Jet Set Radio Patch Adds Cross-Save Ability And More

Cross saves (PS3/Vita), faster loads, improved performance and more.

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contradictory1996d ago

a Retry button in Jet Set Radio

no, really that's awesome.
i had so many times i just had to kill myself when i knew i was losing

also that cross save feature should be useful to me

Donnieboi1995d ago

Did u figure out how to get the cross save to work? I even put my save files in the first slot on both my ps3 and vita but no luck. I looked in all the options and still no luck.

contradictory1995d ago

yeah i also noticed that the retry button wasn't there
i tried it out just to check that..
but i did download the update so i'm not sure wtf is going on

Donnieboi1994d ago

Well, Sega screws up again. They never get anything done right anymore.