How to Tell If You'll Love Tomb Raider

IGN - Tomb Raider drops next Tuesday, and while our official review does an excellent job of breaking down exactly why you need it in your life, it seems some people are still under the woefully misguided belief that the game is a series of scripted, timed sequences down a "point A to point B" tunnel. Not so. Very much not so. In fact, as I continue to scour through Tomb Raider's huge, gorgeous island of Yamatai, I started getting flashbacks of some of my favorite first and third person action and adventure games released in the last few years. Which ones, you ask?

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pr0t0typeknuckles1910d ago

yeah i liked all of those games,so yeah ill love tomb raider.

Intentions1910d ago

Yeah, Tomb Raider is gonna be awesome. :D

Ares84HU1910d ago

It's going to be great but I wanted a different Tomb Raider experience that focuses more on exploration and puzzle solving just like the first trilogy.

But that's just me and todays teenagers prefer to shoot people in the face instead of using their brains to figure out a puzzle.

NegativeCreepWA1910d ago

As long as I don't find myself spending hours trying to make it up a cliff wall, I'll enjoy it.

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