What is Your Most Hated PS3 Game?

The PlayStation 3 pretty much took a backseat last week due to the PlayStation 4 unveiling, so we wanted to make this Ask PSLS all about the PlayStation console we can actually see. Rather than doing our favorite game though, we decided to go in the complete opposite direction and ask everyone: “What is Your Most Hated PS3 Game?”

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Foolsjoker1847d ago

Let the hate flow through you.

Rip-Ridah1847d ago

Easy for me. The launch of Socom Confrontation was so horrific, I vowed to never buy a Slant Six game again. As a long time fan and supporter of the Socom franchise, I was heartbroken when the retail release was available in the same condition I had beta tested it in. So I actually killed two birds with one stone: game & developer.

*The game eventually became playable after VARIOUS patches & updates.

guitarded771846d ago

For me it was Blood Drive (I know it's multi-platform). I bought it because Twisted Metal hadn't been announced and I wanted a car combat game. Turned out to be a total piece of crap. Horrible game.

Another is Punisher: No Mercy download. That game was crap too...

I hated those two games because I was expecting them to be mediocre, but at least fun. They turned out to be horrible and not fun at all.

Relientk771847d ago

For me I'll go with either Final Fantasy XIII or Haze, because I was really looking forward to both of those games and they were extremely dissapointing

TrendyGamers1847d ago

Never checked out Haze, the bad things I heard deterred me from playing it.

Relientk771847d ago

Basically as I played through Haze this is what kept going through my head, "I could be playing a better shooter right now.. I could be playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, its soo much better its ridiclous" lol

Irishguy951847d ago

FF13 because it was the worst game i've played this gen. And I even played Colonial Marines

Relientk771847d ago

I also played the demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2, didnt really enjoy that either lol

Gridloc1847d ago

I played the demo and still bought Haze. Say no to I should have.

kaozgamer1847d ago

i bought haze coz of all that hype at the time. omfg worst game ever

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PirateThom1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

The game that, immediately, came to mind, was RAGE.

I paid £10 and played for 10 minutes. Turning around on the spot and having the wait for the textures to reload was a pain.

Also, it just wasn't fun within that time, just didn't feel playable.

rezzah1847d ago

Watched my brother play it and it was boring.

I wouldn't even rush it for the story, that was dull too.