Sony, Google Lead Viral Chart With Awesome Products You Can't Buy

This week Sony's PlayStation 4 and Google's Google Glasses took one-two on the chart, but you won't be able to buy either for nearly a year.

The campaign for the first new PlayStation in seven years garnered 15.2 million views, and did not feature the console (although there may be a glimpse of it at the beginning). Instead, the videos highlight the games available on the PS4, which makes sense since game developers were heavily involved in the creation of the gaming device. Fans have uploaded more than 80 related clips.

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TheGamerDood2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

When I posted the video 3 days ago the view count was at 10mill. The article quotes from the time of publication at 15,213,'s now at 18,727,198. Holy cow. xD Go Sony!

Godchild10202001d ago

In Sony's case, it should also be; Product you can't buy and haven't seen yet. I mean that with good intentions.

RememberThe3572001d ago

"I mean that with good intentions."

It's too bad you have to use a disclaimer to keep from getting bubbled down and flooded with disagrees and hateful comments. Stay classy N4G.

miyamoto2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Looks like PS4 is coming out with very strong and smart yet economical marketing...

dafegamer2001d ago

will probably reach 30mio+ next week

KingofGambling2001d ago

I want to see some partnership between Sony and Google.