Why do gamers fear change?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I've been writing about games for many years, and if there is one thing that has been consistent across my time sitting here watching everything unfurl around me is this; gamers fear change."

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RememberThe3571969d ago

Because they're people and people and people can be ignorant and closed-minded. There I wrote your article for you. Haha jk, jk. (I'm sorry but "jk" has to be the stupidest ting ever)

But really, I think it has to do with the fact the being a gamer is pretty awesome right now. People don't want that to change because it could mean that quality falls. An, "it's all downhill from here," kind of mindset.

I don't think it's change that many fear, it's the degradation of the medium or exploitation of consumers. What we have now works, and it works really well. We don't want publishers trying to mine our pocketbooks. We don't want our favorite games completely changed then sold to us as the same. We don't like being lied to. And when we don't like something we're going to make sure people know about it.

Publishers and developed are not victims, if they can't figure us out then good riddance to them. We buy what we want and want what we like, if they can't figure that out someone else will.

Gamers embrace change as long as it's improvement any perception otherwise will be picked apart mercilessly.

classic2001969d ago


there are also good changes, bad changes and unnecessary change.

Resident evil moving away from horror to action is a unnecessary change.

EA moving to make games micro-transaction is the definition of a bad change completely.

Bioshock moving from ocean to sky is a good change.

Yi-Long1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

.... but change has to be for the better, not for the worse.

DLC is mostly a change for the worse. Motion-gaming has MOSTLY been a change for the worse. Always Online and DRM have been a change for the worse.

And not being able to play used games or sell your own games, would also be a change for the worse.

Other than that, we have welcomed change. We have accepted the 2nd analogue trigger with open arms, just as we have accepted anologue triggers for racing games. We love those kinda improvements. We are happy with downloadable games on XBLA and PSN, we all love online competitive gaming, etc etc.

It's not that we fear change. We fear that gaming as we love it wil be made impossible or too expensive due to corporate greed, or forcing stuff in these games (like motion-controlled gaming) that will ruin the experience for many of us.

knowyourstuff1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Humans are creatures of habit, and it takes a one of a kind to understand when change can be good, without having it necessarily shoved down their throat. Seeing the value in change without the sales presentation is a skill that very few have, and it separates the mice from the men, the unevolved from the evolved.

rainslacker1969d ago

I was going to write a comment to say exactly what you said, but now I don't have to.

Anyhow, gamers don't fear change. If anything they welcome it. Innovation is always a good thing, and true innovation changes the entire landscape of our community and the way we play games.

The problem this gen has been the lack of MEANINGFUL innovation. Motion controls could have been huge for gamers, but they were poorly implemented. Dual screen has seen some good uses, and I think gamers will welcome it if it's more available.

Unfortunately though, most of the changes that come about are not meaningful in any way. They're tired retreads packaged up as new ideas. I've been playing games a long time, and the generational changes were huge to video games, and each generation changed the way games were made and played.

Unfortunately, this gen, the way they changed was in the interest of corporate profits and fleecing of the consumer, and not in how to make the games better or how to provide new experiences. I can think of no trend that's come about this gen that is actually beneficial to gaming except maybe online play, but even that has been hijacked in the interest of maintaining publisher revenue.

Sadly, as much as I'm looking forward to the next gen, I haven't seen anything so far that looks like it will buck this trend. When companies like EA already announce they will include micro-transactions in every game, it becomes kind of depressing, mostly because they are an industry leader and should be setting a better example. Smaller publishers and developers seem to be getting it, and it's a major reason indie games have seen such a big upswing in popularity this gen.

Kamikaze1351969d ago

It's not just's bad changes.

AznGaara1969d ago

People in general fear change.

knifefight1969d ago

^ Came here to say this.

One dollar buys you a mere shadow of what it used to, in the United States, and the gov could save a TON of tax money by not printing the $1 bill anymore, but most people fight that idea sooooo hard. Meanwhile, other countries avoid this problem by swithcing to coins for amounts that small. Traditions, baby. They don't have to make sense.

sithsylar1969d ago

Because "Normal" people don't like to be bent over and get it dry... fanboys on the other hand like it dry and want more!

Wenis1969d ago

Actually fanboys like to lube up first

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