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Microsoft Will Most Likely Sell "Durango" Like A Cable Box

One strategy that Microsoft has done with the Xbox 360 is subsidize the cost of the console, and then have the consumer pay monthly for the Xbox Live service. With recent rumors and other indications, there is a strong possiblity that “Durango” will be primarily sold in this manner. There is a chance that Microsoft will subsidize their box, the “Durango”, and have the consumers pay every month for the service, Xbox Live. Here are a few reasons this seems logical. (Xbox One)

Root  +   1002d ago
Probably with the way they've been going

Slowly transitioning out of the gaming industry, I mean they most likely would just drop everything now and say "We're done" but they don't want to loose the gamer audience they've built up over the years.

They could make it so much like a cable box with the odd exclusive Halo, Alan Wake, Fable to keep bringing core gamers back.

They are probably trying to see how long they can last before loyal Xbox fans start questioning them. I mean they've gotten this far while forcing casual stuff down our throats.
stylishjerk  +   1002d ago
You said exactly everything I have been thinking. They will release the yearly Gears of War and Halo sequels. Then they will depend on 3rd party support to handle the rest of the gaming sector. Their main focus will be media and Kinect for their next system.
JoySticksFTW  +   1002d ago
"They are probably trying to see how long they can last before loyal Xbox fans start questioning them."

We've already seen that happening to a degree.

Many primarily Xbox fans have declared they will be switching over to PS4 next gen, but not because of any released or rumored system specs.

They're seeing Sony's commitment to release new and varied titles late in console cycles. It happened last gen when greats like GOW2 and SotC were releasing when PS3 was coming out. And this gen it's been PSABR, TLOU, and Beyond releasing late in the cycle.

These last few years, MS have given us the shaft. Those games that got me and many other to buy 360's have dwindled or gone multiplatform as MS seems more focused on the casual market and conquering the living room now.

And we've seen some 360 fans are feeling fatigued from the same offerings year after year. MS needs to mix in quirky, different, and new IP's with their tried and true exclusives the whole generation. And there's no track record or anything that indicates MS understands this for next gen.
darthv72  +   1001d ago
They did have...
their deal with ATT uverse that enabled the 360 to act like a uverse receiver. Unfortunately that deal expired and the service is no longer supported on the new dash but it is sort of what gave them the idea to continue to pursue TV relations with other providers as well as networks.

The idea of the one box that does everything isnt limited to MS. People often forget that sony tried it with the PSX DVR system in JP. Now had that come to the states or other territories, who knows how well it would have been received.

If the next xbox can do my uverse connection then Im sold. It saves me a rental fee for the box I have now. Chances are they will try to partner with various providers like Comcast, Charter, Verizon and possibly....even dish or directv.

Gamers dont want to hear this but the number of consumers out there that are looking at convenience in a single device far outnumbers the gaming community. By a long shot.

Ms is willing to take that risk while sony plays it safe. And to think, sony is more of a content provider than MS so why are Sony prolonging the inevitable? They need to be as serious about this as the rest of the industry.

Its no longer about MS vs Sony...both of these companies are having to compete with the increasing amount of smart devices that are out or coming to market.
Moonman  +   1002d ago
But it's sad...I think it will backfire on them personally. You don't bite the hand of gamers. I can't see my mom wanting a Xbox for cable...lmao.
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stylishjerk  +   1002d ago
As a gamer I feel sad about saying this, but this could be very lucrative for Microsoft. Let's say Microsoft starts working with Verizon. A "soccer mom" walks in and sees the shiny new Xbox. A store representative will talk to her, and then she will say, "You mean I can watch and record my shows by talking to Kinect and not need the remote and workout with Zumba..and little Bobby and his Dad can play Call of War or whatever they call it online. Sign us up."
subtenko  +   1002d ago
This is a dumb idea imo. People pay tv service for TV... Some people dont even watch much tv but are heavy gamers. This is flawed and I wouldnt want it to be like this personally. So areas cant get service with some companies. So a lot of people couldnt get this and/or would pay for something that they only use half of...Yea left M$ do this and they wont be in the gaming industry like they are now much longer.

