Capcom to announce two new games at PAX East, playable line-up revealed

If you are attending PAX East next month you are in for a treat as Capcom is bringing some high-quality software to the convention, but the company is also bringing along a couple of surprises for those in attendance.

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Relientk771997d ago

Breath of Fire 6

Capcom stop ignoring Breath of Fire

DarkBlood1997d ago

breath of fire 2 on the wii vc was the only game in the series i played, good rpg none the less

scofios1997d ago

Next gen strider please

solboogie1996d ago

Wow I loved Strider on the Genesis! Please next gen Ghouls and Ghost in HD and 3D. That game was the shhhh back in the day.

redrim2171996d ago

They had that survey recently which asked what we would like to see :P I mainly voted for Power stone 3 and REmake 2. Both need to happen!

first1NFANTRY1997d ago

dude i use to own in that game. frankly i'm surprised they didn't make another this gen.

Kingthrash3601997d ago

My thoughts exactly. ..I would destroy you in that games btw lol

jlemdon1996d ago

I would destroy all with Roy,Batsu,and Hinata.

BuffMordecai1997d ago

This company is dead to me, I couldn't care less about their upcoming games.

Sandmano1996d ago

I dont know why I read that as Tigger uppercut...

ALLWRONG1996d ago

"This company is dead to me, I couldn't care less about their upcoming games."

Translation: I hate CAPCOM because they're multiplatform.

Comment history :)

r211997d ago

Oh yeah, forgot they had another lost planet game. Im guessing those 2 unannounced titles will be next gen games. Probably deep down.

DarkBlood1997d ago

you sure about deep down considering its already been announced? lol :P

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1997d ago

It hasnt really been announced as a game but a tech demo with a working title. This may be where they full on reveal the name of the game.

r211997d ago

Hahaha well then, i guess its not Deep Down. Hopefully its two new games that isnt a new super mega ultra comba mega super edition of a game XD

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The story is too old to be commented.