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BattleReach1968d ago

The only thing I want is one year no Assassins Creed, no Fifa, no Call of Duty.

Snookies121968d ago

Lol, that's like asking for a Final Fantasy 7 remake. Not going to happen.

Nimblest-Assassin1968d ago

I really want AC to take a break.... I mean I loved 2... liked brotherhood, got bored with revelations and I am torn on 3.

They need time to re-evaluate and make better games.... they say this is from a new team... but how can they fix the flaws of AC3 in such a short time?

I'm not as hyped as I was for 3

Really hope its a next gen game though, if so I might go for it

Lucreto1968d ago

So it is embargoed until Monday. I am looking forward to it.

I do expect a leak over the weekend.

Nimblest-Assassin1968d ago

Apparantely the press meeting was today... yeah Im guessing something will leak

Considering the same pattern thats happening now happened with 3

Some store leaked the poster to Kotaku, press were invited, some details get leaked, confirmation happens later

Root1968d ago

I keep wishing that it won't be numbered but I know that this is all true

How Assassin Creed has fallen....

A numbered game is supposed to show the leap between each game, not just doing it for more sales.

Nimblest-Assassin1968d ago

I really hope its a next gen game... but yeah the reason I was excited for 3 was because it looked like it would be a leap

Who knows... maybe 4 might be to 3 like 2 was to 1

But one thing is for sure... they need to give the series a rest.

Root1968d ago

I think 3 was a leap but it was poorly done in terms of story. It's like they were focusing on giving us that leap but they forgot about everything else.

The setting/time period was poorly done, the main character was boring and dull and it was a chore to play through. Now they want to give us another game with one of Demons ancestors despite <S P O I L E R S> being dead. Yeah thats a good idea say his story is finished then go back to him in AC4, you might not see him but the animus is a main part of the series.

matrixman921968d ago

im really curious how this game will doesnt seem like there will be much to climb or jump around on...Trees maybe?

PuertoRicanVolta1968d ago

You will walk on water, and scale enormous waves.

I'd buy that game... I think?

matrixman921968d ago

Jesus confirmed as heard it here first

josephayal1968d ago

Oversaturation is what come to my mind when i read Assassins Creed

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The story is too old to be commented.