Next Xbox Speculation

Roundup of all the latest Xbox 720 rumors that have a high probability of being in the console when it launches.

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LackTrue4K1913d ago

my prediction is...."download only" and cloud services"

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knowyourstuff1912d ago

Yeah, it will include physical games, just don't expect to be able to sell them, take them to a friend's house, borrow them, or buy them used.

Everyone seems to have these pie in the sky predictions that these consoles with massive specs will be 300-400 bucks. Are people high on acid? Yeah probably, because Sony and M$oft will have to be if they think they're going to stay profitable taking massive losses on next gen consoles after the financial disaster that was this overspending current gen trying to damage each other.

slayorofgods1913d ago

5. It might require always-on internet and/or block used games.

That would kill the xbox brand.

Emzx991913d ago

Only an idiot would believe those rumors. A majority of Xbox owners don't even pay for Xbox Live Gold, so why would they force roughly 40% of it's consumer base to have internet always connected? Not to mention Microsoft, and Sony have no issue with used games. That's EA, they think it "kills sales" even though it costs more for a person to buy am EA game used, so they're forced to by it new anyways. Both fake rumors that can easily be dismissed.

slayorofgods1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Both Sony and Microsoft were on track to get rid of used games a while back, there is a reason why that rumor exists.

Sony just recently stated that they are not going to get rid of the ability to play used games..
When asked they stated, "we are going to do the right thing."

Now it's time to see if Microsoft will also back out of the idea of riding gamers of used games or not...

ALLWRONG1913d ago

All we know for sure is it will have 2 X's a B and an O in the name.

WildArmed1913d ago


But what if it is actually called Durango? lol

ALLWRONG1913d ago

lol Durango sounds like a car. lol actually I think it is a car by Dodge. Durango does sound better than 720 tough.

SignifiedSix911913d ago

Well then at least he got the "O" right.

UnholyLight1912d ago

Durango = Internal project name, nothing else.

More than likely the name is just going to be
xbox or Xbox

grayfoxx8811913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I don't think the always-on internet would bother me at all tbh, but I can't say the same for other people. If I had a bad internet connection I'm sure I'd be changing my tune.

I'm against MS blocking used games, but I don't think they are that stupid. That's console suicide. I don't buy many used games, but I would still like the option to do so.

This Kinect 2.0 worries me a little. Being included with every new Xbox is just driving the total cost up, seems excessive for something I have utterly no interest in ever using. Hopefully it won't have to be on in order for the console to function.

Again, all just rumors for now. Hope every one of them is false.

WildArmed1913d ago

I think the always-on internet is probably where consoles are headed, just not sure if it's the 8th gen that needs to do it.

I don't think MS is going to block used games, esp. since it doesn't really hurt MS when used games are sold (unless they are the publisher). Plus, it would worsen relationships with retailers like Gamestop.

Looking forward to see the specs of the next-gen MS console. Things are getting very interesting.

TemplarDante1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

1.23TFlops vs 1.84TFlops...
Thats a big difference. On the GPU side thats 12CUs vrs 18CU's...
I dont think Msft would allow such parity.

The PS3 and 360 are about 0.23TFlops respectively.

I hope msft knows the extent of going "always on" internet in 2013..
in 2020.. fine..
But, I have many friends overseas that have shoddy internet, in Australia where it disconnects when theres lots of traffic and in Europe also.
Always On is risky business in todays world.. I hope this rumor isnt true.

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