on establishing a friends network with real names. PSNIds are still present because they understand that anonymity is important, so this obviously means that its up to you. and the settings you have placed. Case solved. I also love to see their entire community totally refusing to analyze the words before them, saying instead how much of a "DEAL BREAKERRR" this is for them.

ziggurcat1967d ago

why do people even allow kraptaku articles to be posted ont his site?

we should be down voting this garbage site.

coolasj1967d ago

Because, Kotaku puts out some good journalism on a consistent basis. Kotaku isn't my favorite site either but it's a huge site.

smashcrashbash1967d ago

The same reason why people still watch Fox News despite all the garbage they talk.

coolasj1967d ago

Seriously clawing at air there Kotaku.

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