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Submitted by Hufandpuf 1075d ago | news

EA’s CFO has seen Battlefield 4 running on a PlayStation 4

Pixelenemy - “I’ve seen the new Battlefield and it is stunning, I mean it is just amazing; what the imagination of the game developers are allowed to do with that much power,” says Jorgensen. (Battlefield 4, PS4)

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DaThreats  +   1075d ago | Intelligent
I hope so...
You are CFO of EA..
konnerbllb  +   1075d ago
Yeah I would be worried if he hadn't.

This just in: Jason West and Vince Zampella have seen their new game running on next gen consoles as well.
cl1983  +   1075d ago | Funny
In other news the sun came up today and is expected to set.
8GB_DDR3   1075d ago | Spam
Peppino7  +   1075d ago
BF4 may actually dethrone COD. Or am I being too optimistic?
Blackdeath_663  +   1075d ago
yes i believe it will in due time. what i am worried about is with the recent medal of honour being removed from ea's AAA game rotation that they will be focusing so much on battlefield to the point when it becomes the new COD and EA releases the same game over and over. basically i hope they don't milk it and speaking of milking i say absolutely NO to any hint of microtransactions in BF4. EA have publicly spoken about their desire to make microtransations a part of every game to the point where they are willing to have microtransaction in a singleplayer game.
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Army_of_Darkness   1075d ago | Trolling | show
RumbleFish  +   1075d ago
To my fellow PC gamers:
Army_of_Darkness seems to ignore the fact that we can upgrade our PCs anytime we want because we save so much money on the games. And he seems to ignore the fact that the GPUs we allready own are actually more powerful than the one they are going to put into the PS4. Poor boy!
ChronoJoe  +   1075d ago
Well, Kaz hasn't seen the PS4 hardware lol a lot of members higher up don't see the final products till quite late, quite often.

That's why we often get mistakes like Aliens Colonial Marines. :P
FamilyGuy  +   1075d ago
lmao, exactly, it's as if he doesn't look at his own companies games too often.
capnjoe217  +   1075d ago
“I’ve seen our new title and it looks like absolute shit, I mean it is just atrocious; the game developers suck, the new console sucks...actually ya know what? Don't buy this shit. Hell, I don't know what I'm doin' here! Why are you reading this?! Screw video games, anyone who enjoys them, and everything they stand for! I'm out this bitch!” says no CFO ever.
Ragthorn  +   1075d ago
@ Army_of_Darkness
Well the PS4 won't have better graphics than PC, it will still have a great collection of games, as I am a PC/PS gamer and proud!
@ RumbleFish
I agree with that PC has greater graphics, but don't attack consoles, we already know that we have better visuals. I'm sorry but I don't like PC gamers who go out and attack Console gamers as we are all gamers together.
J_Cob  +   1074d ago

They're already in BF3. The micro-transactions just aren't purchasable within the game. They've been selling the ability to bypass unlocking stuff within the game by paying to have them unlocked. It's been in the Xbox Live marketplace and PS Store for quite some time.
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kikizoo  +   1074d ago
"I agree with that PC has greater graphics"

4,5 years after ps4 ps3 (and not so many games)
CryofSilence  +   1074d ago
Since it's Battlefield we're talking about, something would be terribly wrong if the game didn't look gorgeous. So, despite being the CFO, he's probably right.
Ragthorn  +   1073d ago
I disagree with you completely on your statement on how PS3 didn't have many games. I'll happy to name 10 PS3 Exclusives/Series: inFAMOUS Series, Uncharted Series, Ratchet and Clank series, Killzone Series, Flow, Flower, Journey, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Warhawk, and my personal favourite, Demon's Souls. They're many to mention but these are of the many exclusives and series that PS3 has.
TAURUS-555  +   1075d ago
cant wait to know if B4 has 32 v 32 online cuz 8v8 is so last gen.
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eak3  +   1075d ago
You have that right. BF3 was so much fun ... but 8v8 was just so weak.
Reverent  +   1075d ago
8v8? Am I missing something, because I thought BF3 was 12v12 on consoles and 32v32 on PC.
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N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1075d ago
64vs64 would be perferable... just don't expect to walk 3 feet without being blown up.
Ace Killa 08  +   1075d ago
@reverent you are correct it is 12 vs 12,just some people who like to be part of the in crowd and voice random agree.

