Great Expectations: A Tale of One Journalist

PSLS is changing, I see that every day, and hope to be a part of that change. But as we want to be more open, and remove the barriers between the writer and the reader, it’s only fair that I let you know about how I came to write for this site, why I do it, and what the future might hold. This is how I came to be who I am, how my hardships have changed me, and why I am about to leave my old life behind.

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doctorstrange2000d ago

My childhood box is way bigger

Foolsjoker2000d ago

That is of little surprise.

Wedge192000d ago

Dan: An Introspective. We need a full on documentary, with interviews, etc. the works.

Foolsjoker2000d ago

This is going to be my version of Lord of the Rings.

dbjj120882000d ago

I have great expectations for a follow up.

Foolsjoker2000d ago

This all feels so familiar...