That would REALLY make me not want the xbox 720.
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Blank  +   1002d ago
Excellent comment moonman & stylishjerk I mean MS is after money period considering they never tried to match PS plus in terms of throwing free games into the subscription not a damn single one! but im only speaking as a gamer wanting more from my leftover gold subscription duration im not gonna renew next year (damn you 35 dollar deals!) but at the sametime im not discounting MS until the they present their offerings for next gen after that ill see for myself if they are worth bothering to give a chance and a renewal
Bigpappy  +   1002d ago
I think this is genius. I think most 360 gamers have cable. This would mean one less device plugged in to the outlet. Saves rental fees, space and light bill. This has nothing to do with whether M$ makes more money loosing exclusives or their approach to gaming period. This could end up helping gamers to get an even more powerful GAMING system at a lot less that it may otherwise cost. Before you guys start getting wet dreams over the demise of Xbox as a gaming system, just watch and at least see how M$ presents all of this.
stylishjerk gets it. Don't just thing things are bad for gaming because Sony did not do it first. It may not be a gaming feature, but it could turn out to be a big freaking deal.

@ RememberThe357: Agree, tis is what happens when companies compete. Sony will jump on this in a second if it takes off. Just like Netflex and all the other stuff. Just like M$ will have to impress their gaming base after the PS4 reveal.
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fei-hung  +   1002d ago
It won't be cheaper because if MS sell it as a cable box, you will be paying rent on it on a monthly basis. XBL will be one of the subscriptions you will have to pay not to forget a possible one off join up fee to go with the box.

Another important thing you forget is, not all cable boxes are free. Here in the UK, SKY and Virgin both charge extra if you want their latest box. SO you end up having to pay for:

- installation fee
- box fee
- monthly subscription

in other words, it may be cheaper as you may not have to pay $400 on day 1, but over 5 years, you may end up paying $600+ as well as being tied into a contract.
Qrphe  +   1002d ago
I agree as far as acting as a cable box, I was expecting this from the Wii U with TVii but it ended up falling well below expectations. Kinect-interactive TV programs sound pretty cool too.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1002d ago
damage control.
Biphter  +   1002d ago
I've been doing all those things for the last 5 years on my PS3. Cost per month? $0. Play TV FTW. One good thing about being in Europe I guess!
mcstorm  +   1002d ago
@Bigpappy I agree this could work. 2 years ago I decided to ditch sky and got a play tv and skygo at home and switched between the 360 and ps3 for tv as I lived in a studio apartment and it worked out cheaper for me as sky could only offer me one input so I could not record. I had it for around 18 months and watching football games on skysports and using Xbox chat was a great idea especially when your team was playing a friends team.

I now have sky+ in my front room but got a 2nd Xbox for the back and a new ps3 for the front and have that setup for the bedroom and it still gets used but more by the other half.

If Microsoft can get it all right then why not. I now have a Wiiu and have spent quite a few weekends playing games on the Wiiu pad screen and had soccer Saturday on the tv. If Microsoft could offer something like this on the next Xbox ide be interested if it was not a sky high price.

People need to see all the next gen consoles are not totally about games as they will all offer things like Facebook twitter Skype YouTube so why not live tv?
Rageanitus  +   1002d ago
The problem is Sony is more Geared to Media vs MS.
They have alot more content rights on the Market vs MS.
Let alone they do not have all the things you find in the living room for entertainment. Not saying Sony products are awesome... some really are NOT but they for sure have a stronger foothold in the Entertainment concept.

If MS is heading towards Kinect / Media combo, the future can be very shaky! but also unknown
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1002d ago
Seems SONY fans have more to say about the next xbox than anyone else these days. . .and its always negative but being that n4g is nothing but a playstation fret party the agrees are at a all time high.
I'll employ the wait and see option on the nextbox.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1002d ago
"Seems SONY fans have more to say about the next xbox than anyone else these days."

cuz they are gamers who like companies who make games.
I know this makes no sense to you but it's true.

If they charge for multiplayer no buy.. fair enough?

Also if they release at the same price xbox will be $60 more for live. I would use that extra cash for a ps4 game. For most that would be xbox + $120 extra day 1 for a game and live. If MS was a car salesman they would charge you extra for the steering wheel.
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JamieL  +   1001d ago
Really shutup? Because I have played a few games from MS, and I think it's more like you are just so insecure with who you are and what you're about that you cling to this "I’m THE extreme gamer mentality" so hard that what’s really important fades away. You are here all the time trolling, bashing MS while sucking Sony off. It’s really kind of sad. I remember when punk ass troll comments like yours bothered me, now they just make me shake my head and laugh at how petty your view of life is. Good luck finding a girl and having then raising kids with a world view like that, hope your PS4 keeps you company, but hell with all the new social features you’ll have a ton of new “friends”.
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007Bond  +   1002d ago
Haters gonna hate, go play with your move stick buddy
UnholyLight  +   1002d ago

You must be pretty dumb if you cant figure out how to not have casual stuff forced down your throat. I don't seem to have any problem whatsoever.

Nobody is forcing you to play Kinect, can't rape the willing
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1002d ago
Is it just me? Or are you people INSANE thinking that MS is abandoning it's gaming audience.

