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PlayStation 4 user interface screenshots (official, high-res)

Gematsu: "Game pages, profiles, live streaming, and more." (PS4)

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Prodigy-X  +   757d ago
I really like the interface. It looks simple and fresh.
Nitrowolf2  +   757d ago
Seems like they made it like the new PS Store
JRH7783  +   757d ago
Hope it's not as slow as the new PS store...
DownNotOut  +   757d ago
It better not be, with 8 gigs of ram they have NO excuses.
Saigon  +   757d ago
I have to admit, it does look good. It seems, if you notice from the screens, that the XMB is still involved with this system.
MikeMyers  +   757d ago
Looks clean and accessible. The main thing is it to be quick and easy to use.
RememberThe357  +   757d ago
I think thats why they updated the PS Store. They wanted us to get used to the new interface so that transition is virtually seamless.
GABRIEL1030  +   757d ago
I like the old PSN store, I miss it.
kingmushroom  +   757d ago
yeah, they had some sort of testing going on when you got into the browser on PS3 and they wanted some feed back, i wonder if it has anything to do with the PS4 interface.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   757d ago
I don't like it... Just as I don't like Windows 8 inteface (Metro?) or the new PS Store... This typographic approach, at least for me, seens too much guided, as the system implies where it wants you to go next instead of having all the options there... Or something like that, I'm not even that sure why I don't like it to be honest.

But with that said, it's not a deal breaker, as far as the games are there I don't really care what the interface looks like...
DeadlyFire  +   757d ago
Seems to me to resemble Steam in a way with a blend of its game page and store page for a game together.

Not bad. I am skeptical of the whole Facebook blending over my gamertag. Should be an option to pick which one is displayed.
Army_of_Darkness  +   757d ago
I love the fact that you can have your own pic up as your avatar!
Finally! :-)
8GB_DDR3   756d ago | Spam
ChickeyCantor  +   756d ago
"It better not be, with 8 gigs of ram they have NO excuses."

What is it with people throwing this around a lot? Ram alone does not make a computer.

The experience will be smooth, but ffs, Ram is in its basic properties just a storage solution.
Dee_91  +   756d ago
I see alot of penises and breast in our immediate future.
IaMs12  +   756d ago
Perfectly honest, i don't really like the new look, and the new look of the PSN store. Its not bad though so hopefully it will run well. I just don't really prefer the look that Windows 8 went with the metro and this kind of reminds me of that. Would be nice if they let you customize it a lot.
onyoursistersback  +   757d ago
love how they make there own profile pictures, problem is.....the immature kids will abuse this!!! lol...
CryofSilence  +   757d ago
Agreed. Let's hope the moderators exact quick justice on them. ;)
HeavenlySnipes  +   757d ago
I think those are facebook profile pics. They did mention that they wanted to connect your PS friends with your real life ones using social networks
Razmossis  +   757d ago
Duno dudes. I really think the XMB is as great an interface as it's ever gona get, I really want my experience to be centered around that.

The xmb is like a nice tidy desktop, while this look like the front page on the daily mail or msn or something.
RememberThe357  +   757d ago
I think HeavenlySnipes got it right. Sony doesn't want to spend tons of time and money on making sure there aren't a bunch of D's on their network, better to leave that to someone else.
kingmushroom  +   757d ago
yeah the CoD Kids will put pics of vaginas and dicks
DarkBlood  +   757d ago
finally i can use a specfic cool picture i would like to use instead of those avatars
Mookie  +   757d ago
I just want a big booty bitch
On my profile pic hahaha
MEsoJD  +   757d ago
Just like on forums, there will most likely be a report function. So I don't see the big deal.
hesido  +   757d ago
I'm pretty much sure that the true profile photos will be displayed only for people in your social network, otherwise, you will be anonymous to outsiders and displayed with your avatar. The importance of anonymity is profound to such networks. I remember this being mentioned in the conference.
LocutusEstBorg  +   757d ago
Now instead of a cock & balls from sprites, you can have a photo of your own cock & balls!
moparful99  +   757d ago
I hope it has alot of customisation options as well.. Maybe some different layout options, colors, what content is displayed etc
Tr10wn  +   757d ago
Ill keep my friend list clean and simple, if you are not a model you don't deserve to be in my friend list just like in the screenshots oh and you must be smiling no serious faces or sad, and i want them to be creative like the dude in the grass.
8GB_DDR3   756d ago | Spam
BrunoM  +   757d ago
Agree looks clean and sexy I like it
HammadTheBeast  +   757d ago
Long as there's no ads, I'm fine with it.
ajax17  +   757d ago
Sony wouldn't do that. They're not Microsoft.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   757d ago
For a minute I thought I was looking at ads but it turns out to be a users profile with his Facebook and Twitter integrated in his profile.

