Alien Noire Site More Than Likely a Hoax, Screens of Prey 2 Taken from IGN Gameplay Preview

OnlySP: We're all shaking our heads in disappointment right now. A site that popped up online last month was counting down the days to what was a supposed Prey 2 re-reveal, but it seems that we've all been duped.

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ThatKanadianKid1878d ago

Damnit, I was hoping this was real. Hopefully we see something at E3, the early showings of this game looked great.

Godmars2901877d ago

If you're talking about the CG trailer - THERE WERE NO EARLY SHOWINGS!

Sorry about yelling - but geez - can we please stop equating CG with actual gameplay?

Jamiex661877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Yeah...No actual gameplay...At all...

Godmars2901877d ago

meh. First I'm seeing of it.

PockyKing1877d ago

Actually they did show gameplay at E3 panels, but the recordings of it were mostly off screen. Look it up on Youtube.

ironfist921877d ago

Aww :c

So now new news on Prey 2 then, and its still uncertain on whether its being made/going to be released?

SolidGear31877d ago

God, I want Prey 2. It looked way to phenomenal to get canned.

Rivitur1877d ago

Did they confirm a while ago that it was a hoax because the revs said they had nothing to do with them?

Jaunty1877d ago

A spokesperson of Bethesda told Joystiq:
"I don't know what that is or who is doing it. It's not something we're doing."

That's not really confirming that it is a hoax. The fact that their spokesman doesn't know anything about it, is not confirming that it is a hoax. It happens a lot in the gaming industry for example the boss of Sony Europe found out a few hours before the Playstation event that the PS4 is going to be announced...

But if it was a hoax, Bethesda would send their lawyer hounds on it just like they did with the whole "Scrolls" lawsuit thing. And that has not happened. The site is still running with every logo's. I think it's the real deal or really good fanwork.

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The story is too old to be commented.