UnholyLight  +   1002d ago
Well Said
TheKayle  +   1002d ago
lol....why a company that have the same marketshare as sony (while is on the market by the half of sony time) and get from that marketshare more money than sony (we already know how much they lost with ps3,psvita,psmove) should go out from the gaming industry saying "we're done" ....

i think that ppl will eat back everyword about the new xbox...and at the end will be such funnn

before ms leave that market ..looking at the right things is more probable that sony bankrupt

now obv they will sell ps4 already in loss....lets see if ms give them another big kick in their ass like they did last gen with the x360 (moneytalking of course)

im seeing more the opposite..Sony adding social......a gimmick share button.....a low specs..copy of a kinect camera (without any sensor)....mediamolecule going soooo casual with a gimmick game that can target childrens by 6-8 years old

yeah they going casual..adding just some games like fable,gears,halo,destiny,watch dog,bioshock infinite,pgr,forza,forza horizon,star war 1313,crysis,bf,cod,etc etc etc.........damn u right they dont have that great ps4 puzzel game "The Witness"....they r dooooomeeeed!!!! ahahaha

but at the end...r u serious approving bullshit article from a guy that in the same BLOG post this shit?

" http://thestylishjerk.com/2...

" http://thestylishjerk.com/2...

pls guy....close this topic...is so much stupid

is better he continue to do some jerk
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Aceman18  +   1001d ago
meh i already have cable with FIOS, and i dont need my game system to be a cable box. besides when i buy my consoles i just pay the upfront cost.
Godmars290  +   1002d ago
There will be two Xboxes. One a full console, the other a cable box. Both will be useable as a box, but there'll still be an option for a standalone system.

And of course the standalone will be expensive, while the box is cheaper. Available via a lease through a cable provider.
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dcbronco  +   1002d ago
That's what so many aren't seeing. This could be an option from your cable company. There have been rumors of two 720s. One that was just a STB with casual features. The other a full Xbox. The thing is a lot of people pay $12-15 a month for a DVR. If MS handled the DVR services and provided full gaming for $15 a month including Live on a full 720, that is a better deal.

And remember the leaks from last year were of a modular system that most thought was about upgrading. Instead it was about making parts that could be reconfigured for different purposes. TVs, STBs and many other things. Even if they sell fewer consoles, they will have the potential of selling a whole lot more games because there are a lot more people with cable than there are gamers. The standalone could still be really cheap because the APU is cheap. Especially if they go withan ARM APU and AN AMD APU like the leak outlined(It had two ARM, But one will be AMD).

This is the cheapest way to get a $400 dollar console into as many homes as possible quickly. Pay $99 to the cable company and DVR charges for 2 years and then it's yours. They could even undercut Motorola(The Motorola boxes suck anyway) and replace their STBs for all customers. They could be going after Tivo on top of Sony.

Look at the MS document on this site. It was their plan all along.

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RememberThe357  +   1002d ago
An interesting why to separate themselves from the pack. But I'm not sure that will work out. Sony could easily counter whatever MS puts forth with their own content. MS could loss gamer interest by focusing too much on services and also loss to Sony in the services category. I really love how competitive this is shaping up to be. We're going to see the best from both of these companies.
Godmars290  +   1002d ago
Like the article says, if the strategy works, they wont have to care about "hardcore" gamers. Not directly.

I think all Sony needs to do is allow GoogleTV on the system and - boom - DVR. At no cost to either them or the customer.
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RememberThe357  +   1002d ago
True, and I don't really disagree with the article; it looks like that's where MS want to take the Xbox brand, and more power to 'em. But it also seems like they're risking more than Sony is. Sony could still maintain a grip on the services and gaming. That could leave MS with nothing, and the boss men at corporate pissed off.

Maybe I'm taking this too far (these are just thoughts anyway) and it could be a beautiful neck and neck run again this coming generation. I just want MS to stay on its p's and q's and remember that gaming consoles are for games first. If they want to make the internet version of a cable box they better not try to sell it to us at E3.

