An analysis of what Microsoft and Sony's new consoles will mean for the Wii U

In all it’s fair to say that Nintendo had its finger on the pulse of what would matter this generation when they designed Wii U, and it absolutely has the potential to compete directly with the two upcoming consoles in many respects. It would appear that Nintendo has failed to live up to that potential somewhat in the early days, but then Nintendo doesn’t exactly colour inside the lines very often, and their social-friendly infrastructure and indie-ready online service is liable to kick off at any time. The most important thing to note here is that Nintendo does not intend to compete with the other two console directly as they compete with each other, however have the ability to successful ensured they appeal to some customers who might only want one console.

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jc485731970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

There aren't that many games that wow me. I need a little bit more and maybe wii u can fill me in, especially some jRPGs.

LackTrue4K1969d ago

i have no doute that Nintendo can support its own system, problem is....there has to be 3rd party support!!

(i added the video as fact of what would happen)

Qrphe1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Nintendo will always bring Nintendo games to each platform and although they will move hardware sales they will not allow them to move significant amounts (refer to 5th and 6th generations).

The Wii U NEEDS 3rd party support.

BattleAxe1969d ago

"An analysis of what Microsoft and Sony's new consoles will mean for the Wii U"

Certain Death...

stragomccloud1969d ago

Kinda' like how Sony's and Microsoft's last consoles meant "certain death" last generation?

I mean they sold 100 million consoles, and 150 million handhelds, and on the software side Mario Kart Wii sold 33 million copies, New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold 26 million, Pokemon diamond sold 18 million. These are not small numbers.

In fact if you look at the numbers for best selling games of all time, The top 25 are all Nintendo titles except for 2 Grand Theft Auto games and Microsoft's Kinect Adventures.

Needless to say, between both consoles and handhelds, Nintendo is a force that can't be stopped. No matter how dismissive "gamers"(In quotations because actual gamers don't hate) have become.

Game on.

xursz1969d ago

^ not that I disagree but you mention the Wii's sales but the truth is everyone was fascinated with it and it took off. Wiiu is sort of not as fascinating and most gamers right now are waiting on Sony's and MS next gen systems.

I do think that when the Wiiu gets a nice price drop that it should be competitive at that point.

skyrimer1969d ago

*Looks at Wii U sales below Vita sales in Japan*

*Raises eyebrow*

HammadTheBeast1969d ago

They will mean something... sales-wise maybe?

kingmushroom1969d ago

DOOM!....JK ...i don't know.

NastyLeftHook01969d ago

ill buy a wii u for 75 dollars and there games for 80.

stragomccloud1969d ago

I think you've been sniffin' the fanboy glue a little too much.

You're loss though. Can't be helped though as more and more "gamers" are more concerned with trash talking, humiliating others, and being very nearly abusive towards all things Nintendo. Good on you! You're part of the problem with gaming!

Remember boys and girls! Gaming isn't about gaming. It's about saying everything you can to demean the company in the other camp, as well as the gamers who play those consoles! It's a fact! /s ←For those who don't know, "/s" denotes sarcasm.

kirbyu1969d ago

Do we even know for sure M-soft is making a new console? Has there been any confirmation?

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The story is too old to be commented.