What Will Entice You To Purchase The PS4 Come Launch Day?

Above all else, what's the one thing that will force you to give Sony your money at launch? What do you need to see before you pick up the PS4 on day one?

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snipermk01942d ago

kaz in a clown costume.

Dylila1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

the day. the date of the launch will convince me to buy it on launch day with a lot of games. i cant wait for the ps4.

why do people disagree over silly things. i say i like somthing then i get a lot of disagrees and i dont understand. i gained an extra bubble recently and lost it within one day because im excited about ps4 and make it known.

Heisenburger1942d ago

I am not attempting to insult you. However I must ask if you know what the word disagree means?

khowat1941d ago

NO it's because people know you and you have made a name for yourself, we all know you hate the wii u, your passion for the ps4 and your passion to hate the wii u kinda makes me hate you almost instantly on almost any thread you appear, you piss people off in a way that is so deliberate and then you try to dance around it saying consoles are just silly things but for some reason they merit your paragraph long reponses. Just please, stop being you

JoGam1942d ago

When Sony announced the PS4, that guaranteed my purchased. Everything else they announced just sealed the deal.

joab7771942d ago

Unless it costs more than $700...hell i will still buy it. Honestly, the only thing would be if it launched with one game and other games were months out. Id still probably buy it and wait.

LOGICWINS1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Bundle a Vita with it for $499 and allow me to continue getting my PS3 freebies from Plus on the PS4.

EDIT: Oh and allow me to play my disc based PS3 games on the PS4. Alternatively, give me a free digital copy of the disk based PS3 games I already own via Gaikai.

YourSavior1942d ago

How do you expect them to allow you to play your disc based PS3 games on your PS4? The architecture is completely different. The only way they'd be able to do that is if they emulated them using Gaikai.

SignifiedSix911942d ago

Or making the console more expensive by putting in the cell.

Gaikai will be more than good enough. Hopefully they allow you to play past PSN games on there also that people have purchased.

Moonman1942d ago

A awesome E3! I am already sold really... :)

NastyLeftHook01942d ago

I am a sony fanatic, i buy anything playstation (almost) and i just love the exclusives and the sony ring. i love them oh god...i love them so..

and they make a console that makes me happy n ready to go. they look in my soul man.

i love them.

Snookies121942d ago

What would make me purchase a PS4 day one? The PS4 coming out.

WeAreLegion1942d ago

Why are ALL of your posts always reported as spam, no matter what?

Also, how do you get bubbles? Did you cheat?

Snookies121942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

All of my posts are reported as spam? Lol, that's the first I've heard of this. No though I didn't cheat, I suppose people just liked a lot of what I said on here. :]

Ya just have to get other people to give you bubbles.

WeAreLegion1941d ago

Oh! I figured it out. Haha. I guess I ignored you at some point. I have no idea why, but I fixed it. ^_^

I once tried to say the most unbiased and helpful things I could for six months on a new account...and stayed at three bubbles. :/ I honestly don't know how.

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The story is too old to be commented.