Unless they play close quarters, but I seriously just think, it's my first statement.

Still with the new generation kicking in the player count should increase, if not what's so next gen?
AzaziL  +   1074d ago
player count > graphics, it doesn't need to be the best looking game, it just needs what makes battlefield great: gigantic maps and enough players to fill em.
UnholyLight  +   1075d ago

Not to be too worried. Battlefield has traditionally been a release every 2 years type deal. It's expected to stay that way because they don't want to over saturate the market the way Activision turned CoD into..

As for MoH, I would expect another reboot back to it's roots (at least that's what I am hoping). MoH was a big and great franchise in it's early days with WWII and that's what it should go back to, especially with the lack of WWII shooters out there nowadays. There's still a big market for historical shooters and that's where I would take it.
DeFFeR  +   1074d ago
I don't know if MoH can recover - especially with BF on an every other year release cycle. It's likely that BF4 comes out this fall, and I'd assume that next fall, we see the release of the Respawn title, which would effectively replace MoH in the rotation.
UnholyLight  +   1074d ago
I don't see it very hard to make a good MoH game. They've made them before, it just doesn't seem like they have even TRIED to make a great game in that series lately.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1075d ago
I agree,i love battlefield but i don't want the game to be released year after year.Maybe a 2 year cycle would be good bad company 3 then another battlefield 4 or 5 and so on.
The_KELRaTH  +   1075d ago
I'd prefer it if they went back to the original BF cycle and offered a few full blown expansions.
Crazyglues  +   1075d ago
NO..NO... Don't tell me this... I can only take so much news without actually seeing it for my self..!

“I’ve seen the new Battlefield and it is stunning, I mean it is just amazing; what the imagination of the game developers are allowed to do with that much power,”

-Ok you are killing me right now...EA here just take my money, you had me at BF4 On PS4..

-I need to see this... -I can't even imagine how good it probably looks, especially after seeing what killzone was able to do..

OMG! It looks like I'll be going broke this fall because I was already getting a PS4, (never-mind all the games I just pre-ordered for PS3) then add a PS4 with Driveclub & Watchdogs with my system at launch, and now add BF4 for my PS4... :)

They might as well start the pre-orders on because I'm ready to order mine before they sell out..

This is getting Crazy, just wait till E3, We haven't even begun to see what's coming to PS4... OMG! I can't wait..

||.........___||............ ||
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1074d ago
Wouldn't it be crazy if EA and MS are in cahoots with each other this new gen, like those reports have mentioned. And BF4 was released earlier on Durango. :D And timed DLC maps for Xbox first.

Wow... that would be staggering.
stragomccloud  +   1074d ago
Probably looks like Battlefield 3 on PCs.

Absolutely stunning.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1075d ago
Guy sounds like a liar. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even exist. Plus I read the news that MS will have EA as an exclusives on 720z....yeah.

I'm sure he mean't 720, there are no games on PS4 (yeah I'm starting that early)

BUT 720, Forza 5, Fable sub-MMO, third party games and all the kinect2.0 shovelware crap you can shake a stick at!
Syntax-Error  +   1074d ago
The media has already seen BF4(2 weeks ago). EA held a special press viewing and everyone already said the game is jaw dropping. It's already slated for release later this year on PS3, 360, PC, and PS4. This is not really news, but more of some confirming what we already heard before.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1074d ago
@Peppino7 Battlefield 3 already de-throned CoD!!!
leogets   1075d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
tigertron  +   1075d ago
They should show us already!
guitarded77  +   1075d ago
It's probably gonna get some serious stage time at E3... at the EA presser, and at either the Sony or MS presser.