With that being said didn't Sony say they were supporting some kind of interactive ad based system. https://www.google.com/url?...

Other than that I really like the new SOE on PS4.
jivah  +   757d ago
There will most likely be internal ads, soooo something along the lines of advertising games as well as little contests and stuff. Dont expect a coca cola ad or toyota ads. It would be awesome if there was some type of clan integration separated from the friends list.
YourSavior  +   756d ago
Ads wouldn't really bother me, as long as there is no audio with them.
I_am_Batman  +   757d ago
I don't like designs like this where there are more pictures that informations to be honest. I liked the old PSStore more than the new as well. I really like the raw XMB Interface I wish they would build it in the PS4 again though most people will like this new Interface more I guess.

But to be fair I have to try it out before saying if I like it or not.

Edit: Anybody noticed that on the 2nd screen the user name of that guy is DayZ100. Maybe a hint that DayZ might come to PS4. The other thigs like Legend Hunters, Dark Castle and The Race look like someone made them up to fill the space with something.
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showtimefolks  +   757d ago
just make it faster and smoother, this new PSN interface on ps3 is slow. I liked the older psn style even though it wasn't as stylish but it was easier to use.

I hope this time sony gets some feedback from playstation community
Blasphemy  +   757d ago
Looks alot like current PSN.
Pillsbury1  +   757d ago
Anyone else find it interesting that the guys username is DAYZ100?! Please for the love of god bring DAYz to ps4!!!
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ExCest  +   756d ago
Dean "Rocket" Hall did say he wanted to bring DayZ to next-gen consoles. It's entirely possible with the tech in the PS4 right now.

Now it'd be impossible to have the current DayZ over on next-gen because that's soooo unoptimized and laggy. Standalone will probably fix that and make a console version viable.
Psn800  +   757d ago
I love it very professional .
FamilyGuy  +   757d ago
It looks ok, like a social network site though.
I really like the current xmb, knowing where to go to find the thing I want to do is veeery simple on the current xmb as well as the old ps store.

The new store isn't as cleanly organized to me. This new new UI isn't bad, just gonna have to see more to appreciate the change/know whether it's better.

Also, no more dynamic themes! :(
imdaboss1  +   757d ago
They still working on it ..But as of right now the user interface looks nice..
MELMAN26  +   757d ago
Looks a bit "microsofty" to me!
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scott182  +   757d ago
Microsoft looks a bit appley to me...
Omni-Tool  +   757d ago
I agree, if it works and it is snappy in response. I find myself becoming mildly annoyed whenever I purchase or look at anything on the current PS store because of response time. It's kind of like nails on a chalk board to me. I can bare with it but I can definitely do without it.
StraightPath  +   756d ago
this does look alot like metro UI from microsoft used in windows 8 and xbox 360 etc still looks great though huge improvement from ancient xmb.
YourSavior  +   757d ago
It looks great! Really liking the design.
Ares84HU  +   757d ago
I have to see this in action to make some sense out of it.
NastyLeftHook0  +   757d ago
Kingthrash360  +   757d ago
My water broke......awsome.
dalibor  +   757d ago
Somebody call 911!!. She needs heeeeelp!! Don't worry paramedics are on there way. That was a close call. It's all PS4's fault damn it
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ajax17  +   757d ago
lol, that made my day.
imtheman2013  +   757d ago
I like the Knack spoilers in there lol. "Gundahar defeated!"

