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The reputable bodybuilder of the gaming community. The Crysis series has always made PCs flex their muscle. Visually stunning and often extremely inventive when it comes to gameplay. Prophet is back, but should you suit up in the latest and greatest of nanotechnology or let this one pass by?

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TheGamerDood1970d ago

Playing it on PC and although it looks freaking great, it's kind of boring. :(

DoomeDx1970d ago

Played it on PC aswell..
Very stunning visuals. Best ive seen by far.
But yeah... It is indeed very boring.

Tyre1970d ago

i bet the people agreeing are the same handfull of people on every Crysis article that have the same boring useless comments on every article. The gameplay is what make of it yourself. Can't make up anything? Then it is boring because it won't hold ur hand. So stating it is boring is purely just your own fault and gives a misperception to more excited gamers that want a fresh FPS...and that's what Crysis is. CoD shooters are boring and Crysis has it's own unique sandbox FPS gameplay....You guys just don't get it.

Tyre1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Where is the Ubertroll Digital Smoke when u need him. A Crysis article dude! Post a boring negative comment just like all the other lads here on N4G.

XxDarkGamerxX1969d ago

Wow dude.
U mad or something about someone just having a different opinion then you=