I Hate Everything, Including Destiny

Hot on the heels of Destiny's recent YouTube announcement trailer, the D Pad D Bags' resident curmudgeon has set his sights on Bungie's new IP. Is it a bold step in a next generation direction, or is it just another Halo with a fresh coat of paint?

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ichimaru1942d ago

powerful - the Chicago tribune

"Deeply enriching article" -New York Times

"Why didn't I write this!!" - Philadelphia Inquirer

Bigpappy1942d ago

He started out sounding like Bungie was trying to rape his lil sister. But as I completed the article I agree with his point that Bungie should try not to make the game and extension of the Halo series. But at the same time I disagree that Halo itself needs to end. As long as there are enough fans expecting and supporting Halo, M$ needs to satisfy that hunger, just not yearly.

NYC_Gamer1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I'm waiting to see what Destiny has to offer gameplay and story wise

Phegan1942d ago

While I feel the article does make some assumptions, I often find that when game developers talk about how revolutionary their game it, it normally isn't. Bungie is really blowing a lot of smoke about this game. Some of the stuff sounds really cool, like the dynamic world..but often times, it is really just what everyone else is doing with a fancy name. You could say that Oblivion was a dynamic world, was it really? Not completely. I worry that Bungie is going to tell us how amazing this game is, and while it may not be Halo all over again, it won't live up to the hype.

HammadTheBeast1942d ago

Yeah, they certainly have ambitious dreams for this game, yet if it comes out on PS3/360 I doubt half of what they say will happen. One can only hope.

Pintheshadows1942d ago

I share your worries Hammad.

I do however think Destiny has a bucketload of potential. I'm hoping the co-op element is similar to say, Borderlands, and that PvE and PvP aspects are kept separate. Honestly, i'm hoping it will be a full scale FPSMMORPG with a competitive element.

rainslacker1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Just the fact that Activision is publishing it makes me more than skeptical on how well the game will remain viable for the 10 years the dev is claiming. Even long term game play could see major shifts if Activision wants to bring in more people, which is necessary for a decade long project.

While I generally like Activision, they made some bad decisions when it came to how it handled WOW or Blizzard games in general.

I'd love for the game to live up to the hype, because I think that Bungie is a great developer, but all in all, it is a FPS, and so far I have heard nothing that makes it unique in the MMO market, and have seen nothing that will make it unique in the FPS shooter market. The fact that a lot of people are saying it's a MMO version of Halo is not that enticing to me, even though I think Halo is a lot of fun.

Hopefully time will bring out more details that make the game more exciting for me. And I know there are people excited for it now, and I hope it is good for them. It would be really nice if Bungie could somehow reinvent the FPSMMO genre, and do something to make it exciting.

Relientk771942d ago

I'm with NYC Gamer on this one ^

we havn't really seen too much of the game yet, so defintely looking forward to some gameplay

Relientk771942d ago

(Your icon)

Chickens eat pizza?

Zodiac1942d ago

Chickens love Pizza! They are very complex and have been reported to feed on Dolphin if needed.

5eriously1942d ago

["I Hate Everything, Including"]

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

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