QUOTE: “I’ve seen the new Battlefield and it is stunning, I mean it is just amazing; what the imagination of the game developers are allowed to do with that much power,”

I'm so excited!!! Battlefield and Killzone are my favorite shooters.
GribbleGrunger  +   1075d ago
Don't throw me a crumb EA, just get back to your round table discussions with MS so that Sony can get on with adjusting their own strategy in accordance. 'It looks stunning' ... take your bleeding grape, I want a mellon!
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MacDonagh  +   1075d ago
Never ever trust EA.


Check out this video about what they may have planned for BF4 and tell me you're not concerned.

Related video
DoomeDx  +   1075d ago
That video is frightening.

But im done with supporting EA products anyways.

I usually buy all my games. My steam list is full of games I bought from the store. But EA is a company im not supporting. Yar
Insomnia_84  +   1075d ago
Holy f***ing sh*t! that man wants to get killed for saying such subliminal things. That is in no way the future of gaming, that sounds more like the downfall of console gaming. Leave your mobile microtansactions out of my console please.
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delboy  +   1075d ago
I agree

Micro transactions will happen, just wait for it.
It won't be over night, but will be introduced slowly.
Like with the frog, you can't trow a frog in hot boiling water, you do it slowly B-)
T2  +   1075d ago
Yes ea has ruined many a franchise and wtf is wrong with their servers ? But battlefield so far has been a bright spot
Persistantthug  +   1075d ago
@joecanada......Yeah but BATTLEFIELD 3 has maps.
Map packs are just another form of microtransactions.......especi ally when some companies are caught taking them out of games and sticking a separate pricetag on them later, or reusing old maps from previous games.

But yeah, even though it's now accepted, as far as the bottom line is concerned for EA and others--the bottom line being to charge you more money after the initial sale--BATTLEFIELD 3 is no different.
KLegend_99  +   1075d ago
hey can you post that video again? It says invalid id
MacDonagh  +   1075d ago

This is a portion of a speech EA CEO John Riccitiello gave at a stockholder's meeting, in which he talks about Microtransactions and how effective they are in getting money from gamers. The fella also added in the Emperor's theme for comic effect.

Here's the link.

Try also searching for ea john riccitiello on microtransactions if that link doesn't work for you.
cyril sneer  +   1075d ago

After seeing that video i can just see it now in sim city 5 they will let you build only 200 meter's of road then after that it will cost you 10p per meter.
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thebigman  +   1074d ago
What they should do is just release two versions of the game, one at full price that includes everything, and another downloadable FTP model that allows gamers to pay for what they want rather than be subjected to micro-transactions
whiteyjuice  +   1075d ago
MasterCornholio  +   1075d ago
Theres only 2 consoles that they could have shown this game on.


Since this is an investors conference im assuming that the version they were showing was the best one.
DoomeDx  +   1075d ago
Yes. Battlefield 3 wasnt demoed on the PC or anything for the first 6 months......
MysticStrummer  +   1074d ago
Can you not read? He said consoles. The insecurity from the PC crowd on here never fails to make me laugh.
Ron_Danger  +   1075d ago
Or since Microsoft haven't announce a new console yet, they wouldn't let EA show what it can do.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1075d ago
To bad I won't be getting it EA bc of your greedy ass an the way u Killed BF3's multiplayer with that server bullshit!!!! And it pisses me off bc was a great game smh
FunAndGun  +   1075d ago
I am just curious...are you referring to the renting a server thing?
Rainstorm81  +   1075d ago
Yep it's far too difficult to find official EA or Dice servers, and many times if you are doing good in the game the server owners can kick you out......

BF4 doesn't need rented servers at all, a matchmaking system is the best way to go for online MP IMO

Also the abundance of rented servers shows majority of people don't overly hate micro transactions
#8.1.1 (Edited 1075d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report
talisker  +   1075d ago
"Yep it's far too difficult to find official EA or Dice servers"

If it's too difficult for you to input "DICE" in the search box and look at the owner to check if it's legitimate, you should be playing Tetris on your phone, not a team-objective based MP game.

Let me guess, one of those support guys who never drop ammo?
Rainstorm81  +   1075d ago

The problem is when you do that many many times the official servers are full ....also genius, there are also EA servers but since you can't input only two letters in the search there is no way to search for EA servers. The main problem is rented servers simply outnumber official server by a lot.