On topic: The layouts looks sleek, modern, and easy to navigate. Very nice!
JoGam  +   757d ago
The Vita did the test run for some features. Once i seen the vita i knew the ps4 ui would be awesome.
maniacmayhem  +   757d ago
Looking good, miles and miles better than their current UI and look.
Talamak  +   757d ago
It looks sleek, but I must reserve judgment until I can experience the interface myself....along with the greatly designed Dualshock 4, I am liking what I see so far...and if this is any indication of how the system is designed then I am in....intriguing Form & Function
imdaboss1  +   757d ago
im hoping they release the controller in black and blue~
isarai  +   757d ago
Good to see the web browser will be sticking around, sure it may not have been very good on the PS3 but it sure was convenient when needed for guides/cheats
imtheman2013  +   757d ago
Maybe we'll actually be able to use the browser in-game for guides and whatnot! That'd be neat.
Reverent  +   757d ago
That would make me so happy. For the guides and whatnot, I mean ;)
BitbyDeath  +   757d ago
You can -

"Additionally, users can boot a variety of
applications including a web browser when playing a game on PS4"

MartinGlow  +   757d ago
Wii U does that and is pretty useful. Should be a must for PS4! Looks like it's confirmed anyway!
hkgamer  +   757d ago
that would be quite cool, but most likely the browser would be rubbish. However, everyone has a smartphone/tablet so looking at guides on those is not a problem for me.

I'd also liek to comment on the UI. I kinda like it, XMB has always felt a little plain to me, and with all the add-ons dont to the PS3 XMB it just looks ugly.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Vita will have this UI when the PS4 gets released and have an updated look for the PS Store.
Soldierone  +   757d ago
I wish Sony would hook up with Mozilla/Firefox or something. Their own browsers have never been any good.
MartinGlow  +   757d ago
I hope the touchpad would make it more accessible to browse the web. Would work pretty much like a laptop's touchpad.
uuaschbaer  +   757d ago
I miss the XMB already. This looks a bit flashy, and possibly advertisery, whereas the XMB is subdued and static by design, exactly that simple and elegant kind of thing that SONY professedly wants for the PS4.

edit: Plus, what would the point of custom wallpapers be with icons like billboards? It's an eyesore of multi-coloured tabloid-style vomit. I suppose the games are what's important but still...
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imtheman2013  +   757d ago
I think the advantages of this new direction are that now, even though everyone says they hate advertisements, it allows Sony to advertise much more efficiently. And if their whole 'predict what the gamer wants to buy' thing actually works, it could lead to gamers getting the content they want faster.

The other big advantage is that this setup looks very much like a touchscreen friendly space. So, if Sony releases an app for Android and iPhone, it'll feel like it's just an extension of the PS4; the XMB wouldn't feel right on a smartphone/tablet.

I've always liked the XMB, but this new layout seems nice, and has the potential to really bring content to the consumer. I'll miss the XMB, but I'm sure that this change will be refreshing.
#10.1 (Edited 757d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
supremacy  +   757d ago
and i think thats the point, to make it sleek and accessible on other devices like smartphones and tablets. This along with a universal remote play will put the Ps4 in a different space.

But ofcourse i assume MS will have something similar in the wings, as for Nintendo? I dont really know what to say, but hope those ips of theirs release back to back and not take years to come out or else things will get ugly for sure.
porkChop  +   757d ago
Look that the screenshots, there's one on a phone, and some on a tablet. Sony said tta the conference that they'll be bringing apps to Android and iOS.
hkgamer  +   757d ago
As long as i don't have to wait minutes to watch a stupid advertisement before I can do anything, I don't actually mind advertisements too much. Sony also needs to get more revenue to keep some of their services free otherwise they just end up getting in more debt and I would hate the day that playstation/sony not existing.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   757d ago
I already want the XMB back :(

This looks to much like the MS Metro thing,and I hate that.
kingPoS  +   757d ago
I agree! I get more out my themes and wallpaper with the XMB.

