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Prodigy-X1637d ago

I really like the interface. It looks simple and fresh.

Nitrowolf21637d ago

Seems like they made it like the new PS Store

JRH77831637d ago

Hope it's not as slow as the new PS store...

DownNotOut1637d ago

It better not be, with 8 gigs of ram they have NO excuses.

Saigon1637d ago

I have to admit, it does look good. It seems, if you notice from the screens, that the XMB is still involved with this system.

MikeMyers1637d ago

Looks clean and accessible. The main thing is it to be quick and easy to use.

RememberThe3571637d ago

I think thats why they updated the PS Store. They wanted us to get used to the new interface so that transition is virtually seamless.

GABRIEL10301637d ago

I like the old PSN store, I miss it.

kingmushroom1637d ago

yeah, they had some sort of testing going on when you got into the browser on PS3 and they wanted some feed back, i wonder if it has anything to do with the PS4 interface.


I don't like it... Just as I don't like Windows 8 inteface (Metro?) or the new PS Store... This typographic approach, at least for me, seens too much guided, as the system implies where it wants you to go next instead of having all the options there... Or something like that, I'm not even that sure why I don't like it to be honest.

But with that said, it's not a deal breaker, as far as the games are there I don't really care what the interface looks like...

DeadlyFire1637d ago

Seems to me to resemble Steam in a way with a blend of its game page and store page for a game together.

Not bad. I am skeptical of the whole Facebook blending over my gamertag. Should be an option to pick which one is displayed.

1636d ago
ChickeyCantor1636d ago

"It better not be, with 8 gigs of ram they have NO excuses."

What is it with people throwing this around a lot? Ram alone does not make a computer.

The experience will be smooth, but ffs, Ram is in its basic properties just a storage solution.

Dee_911636d ago

I see alot of penises and breast in our immediate future.

IaMs121636d ago

Perfectly honest, i don't really like the new look, and the new look of the PSN store. Its not bad though so hopefully it will run well. I just don't really prefer the look that Windows 8 went with the metro and this kind of reminds me of that. Would be nice if they let you customize it a lot.

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LackTrue4K1637d ago

love how they make there own profile pictures, problem is.....the immature kids will abuse this!!! lol...

CryofSilence1637d ago

Agreed. Let's hope the moderators exact quick justice on them. ;)

HeavenlySnipes1637d ago

I think those are facebook profile pics. They did mention that they wanted to connect your PS friends with your real life ones using social networks

Razmossis1637d ago

Duno dudes. I really think the XMB is as great an interface as it's ever gona get, I really want my experience to be centered around that.

The xmb is like a nice tidy desktop, while this look like the front page on the daily mail or msn or something.

RememberThe3571637d ago

I think HeavenlySnipes got it right. Sony doesn't want to spend tons of time and money on making sure there aren't a bunch of D's on their network, better to leave that to someone else.

kingmushroom1637d ago

yeah the CoD Kids will put pics of vaginas and dicks

DarkBlood1637d ago

finally i can use a specfic cool picture i would like to use instead of those avatars

Mookie1637d ago

I just want a big booty bitch
On my profile pic hahaha

MEsoJD1637d ago

Just like on forums, there will most likely be a report function. So I don't see the big deal.

hesido1637d ago

I'm pretty much sure that the true profile photos will be displayed only for people in your social network, otherwise, you will be anonymous to outsiders and displayed with your avatar. The importance of anonymity is profound to such networks. I remember this being mentioned in the conference.

LocutusEstBorg1637d ago

Now instead of a cock & balls from sprites, you can have a photo of your own cock & balls!

moparful991637d ago

I hope it has alot of customisation options as well.. Maybe some different layout options, colors, what content is displayed etc

Tr10wn1637d ago

Ill keep my friend list clean and simple, if you are not a model you don't deserve to be in my friend list just like in the screenshots oh and you must be smiling no serious faces or sad, and i want them to be creative like the dude in the grass.

1636d ago
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BrunoM1637d ago

Agree looks clean and sexy I like it

HammadTheBeast1637d ago

Long as there's no ads, I'm fine with it.

ajax171637d ago

Sony wouldn't do that. They're not Microsoft.

AngelicIceDiamond1637d ago

For a minute I thought I was looking at ads but it turns out to be a users profile with his Facebook and Twitter integrated in his profile.

With that being said didn't Sony say they were supporting some kind of interactive ad based system.

Other than that I really like the new SOE on PS4.

jivah1637d ago

There will most likely be internal ads, soooo something along the lines of advertising games as well as little contests and stuff. Dont expect a coca cola ad or toyota ads. It would be awesome if there was some type of clan integration separated from the friends list.

YourSavior1636d ago

Ads wouldn't really bother me, as long as there is no audio with them.