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Capcom to announce two new games at PAX East, playable line-up revealed

If you are attending PAX East next month you are in for a treat as Capcom is bringing some high-quality software to the convention, but the company is also bringing along a couple of surprises for those in attendance. (3DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Relientk77  +   539d ago
Breath of Fire 6

Capcom stop ignoring Breath of Fire
DarkBlood  +   539d ago
breath of fire 2 on the wii vc was the only game in the series i played, good rpg none the less
scofios  +   538d ago
Next gen strider please
kenshiro100  +   538d ago
^ This.
solboogie  +   538d ago
Wow I loved Strider on the Genesis! Please next gen Ghouls and Ghost in HD and 3D. That game was the shhhh back in the day.
Oh_Yeah  +   538d ago
saphiron  +   538d ago
redrim217  +   538d ago
They had that survey recently which asked what we would like to see :P I mainly voted for Power stone 3 and REmake 2. Both need to happen!
josephayal  +   538d ago
breath of meh
and street fighter 5
Kingthrash360  +   539d ago
Rival schools please.
first1NFANTRY  +   539d ago
dude i use to own in that game. frankly i'm surprised they didn't make another this gen.
Kingthrash360  +   539d ago
My thoughts exactly. ..I would destroy you in that games btw lol
jlemdon  +   538d ago
I would destroy all with Roy,Batsu,and Hinata.
BuffMordecai  +   539d ago
This company is dead to me, I couldn't care less about their upcoming games.
Flipgeneral  +   539d ago
DaThreats  +   539d ago
Hopefully a JRPG
RockmanII7  +   538d ago
Sandmano  +   538d ago
I dont know why I read that as Tigger uppercut...

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ALLWRONG  +   538d ago
"This company is dead to me, I couldn't care less about their upcoming games."

Translation: I hate CAPCOM because they're multiplatform.

Comment history :)
SockeyBoy  +   538d ago
*hmph hmph* agreed

matrixman92  +   539d ago
dead rising 3 pls
r21  +   539d ago
Oh yeah, forgot they had another lost planet game. Im guessing those 2 unannounced titles will be next gen games. Probably deep down.
DarkBlood  +   539d ago
you sure about deep down considering its already been announced? lol :P
It hasnt really been announced as a game but a tech demo with a working title. This may be where they full on reveal the name of the game.
r21  +   539d ago
Hahaha well then, i guess its not Deep Down. Hopefully its two new games that isnt a new super mega ultra comba mega super edition of a game XD
Vandamme21  +   539d ago
Street Fighter Alpha 4 for playstation 4..that would be a nice treat capcom.
Stroke666  +   539d ago
don't be stingy, street fighter alpha 4 for all next-gen consoles lol
ThanatosDMC  +   539d ago
It's gonna be Resident Evil 6: Ultimate Edition and Resident Evil 6: Gold Edition... Deluxe Edition is the third surprise announcement.
DarkBlood  +   539d ago
im pretty much waiting for that lol, i want that rumoured Claire story dlc
Revolver_X_  +   538d ago
Claire is too awesome for DLC. She deserves her own game. Im sick of Chris and Leon at this point.
Street Fighter 5 & Dead Rising 3.
Max-Zorin  +   539d ago
People still trust the Japanese Ed Edd N Eddy?
Myst  +   539d ago
That was such a good show...
Kingthrash360  +   539d ago
SP3333D-O  +   539d ago
Deep Down would be nice!
007Bond  +   539d ago
Resident evil 6: Super turbo extra spicy half of the content so far in this version, and then release the rest of the content with the new RE6 edition coming in a few months edition.

And then Dead Raisin 3
nigelp520  +   539d ago
TenkoTAiLS  +   539d ago
If one of those games isn't Megaman/X/Legends related, one they won't cancel. Then i have not a single shit for what they show that day. He was and according to their PR still is their company mascot, TREAT HIM BETTER!!
Plagasx  +   539d ago
I can almost guarantee you one of them is Dead Rising 3..
Chrono  +   538d ago
Maybe new ports or Street Fighter IV editions.
Welcome2Die  +   538d ago
I really hope theres no more SF4 editions because that game needs to retire....
kennethchew  +   538d ago
Strider reboot and Darkstalker 4 !
RockmanII7  +   538d ago
I'm excited for Remember Me, hope the game doesn't disappoint.
NateCole  +   538d ago
A next gen Ominusha would be great. One with a lot more gore and horror.
kenshiro100  +   538d ago
^ This too.
Tei777  +   538d ago
Whatever it is I hope its next gen! Heres some wishful thinking:

Powerstone 3
Okami spiritual successor (cross gen)
BlackWolf  +   538d ago
If they give a new game of any of these:
-Rival Schools
-Megaman Legends
-Megaman X
-Viewtiful Joe

Any from this list, an I'll be a happy man.
Darth Stewie  +   538d ago
Resident Evil Reboot by Crytek and Megaman by Gearbox because Capcom loves to screw its fans.
profgerbik  +   538d ago
A new Megameman Legends, Powerstone and Project Justice - Rival Schools
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DirtyLary  +   538d ago
Darkstalkers reboot
gamepard  +   538d ago
Dragons dogma 2 ...??? i hope...
JeromeNtheHouse  +   538d ago
I jus wish capcom would do something they haven't done before, and release an "Ultimate", or a "Super" re-release of a game that people like. That'd be pretty creative wouldn't it?
o-Sunny-o  +   538d ago
Resident Evil 6(scary edition)...
VTKC  +   538d ago
More GOD HAND please. The first one was hilarious.
swice  +   538d ago
A core Megaman X game please. I'm very doubtful though.
PurpHerbison  +   538d ago
Please don't be anything I could potentially love. Very iffy with you as of late, Capcom.
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