NPD Analyst Talks Apple Hurting PC Sales, 4K TV’s, Gaming and Fitness Technologies

GamerFitNation: Recently, GamerFitNation got the chance to have some of their questions answered by NPD analyst Ben Arnold. GamerFitNation wanted to find out the state of 4K TV’s and whether or not that this was going to pick up in next generation televisions, fitness, and gaming. They learned quite a bit in this interview as will you in regards to sales. They think that 4K has a chance to take off but only if it is executed properly.

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MultiConsoleGamer1998d ago

Wait until you see what Apple does to the gaming industry.

Dylila1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

4k tvs are amazing and i cant wait to own one. im hoping that the ps4 will support some games in 4k resolution because that would be the number one reason to get it.

there are some reasonable deals i see on some 4k tvs right now but id wait to see the pricing for the 55 in and 65 inch sony 4k telis releasing this summer. sony said theyll be about 20% more than regular hd telis right now so that gives me hope that id get one as soon as ps4 announces some 4k supported games.

i know hearing about 4k resolution normally brings out the hate in people because itll be mostly supported by sony but the picture quality is amazing. there are a few rumours saying that killzone shadows fall seems like it supports 4k but its just a rumour. if poliphony ran gt5 at 4k reolution with 4 ps3s i believe it should be very possible for the ps4 to render games at 4k resolution because the ps4 is very powerful

aliengmr1998d ago


What are you smoking?

Come back to reality. 4k games are a ways off.

Did you really think it was just a matter of getting a new TV?

Fanboyism at its finest.

aliengmr1998d ago

Well if history is a guide then...


SignifiedSix1998d ago

I like apple, but their stuff is WAY to expensive.

josephayal1998d ago

apple is the most admired company

aliengmr1998d ago

Not for gaming it isn't.