Gamers Need To Stop Expecting Graphical Leaps For Next-Gen Consoles

"While the pursuit of technical perfection is admirable, critics and gamers alike should not confuse graphical stagnation with console stagnation. To weather this turn of the tide from graphical improvements to feature upgrades, fuller console experiences, and games that must innovate beyond eye candy, we must change our perceptions of what makes "the next generation" worthy of the name."

~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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knifefight1997d ago

It's true. After a while, you logically get into diminishing returns, where a small step up takes a lot of work and expense. I'll be keeping my expectations realistic.

classic2001997d ago

killzone shadow fall is descent jump for a launch title which means better is going to come graphically, but deep down is a DEEP jump and that would be more than enough for me next gen until PS5.

Wenis1997d ago

I really dont care about graphics, because at this point they really are 'good enough'. Obviously better graphics would be welcomed, but i'd rather the industry focus on better things... like for instance, allowing more players online on consoles. When BF4 comes out on PS4, I would be 10x more hyped to learn that it will allow 64 or 128 players online than to see pretty lighting or better textures.

DeanSanchez1997d ago

If you watched the Deep Down trailer, you can tell in some scenes that it's rendered in real time. You can see some pixel flickering between the character model and the environment etc. These "imperfections" are not present in CGI.

But yes, im looking forward to killzone, and what this next generation has to offer. Its too early to judge based on beta gameplay, but im excited.

BattleAxe1997d ago

If there were no graphical leaps, then there wouldn't be any point to buying a new console. We could just keep our PS3s, and Sony could just keep releasing new peripherals to change the gameplay experience.

knowyourstuff1997d ago

I'd say Killzone and every other launch title will be vastly overshadowed by games coming down the pipeline in years 2 and 3. Why? Because every dev thus far has been programming assuming they'll only have 2-4 GB of GDDR5 RAM, when in reality they'll be able to squeeze out 8. The dev kits aren't as powerful as the final build, and the final specs haven't even been finalized what with an even more powerful CPU being rumoured.

What we'll see more next generation is not so much a giant leap in first year games, but rather a giant leap from first year to 2nd, 3rd and so on, games will just take a bigger leap year after year than they did with current or previous generations.

Revolver_X_1996d ago


The fact is graphical leaps will get smaller and smaller as limits are approached. We already see PC slowing down in graphics these past two years. Sony and M$ will have to innovate in other areas, hence PS4's social connectivity and M$' Kinect focus. Look at the Wii's success. Graphics really only matter to the superficial. I want my games to look great, but idc if its not on PC's ultra settings level. PS4 with Gaikai and the social stuff sounds great. Its enough to warrant moving to next gen.

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banditscout1997d ago

This is true. That said, if you look at PC games based on the current gen, they still look considerably better than their console counterparts. Additionally, running at 60 fps, at a true 1080p does make a pretty significant difference. I think most gamers will be completely pleased with the jump into the next gen!

perfectCarbonara1997d ago

If they can nail Deep Down quality as a standard for PS4 games I'll never ask for another upgrade again (lol)

joab7771997d ago

Seriously, the real question is why the hell everyone is so hung up on the graphical leap. Look at the last of us on ps3. Eventually ps4 games will be breathtaking. Anyway, i love sonys committment to games. Thats what it is all about anyway.

I had so much fun this gen that it doesnt even matter how huge the leap is. If its an extension of this gen with tech that allows developers to stretch their legs both graphically and gameplay wise, ill be ecstatic.

andibandit1997d ago

Last of Us looks good, but i want something that looks better and not at the cost of open world/draw distance/AI/enemies on screen, etc etc.

joab7771997d ago

I also believe that if the economy was booming and Microsoft and Sony were doing very well and everyone had great jobs, the evolution would have occurred differently. We would be paying $8-1000 for an insane console and $80 a game. There would be plenty of money for mobile and console and development etc. This is not the case, but under the circumstances, I think Sony has given it their best shot. I for one will support them because they are gonna need. It may not seem so because we are so used to console generations, but this is a risk for them because of their financials and the changing gaming industry.

EbeneezerGoode1996d ago

If anyone thinks graphics are now 'good enough' they lack imagination, sorry.

