20 things we've always wondered about the Mario universe

GamesRadar - Video games often require players to suspend disbelief, and we're usually more than willing to do so. It doesn't matter why the bad guys are bad, so long as that means we get to take them down with some awesome moves and have fun doing it. But after said bad guys have been put down and justice has been done, we sometimes start to think about all the weird, unexplained things that happened along the way.

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kirbyu1874d ago

His natural height is probably when he's bigger, because that's how tall he is in the 3D games and the spin-offs.

Are Super Mushrooms actually alive? I think so.

Is the use of Fire Flowers and the like considered taboo, or is that a common thing people do? The Toads and Peach don't seem to mind when Mario or Luigi are powered up, and there were Tanuki Toads in 3D Land, so it probably is considered normal.

I think the power-ups are magical, and don't cause chemical alterations in the body.

If the items hurt him, he probably wouldn't use them so much.

What does Bowser really want with the princess? I'm not sure where I heard this, I think it was Bowser's SSBM trophy, it said Bowser kidnaps Peach sp he can get Mario.

Do raccoons in the Mushroom Kingdom fly? They're probably aren't any raccoons there.

Why haven't Mushroom Kingdom citizens filled in all those dangerous pits? Maybe they do, but then Bowser unfills them. That would explain why the levels are different in each game.

Let's not wonder how Baby Mario is there, let's wonder how he easily plays tennis.

It was confirmed Mario doesn't have a last name.

Are there good Goombas and Koopas, or are they all inherently evil? Probably not any of the ones Mario jumps on.

Rainbow Road isn't really a rainbow, just a road with a rainbow pattern. So the only real question is how they survive in outer space.

Did Mario and Peach ever... you know...Probably not.