I don't want it like Win8 where the default desktop makes wallpapers almost pointless.
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Evil-snuggles  +   757d ago
Wow it looks Amazing
nigelp520  +   757d ago
SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
PS4willruleall   757d ago | Spam
MRMagoo123  +   757d ago
Every thing i read about the ps4 makes me more eager to get one day 1 midnight launch cant wait
stefan771  +   757d ago
At this point, I prefer XMB
Cryptcuzz  +   757d ago
I agree with others that would miss the XMB, but I am also optimistic based on the looks of the UI so far.

Can't wait to experience the new interface. I hope its fast, intuitive, and overall a joy to use.

Each and every day so far since the 20th has been positive news and findings of the PS4 so far. The force is strong with this one.
ozzywazzy  +   757d ago
I agree with those boobs.
nevin1  +   757d ago
Im with Razmossis and uuaschbaer,

XMB is better. The only flaw its slow because of the RAM PS3 has.

But I have to agree with others on the have to wait to try it 1st.
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KShinigami  +   757d ago
Its ok but have to agree with others on the XMB. I don't expect an near identical UI but more similarity would have been nice.
LOL_WUT  +   757d ago
Looks fresh compared to PS3 users profile which is slow and sometimes unresponsive.
I hope they allow us to change it back to the XMB. I don't want to be browsing the PS Store-like layout every time I turn on the console. I would also want wallpaper to customize it and that's pointless with what they're using for the PS4.
evilhasitsway  +   757d ago
too similar to xbox though......
DonFreezer  +   757d ago
Not similar at all.This thing looks like a bad designed web site or tablet menu.Sony should improve it over time because it has some serious design faults.
MadMen  +   757d ago
This looks great, although it basically is Xbox still looks fantastic and all you people who said the XMB was fine, look at this and tell me the XMB doesnt look like $hit.

Good work SONY
WeskerChildReborned  +   757d ago
Can't wait for PS4..
Eldyraen  +   757d ago
It does look cool but a closer look at the screenshots also gives you a couple insights in to what PSN and games will be allowing as well:

1) Item mail system for Knack

2) Knack: 'join game' option... is it there for all games or does it mean multiplayer instead?

3) Multiple games named... other than Knack theycould all just examples but who knows. Plus you can share screenshots apparently as well as video (wonder if you take the shot from video or can do it seperate while playing).

4) Again, sharing made easy

5) Video editor built in (says trim video)

6) Confirmed multiplayer for Knack as says if want to play message me? Or just an example again?

7) Battery and signal strength emblems on top right corner... wonder if its to PSN or a router.

8) More games, some of which were shown on the other (again, could be PSN games being made for launch or could just be examples).

I can't wait for PS4... seriously, I can't. :( I should freeze myself till its release.

Just hope I don't wake up in the future... (South Park reference)
blackblades  +   757d ago
Hope we're able to put themes on it like ps3.
RE_L_MAYER  +   757d ago
whats with all the sharing videos with friends crap....I don't play with other people due to my poor internet connection.......but hey at least I got a share button ON MY CONTROLLER so I can share a trophy I won with facebook-jesus wtf
headblackman  +   757d ago
aaaaaww. xbox360 interface scraps. how cute (in a not really kind of way) damn thieves.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   757d ago
I can't wait to hear how some of you will justify the ads that will be plastered all over the place. If you think there won't be hads your in for a shocker. Ads don't bother me they actually can be useful at times.
Eldyraen  +   757d ago
Hopefully if they do have ads, they remove them for PS+ members ;)

I can see Sony doing it as everyone else does in every market imaginable and they get away with it just fine. I'd rather they didn't, but then as long as they don't pop up or send me messages I really don't care as I can ignore them just fine on XBL (although I'd still rather not have to).
BitbyDeath  +   757d ago
As long as the ads are only stuff they physically sell on the SEN store then it shouldn't matter.

Anything else should not be tolerated.
xursz  +   757d ago
Ads on free service are basically standard. Its a shock that psn never got overblown with adverts.
kenshiro100  +   757d ago
Clean and nice.
Omar91  +   757d ago
love it. Really tired of the xmb right now.
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