Also if the world out your window looks like a cartoon then yes, current graphics are probably 'good enough'

what a load of short sighted stick in the muds!

Graphics will NEVER be good enough until they are indistinguishable from reality!! can you NOT imagine how amazing games would feel if your brain truly believed you were 'there' and not controlling some cartoon replica?

I love games as they are, I started with the Atari VCS and had many happy hours with it as a young kid and I've been there through every generation of graphical enhancement and it absolutely IS required or games will stagnate - rinse repeat without any higher level of immersion or believability.

Perhaps if you only started gaming with the Wii then graphics are now 'good enough' cos your minds can't imagine how it COULD be.

Let me tell you, ever since video games started it has ALWAYS been the evolution and yearning for better tech, more memory, better graphics that has driven the industry. It would never be where it is today if in 1990 every said the Amiga and SNES were 'good enough' (even though at the time plenty DID think that).

Stop telling me what is good enough when clearly there is a massive disparity between the worlds on my screen and the world around me.

Once graphics get truly 'good enough' (as in properly realistic or the ability to create totally unrealistic imaginative crazy worlds but with real lighting and resolution) THEN will be the time they will have no excuses to churn out the same cookie cutter games. I'd rather we get to those graphics asap so we can then focus on the experience.

In the meantime there is NOTHING stopping developers crafting good games with weight and playability.

fatstarr1996d ago

No, there is always always always a graphical leap
more power means more ability to do something that one could never do. if a lazy ass dev would take advantage of that you would see a graphical leap every 5 years.

"Everything Changes But Nothing Changes", sit down and think about it

look at a price of a 256mb usb drive in 1999 and look at the price of a 1tb SSD drive in 2012. "Everything Changes But Nothing Changes",

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ftwrthtx1997d ago

The jump from PS2 to PS3 in graphics was HUGE. Can't expect that jump with every new gen though.

Qrphe1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

We've already seen the leap however. So unless they downgrade the specs of what they've been using there is nothing to be disappointed about.

The last one is a launch game btw so PS4.

Relientk771997d ago

That last pic is beautiful

ILive1997d ago

I definitely saw a jump from those pics. There are some fantastic looking games on consoles, dont get me wrong. But when you look at the best that pc's got, there is certainly room for growth in the graphics department for consoles. I see a significant jump and I am happy because of the possiblities of things to come.

Qrphe1997d ago

Consoles have always been behind PC on specs even on release.

Overtime consoles are able to pull off incredible graphics for their specs however.

GribbleGrunger1997d ago

Sorry but this is getting a little tired now. I don't 'expect' a graphical leap, I see quite clearly there has been a graphical leap. If your eyes can't see it then there's something seriously wrong. Just want to catch you before you completely lose your mind and interpret this as a fanboy comment: I think we'll see the same for the 720 too (OK?)

xPhearR3dx1997d ago

Until I see someone actually playing the game in real time, I don't believe half those trailers. Killzone was the only game we've seen someone actually play. And while it looks great, it's not much of a graphical leap. It's more a change of color pallet and much better lighting.

MS & Sony always have BS trailers before their consoles launch to build hype. It's nothing new. Killzone Shadow Falls graphics are definitely an improvement, but certainly not a leap. You'll see the "leap" once Uncharted 4 or another Killzone releases, but not a launch.

Qrphe1997d ago

It'll be like 2005/2006 all over again. Many will compare games like Perfect Dark Zero to games like CoR or Half-Life on Xbox or Resistance to Killzone on PS2 and say graphics didn't improve significantly and that Sony was lying with specs and that it's already dated compared to PC and so on.
The cycle repeats and will repeat again.

dbjj120881997d ago

I don't really care about graphics at this point. If I did I wouldn't play games on handhelds, iphones, the WIi U, any of the old consoles at this point. I play games for games.

xPhearR3dx1997d ago

That's not necessarily true. I care about graphics quite a bit since I switched over to PC gaming. Especially games that support mods. But, I also play moblie/tablet games every day on the way to work. I do play games just for the sake of playing because I love them, but when it's game time on PC I want to see some pretty visuals lol

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