I actually play bf3 as a team it's the only way to win's not CoD, so u guess wrong...besides I use medic and engineer

next time before running your mouth realize some people like the game and still have actual gripes....because it surely isn't perfect.
Detoxx  +   1075d ago
Lol, did the Server Browser become to complicated for you to use the search bar? Go back to playing COD
Rainstorm81  +   1075d ago
No there aren't enough official servers anymore....that search function works for the first few months until the rented servers flooded the MP
eak3  +   1075d ago
I thinking renting your own server is a hell of a lot different than charging someone 1 dollar to reload in mid game if their out of ammo. Yeah private server admins can be dicks and boot people who are better than them, at the same time they get to play the maps they want and play with the people they want too. The EA servers on BF3 sucked in the sense that you rarely saw the same group of people twice, I've always enjoyed playing against the same group for a gaming session. These companies make enough money as is, where they shouldn't be charging people to set up their own server, but people are going to pay to play it their way I guess.
ExCest  +   1074d ago
The main problem with rent-a-server for consoles is the huge amount of possible tickets and the TINY amount of people that play on a server at once.

PC never had a problem but that's because the servers are huge.

Also brats like their power.
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MooseWI  +   1075d ago
Lots of EA hate, whoa.
jony_dols  +   1075d ago
From the publisher that gave us games like System Shock 2, Mirror's Edge, Clive Barker's Undying & helped get the original Dead Space n Mass effect off the ground. They sure do get a lot of hate...
GiggMan  +   1075d ago
True indeed.
Roper316  +   1075d ago
look what they did to DS & ME, turned them into basically straight forward cover shooters instead of leaving the game play as it was. End result was I didn't even buy DS3 where I preordered the 1st 2 games. Then throw in the head of EA stating how gamers lover micro transactions. Do you love MT's? EA says you do and that's what you want.
Plagasx  +   1075d ago
It's because they kill their own games single handedly.
jony_dols  +   1074d ago
EA have investors and need to make big profits on successful IP's, but behind it all they have people involved who want to make good games...despite boardroom pressures.

As a company they're imperfect but every so often they make great original games, so I can't really hate'em.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1075d ago
@Roper not sure abut ME but DS3 isnt really a cover shooter. I know it seems that way from what the early videos were showing though.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1075d ago
Less than stellar game on a less than stellar platform... Needless to say, this would result in a less than stellar experience.
LAWSON72  +   1075d ago
My god a ps4 running bf4 how impressive
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1075d ago
No he hasn't.

He has seen BF4 running on a PC with Orbis specs.
clintagious650  +   1075d ago
Oh my gooooodness their own game looked stunning on the ps4. Freakin Awesome. Lol like we all didnt know that.
ame22  +   1075d ago
EA is gonna stab the Playstation fanbase in the back I just know it. They are hiding something behind those words.
momthemeatloaf  +   1075d ago
EA hypes their games a lot. Will have to wait and see since BF3 was garbage.
Detoxx  +   1075d ago
HarryB  +   1075d ago
Battle field premium for bf4 better be fucking free I didn't buy premium because I wanted vlogs and premium stats and a dirt bike. I wanted maps and game play value. Shit better be worth it.
ExCest  +   1074d ago
Didn't you get maps?

Then your complaints aren't needed.
MadMen  +   1075d ago
LOL lame comment, CFOs hardly ever know whats going on, even in the game industry all they know is, did we make profit, if not, why?
artdafoo  +   1075d ago
And in related news, Activision just announced MW4 will be able to run on the original lunar module's guidance computer.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1075d ago
A man expects 64 players and bigger maps from a game this time. A man will be pleased if a game can deliver 1080p 60fps as well.
lazyboyblue  +   1075d ago
And what do you expect?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1074d ago
That a man will be satisfied. Although a GPU is unknown in a console, 8gb or GDDR5 RAM and 1.84 terraflops should be able to achieve a goal. Killzone's demo was running on much less than 8gb of RAM (4 or 1.5 a man believes) and yet achieved 1080p 30fps. With optimization and months more to work with better specs, a man believes this will be the next gen norm.
Dazel  +   1075d ago
Who cares, after the rent a server bullshit on consoles I won't touch another BF. Give me Arma 3 any day.
babis1974  +   1075d ago
what about if Microsoft made a deal with E.A. for Battlefield 4 and that's why E.A. wasn't in the presentation of PS4?
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1075d ago
Too bad price hiking and a bunch of DLC/online pass garbage will ruin the game to the point where I don't want it anyway. Besides, if I get a PS4 then the only shooter I'll need for at least a year & a half would be the new Killzone.
evalkheylen  +   1075d ago
Bf4 Bf4 Bf4...
COD u suck..
Bf4 will own cod in all ways possible.....I think..........

