EA's microtransaction business benefits gamers

Digitally Downloaded writes: "This is a much more flexible payment model that companies like EA are venturing into now, and in the longer term, the healthier these publishers are on the bottom line, the more games we're going to get, and the more creative those games are going to be. It's a win for everyone concerned.

Just don't buy the DLC or microtransactions you're not interested in. They're never going to be mandatory, so it's a bit pointless getting upset over them."

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NYC_Gamer1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

It's the thought of publishers limiting the resources within games just to take advantage of micro payments...I'll speak from my own experience with the NBA 2k13 cash system...2K makes it real hard for players to upgrade stats and buy items so many users use real money to buy the VC packs...It's like 2K built the game like that on purpose so players would opt to spend real cash on items.

Kingthrash3601998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

In 2k's defense you can earn money playing top...up to 300vc a game. You literally make nothing on my player. I think they tried to get poeple to play other modes.......but I laughed at having to pay real cash for jewelry. Smh

Lucreto1999d ago

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer was a good test for them.

I was guilty in buying weapon packs just to get a better weapon or a new character. I could have played and got it evenually but if gives people a choice on what to do.

Emzx991997d ago

That tacked on multiplayer was a great example of EA's bull crap. People love to defend it but it's bad. A lot of people say they didn't buy packs, but clearly enough people are doing it that it's profitable. It's a FTP model, made by an entirely different studio. They make more money on microtransactions than they would without them, and just selling the DLC's as a regular price DLC. Then EA did it with Dead Space 3, and you can buy all of the unlocks in Battlefield, I can only imagine the stupid crap you can pay for that's going to be shoved down BF4's throat. You can say a EA game looks good, but really you're just looking at the best part, while the majority of the game is sitting in it's own fecal matter. It's how EA works. Hype the crap out of it, rush it, call us entitled babies, falsely advertise the game, cut off an entire market (the used market), and now with microtransactions! This company needs to end.

Enate1997d ago

The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer system was rigged up from the start to try an get you to buy points. Due to the fact that otherwise it is a straight up grind fest. In which after hours of work you still may not get even one thing you actually wanted. The problem with that is for people who don't opt to pay. The grind can get boring really fast an severely limited the longevity of the multiplayer.

Seeing as without getting the means to kill decently an gain a good amount of money it can become boring very very quickly an caused a lot of people to just flat out quit. Regardless of the free character and map updates.

Theangrybogan1997d ago

a lot of people would've just quit as soon as they got their EMS up for single player. Thats all I played that crappy multi-player for.

On topic - When I buy a game I want the whole fucking game. So I'm ok with micro-transactions if the core game is free.

Blank1998d ago

Oh gosh this article really stupid I may be old school used to complete games and game unlocks at higher difficulties I downvoted this site for trying to sugarcoat BS its not even polishing the piece of turd

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The story is too old to be commented.