EDIT: @EDIT: Thats a thought too. And with the immense memory in the system it shouldn't have a problem running a service like GoogleTV or at least a service like it.
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kryteris  +   1002d ago
this is the one way to eliminate (legally) jail-breaking/hacking of their console. Because it would their hardware, not ours. A pay to use said product/service. Not own. This is very smart, I'd do it at $15 a month including the live features! Would not pay anymore. Maybe 20 w/ some insurance policy. Cancel anytime, return to gamestop. Everyone could easily have the console. Not just for gaming but for many entertainment, or productivity uses.
nevin1  +   1002d ago
Man I can't wait see MSoft Xbox reveal. Based on rumors about no used games and needs online to function, just what will be their reasons for this direction?
Emzx99  +   1002d ago
Here's hoping they actually try next gen with the core gamers. It was a great console, Live wasn't as justified as it used to be, but still safe. I'm really hoping they just throw out a technical behemoth like Sony did, keep the interface simple like the 360, make app usage and MP free. Take a PS+ approach with gold, but give it some differences that make it a hard decision for those who only want one. They have the money to do it, no doubt about that. And for the love of god bring some new IP's to the table. Like 4, at the least. Halo for me died at 3, and Gears seems like it's going to be getting thrown around like a Ditto in daycare. Hell even Kinect could interest me, Ryse looked interesting, and as far as technology goes it is innovative. The games blew ass, but a finely tuned version with solid hardware, and Mature core titles to back it up? I could be persuaded to buy a game or two for it.
nigelp520  +   1002d ago
5eriously  +   1002d ago
Just like Milo?
Number-Nine  +   1002d ago
the death of the xbox is in the future.
Jek_Porkins  +   1002d ago
I seriously doubt they sell the next Xbox in such a fashion, it was rumored that they would sell a current 360 without a disc drive that way.

Not sure too many people would be up for paying $299-$399 for a cable box or streaming box, especially since you can get a Roku for $50.

People are flipping out acting as if Microsoft cant do two things at once, gaming and entertainment seem to bridge the same gap. Sony sells TV's and produces movies, they have an app for Sony movies on the PS3, but people don't think it'll cost gamers their games.

Microsoft didn't dominate the North American market just to throw it away.
There will be a Kinect 2.0, get over it.
There will be Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, Alan Wake, get over it.
There will be entertainment apps and features, get over it.
There will be paid Xbox Live Gold, get over it.

There will be new IP's and games, deal with it.

If you are totally against what Microsoft is going to sell, don't buy it, obviously there are other options. You aren't forced to buy it.
stylishjerk  +   1002d ago
If Microsoft doesn't do this, great I will be happy but the overall big picture is Microsoft can make a killing this way. Why else would their be rumors of an "always-online" internet connection if they didn't always want you connected to the services. And people underestimate how much Americans love this system of buying. Instead of buying a $500 console, you can buy a $200 console as long as you pay $30-100 a month for Xbox Live, Base Cable/Premium Channels, Unlimited Xbox Music, Windows 8 Services and Connectivity, etc. Expect them to also sell the system for the cheap price as well as Xbox LIve for twenty a month. They don't want to lose those customers either.
2v1  +   1002d ago
you for got one lil thing internet! add internet fee on top of that, i now pay 130 for fast internet and basic cable..btw ppl know how to do math i dont think ppl will pay for this service for too long
DigitalSmoke  +   1002d ago
"There will be entertainment apps and features, get over it.
There will be paid Xbox Live Gold, get over it.
There will be a Kinect 2.0, get over it.
"There will be Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, Alan Wake, get over it"

I've been gameing for decades so no need to get over that sinse I'm past all that, just like the majority of Playstation gamers.

If you believe that Microsoft can just relabel the same uninspired unsuported and underhanded gimmicks, add a TV plug into their console and get a hold onto Sony's offerings, you're delusional.

They better prove to have something other then 3 games (milked Sims style) and an Eyetoy this time around.
McLuvn  +   1002d ago
Show me the new,exclusive ip software (non-kinect) lol. otherwise gtfo.

everyone already has a cable box..
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dcbronco  +   1002d ago
So you wouldn't rather have your cable company send you a box that plays games too. For the same price you pay each month for a cablebox and DVR you could have a cablebox, DVR and gaming machine with Live. And then you won't have a STB fee anymore. Right now I pay $20 to rent a cablebox and for DVR services. Buying a 720 eliminates those cost. Or at least gets me the 720 and a DVR in one. And no STB fee.
GABRIEL1030  +   1002d ago
The 360 is a good device. But with this machine you must pay for everything: Online, Controller battery and charger, HDD, HDMI cable, Kinect, memory cards. Microsoft sell only the CPU for 249 and you have to complete later the entire console for almost 450. This type of business is apply also to software EA is releasing the game in a 50% and later they sale the other 50 % in DLC and microtransactions ( Mass Effect have almost 10 DLC and Batlefield 5 DLC ). More disturbing is the dangerous relationship between MS and EA ahd their obscure pretentions to block second hand games and the permanent internet conection. Please Microsoft be like the nice surprise of beginning of the generation ...:(
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Adolph Fitler  +   1002d ago
Unfortunately MS are undermining what console gaming is all about. I mean, they are going to be overcharging for the console by a huge amount, & the fact is, that once you sign there contract, the machine is not yours until the contract is up & fully paid.