Oh man a hopeless riot COD is the King Of Scam!!
saint_seya  +   1075d ago
Im surprised. Most of the time, i tend to think that kids like cod.. I mean the inmature kids..
elmaton98  +   1075d ago
That why i prefer bf3 because of the fact that the other team cant call u a retard or an ahole. Just the other day i rented blop2 just to play with some friends, but after the first game the other team started bashing us and calling us noobs and other things because we won the match so i ended up leaving and going back to bf3 :-).
CaptainYesterday  +   1075d ago
Well then let us see it too! I wanna see how good it looks ;)
KimoNoir  +   1075d ago
Funny cuz my pc has a intel i5 3570k @4.6ghz watercooled and 16gb ram and a gtx 560ti and i like to play with very smooth 60fps, so my graphics is generally at medium on 1680x1050.

for the ps4, i doubt theyre gonna do crazy natural effects if they wanna keep 60fps. my pc lready has way stronger parts too.
saint_seya  +   1075d ago
On medium? i run at ultra on 1920x1080 and only drops till 45 fps when its like a looooot on screen in the biggest maps in 32 vs 32... }But most of the time is 55-80 fps in that setting..
raytraceme  +   1075d ago
the ps4's gpu is actually closer or more powerful than a gtx 570 which is better than the 560ti that u have. With my amd bulldozer and a gtx 570 I easily get a smooth 60fps on max setting with fxaa.
mrmancs  +   1075d ago
so long as it runs at 1080p at 60fps and big team big map mo gameplay then it will be a dream come true , bring it on sony! On another note , why do pcfanboy tits keep trolling ps4 orinated news? Endlessly going on about how a pc gives higher res blah blah blah (any one knows higher res needs bigger screen and even then it needs to be optimized for it with higher detail or its just a case of extra sharpness not detail) or how they blah blah blah well my pc was more powerful than a ps4 3 years ago.. Funny how god of war looks Better than most pc games now and its a ps3 game! Go watch pc vs console comparison videos on YouTube , most of the time its a gain in res and nothing more to note, so please stop reading the latest gaming pc mags and dreaming of your next 1000 dollar,pound card because its not likely to ever be optimized to its full potential like a console.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1074d ago
So much stupidity in this post. Good try though. Comparing YouTube vids? Lol. Just another clueless console only gamer.
#27.1 (Edited 1074d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mrmancs  +   1074d ago
i know what i see , and no Wonder there close because pc will never reach its potential. Also alot of game makers are saying the same stuff about ps4 .and i quote "ps4 is letting us do things we havent done before and push things further" says alot , either there not taking the pc in there thoughts as a relevant comparison or they mean that the ps4 can for now deliver more than any pc due to the way its set up? Make your own mind up :) idiot.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1074d ago
You clearly know nothing about pc gaming. Just stop. Actually keep going, I find your brand of stupidity quite entertaining.
#27.2 (Edited 1074d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xGrunty  +   1075d ago
I would hope so considering district and regional managers at gamestop have already seen it at there most recent conference last week.
venom06  +   1075d ago
i wonder when will Activision CFO say that he's seen the NEXT-GEN MW4??/ like never, because it won't be nex-gen... BRING ON BF4!
jjb1981  +   1075d ago
Hopefully they can alternate bad company and battlefield franchises
ExCest  +   1074d ago
I'd prefer a BC3 to a BF4.
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