PS4 not “designed in an ivory tower” like PS3, devs say

In The Guardian‘s report of a round-table event following the PS4 reveal, Guerrilla Games co-founder Herman Hulst said PS4 system architect Mark Cerny came to visit Guerrilla several times during the console’s development.

“We got the entire group of core developers together and gave deep feedback on everything system-related. It’s no longer designed in an ivory tower somewhere in Tokyo, it’s shared with us, with Naughty Dog, with Sony San Diego – and together we’ve built the machine,” he said.

“As Mark said at one point during the launch event, it’s a console for gamers by gamers.”

Hulst said the PS4′s PC-like architecture is going to make things a lot easier.

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PersonMan1999d ago

PS4 ports are going to be much nicer than the shoddy ports we got most of this gen.

DeanSanchez1999d ago

By the looks of things, the devs seem excited about the PS4. Maybe it might even be the lead platform for devs.

3-4-51999d ago

What it will lead to is a lot of games.

MikeMyers1998d ago

Finally Sony gets it that developers don't want proprietary hardware that only benefits Sony.

mistertwoturbo1999d ago

Hmm which brings up an interesting point that isn't brought up often.

Even if the X720 is "slower" or "less powerful" it will still be ported decently because the underlying architecture is still the same. x86 processor, GPU, and RAM.

Dial down the textures, maybe a little less anti-aliasing, and you have a PS4 to 720 port.

MasterCornholio1999d ago

Sounds like this gen all over again except with fewer differences between the 2 consoles. The only one that will suffer due to weak hardware will be the Wii U, its practically the Wii all over again except without the massive hysteria that the Wii had in the beginning.

DeadlyFire1999d ago

True, but its a plus for PC ports as well as only WiiU would have to worry about issues. Still though games like NFS: Most Wanted on WiiU are utilizing the PC versions textures and assets. So its not to far off.

WiiU while on lesser hardware still won't have much problems with ports. Nintendo was happy to say that porting to their new platform wouldn't be a problem. Just means lesser textures, smaller draw distances, and maybe less objects around. Overall shouldn't be much different though. I suspect 720p @ 30 fps was Nintendo's goal.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

lol pc version of bethesda games are buggy as hell.

good but buggy.

This mean they can leak maybe 6gb of gddr5 ram next gen?

hesido1999d ago

While ports will be easier to make, the true champions to harness PS4's strengths will still be exclusives, as the slight differences in architecture will allow different approaches to different problems.

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ExPresident1999d ago

Whats interesting is we are seeing comments like this, straight from developers. They are excited about this system, they are excited about what they will be able to do with it.

Yet, considering that, people are doing everything they can to find a way to hate on Sony and discourage purchase of the Playstation. Haters gonna hate I guess. Just sad, when its clearly evident that as gamers this system is a win for us because the people making games on it are loving it.

007Bond1999d ago ShowReplies(8)
testerg351999d ago

Which people are discouraging the purchase of the PS4?

Snookies121999d ago

Apparently the ones who are disagreeing with ExPresident, who is 100% correct in his statement. I don't get why some people simply hate a console company just to hate it. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony all give us wonderful games, that should be all that matters. If you're a gamer, you should be able to see just how wonderful the PS4 sounds as a console. Any real gamer has to give Sony kudos for doing a fantastic job designing this thing. (Assuming all of their promises from the conference hold true.)

NoSuchUserName1999d ago

Check back on n4g now and again and you'll know

Knight_Crawler1998d ago

@Snookie - he has 7 disagrees and 39 agrees...I think its safe to say that majority on N4G do not want the PS4 to die.

showtimefolks1999d ago


like you said man some can't admit sony made the right choice by taking a lot of feedback from those who develop games. People will hate but don't appreciate

playstation brand is extremely strong defined by great services and even better games. at $599 ps3 was outselling the competition.

my main point is this sony did a lot wrong early on with ps3 because they were do dominant with ps1-2. people always say MS has taken a big share of the market but my thing is what's stopping sony from taking that share back this gen? with what seems like a great system for what most likely will be a consumer friendly price i see ps4 storming into the market and grabbing the bull by the horn and never letting it go

you can have all the best services in the world but for a gaming console to be successful it needs games, Most 3rd party games will be on ps4 and next xbox so what's gonna differentiate is gonna be the exclusive games and exclusive content for psn/xblive. and that's where sony owning bunch of studios gonna help big time

let's see how strong xbox brand really is when its competing with wiiu and ps4 from day one. After the way MS treated its core fans in last 2 plus years wuith all the kinect crap i am not buying next xbox like i did xbox360. MS has to show me they mean business and are serious towards core gamers

Nate-Dog1998d ago

True, but just remember the same thing happened with the Vita. Tons of developers came out and praised the system and said they will make games just for it and that hasn't really materialised, especially with larger companies. (I don't expect the same thing to happen with the PS4 of course, that's a whole different ball-game but I just wouldn't get too excited about what developers say before we actually see that put into action.)

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Kevlar0091999d ago

PS3 seemed to have an air of cockiness around it at release, like they assumed everyone would immediately dish out $500 for it because it was the strongest system. Having a console not many knew how to optimize also hurt them.

Taking a step back and getting back to basics was highly needed, I seriously doubt we will se a $500 base price.

DeanSanchez1999d ago

Thats true. I remember Sony said "you will have to get 2 jobs to pay for the PS3. We want you to work hard to get the system". Needless to say, that was a stupid mentality.

I'm glad that they're really changing things with the PS4. They're definitely advertising better, focusing on the core gamers, working with developers, and overall working much harder to gain back their dominance.

Its going to be an exciting generation. Cant wait to see what Microsoft has to offer

Reborn1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

When building consoles, its true, makers should ask their studios/third parties how to improve, and especially.. how to get the best out of it. I.E. What was holding them back? If they hit that pricing correctly, Sony should be in a seriously strong position.

Developers clearly like what they've seen so far. I'm excited to see just what comes out on these consoles. More so, very curious to see what Microsoft has done to ensure a general improvement in the future. The following months will be interesting.

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