I like just simply walking into my gamestore (after saving my pennies for my hobby), & walking out with a product that I OWN.
RuleofOne343  +   1002d ago
Well if any of this comes to pass in any form then I will need 5 units for the house. Am so looking forward to seeing & hearing what MS has to say come April.
Wotbot  +   1002d ago
What a load of bull.

Oh yeah and the PS4 will be sold as a toaster ;)
Wotbot  +   1002d ago
Hang on a second, maybe MS will release a next gen gaming console that can do a whole lot more then just gaming, now there's a thought :).
N311V  +   1002d ago
If this is true and MS is trying to shift from being a games console to an 'entertainment box' I'll be interested to see what happens. Personally it's not a change I desire and my concern is that if they're successful they'll have no interest in core gamers. Forget about cries for new exclusive IP, they may not bother invested in their current IP, say goodbye to Halo, Gears and Forza.
Dlacy13g  +   1002d ago
LOL... I love how everyone freaks out over the term enterainment box. Just years ago, I know many championed the PS3 for being the cheapest Blu Ray Movie player on the market and as short as last year championing PS3 as being the number 1 netflix device movie watching device. Make up your mind N4G.
VoiceMale  +   1002d ago
People give xbox users a hard time for paying for something that they want, and i dont get that..there is a lot of ppl in here that was willing to pay for a launch ps3 that was very costly which would have covered the price of an xbox and a year of xbox live gold....and there is nothing wrong with that u wanted a ps3 so u paid for it, likewise users want xbox live gold so they paid for it, there is no holding a gun to nobody's head here

if psn was as good as xbox live was on the ps3 am sure it wouldn't be fee, one thing u must know in life life and that is NOTHING IS FREE it comes at a cost somehwere...take a look around and step out of fanboy mode for just a second xbox and sony fans alike and look at how psn appears to look now....does it look like something familiar?so question ..is that such a bad thing?...i say no,but the better these things get the more likely u will have to pay for it.

MS was not the first gaming company to start turning a console into more than just a device to play games on, it was Sony and the ps2 that also was a dvd player, dreamcast had a brower service as well with a partnership with MS.look at ur mobile phone u have now, it is more than a phone in this day and age it is compiled with so many other things that they are called smart phones now.heck i can watch tv on my phone even in the office.i don't hear anybody complaining that there phones do more than just calls and that the consumers are annoyed. listen my point is this, we live in an age where a device is never just one thing anymore, sure u don't have to used all that is available, but it is where electronic devices are at this juncture, because am sure if apple announced that the next i-phone is just capable of doing calls the market would collapse and sales would plunder.

live and let live i say, we are supposed to be different and have different ideas desires and interest it is what makes us human but to go at each other and their opinions is just not what gamers should be about we have one common interest and yet we are so divided....our hobby is the leading from of entertainment right now, should we not celebrate this to know we are no longer labeled nerds and uncool ppl? heck we even have famous ppl posing to be gamers now to look cool lol

lets not try to change ppls opinion with opinions it wont happen we can only change opinions with facts

these are my opinions
MYSTERIO360  +   1001d ago
This is definitely worth noting as if MS launch the ''Durango'' at a cheaper price then the PS4 consumer will be paying more in the long run with this subscription service.
josephayal  +   1001d ago
this does not sound good :(
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1001d ago
Unfortunately Microsoft can do this and there fans and the media will still praise them!! Hell Microsoft can tell gamers go screw yourselves an people will still support them SMH
#23 (Edited 1001d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
PAYNEinc85  +   1001d ago
I can't wait for their unveiling just so some of you will finally stfu. The kinect is not going to be their primary focus on the new xbox. The only reason the kinect has made them so much money is because people actually had to pay $150 for it. As far as kinect games go they didnt exactly make a killing off of them. Their primary focus will be on the games. Just like Sony's was.
mochachino  +   1001d ago
Don't lose your job, not only will you be feeling the financial pressure, your game system might be cut off.

I think subscriptions for a game console is a bad, it will essentially just be an increase in Live Gold pricing plus cable fees.

One thing I know about MS is that their pricing is always terrible (movies, music, DLC, is always more expensive on Live over PSN, Surface is great but way overpriced, 360 accessories are over priced, etc.)

But the suckers might see a $200 next-gen console and $15 a month on 3 year contract as a 'good deal'. Little will they know that they paid $740 for a console and more if they want to continue have online access.

Instead of the MS subsidizing the price of the console, consumers would.
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