Avalanche Studios Founder Outs Just Cause 3 Screenshot

Dual Pixels - The wild sandbox traversing series Just Cause might be making a return as soon as this E3. Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg couldn't help himself but to tease Just Cause 3 with a screenshot posted to Instagram.

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bunfighterii1666d ago

Yyyeeesssss! Please! JC2 is one of my favourite games on PS3! Was so good!

Blastoise1666d ago

Played it on PS+, it was fun but it was just begging for multiplayer. I hope they add it next time

I think there was a mod on PC that added it, looked pretty crazy lol

BitbyDeath1666d ago

It is, they got the PS4 devkits last November.

kookie1666d ago

Is that a Zeppelin?
It look like old times

FarCryLover1821666d ago

looks like a current-gen screen too.

PockyKing1666d ago

It's like super blurred out and the NYC studio is confirmed to be working on next-gen AAA open world games. I doubt it's a current gen title, but that's just me.

jmac531665d ago

It does look like it will take place in the 20's or 30's in a desert area. Kind of reminds me of Indiana Jones.

marioPSUC1666d ago

I wonder if it's their rumored open world Mad Max game

porkChop1666d ago

It is. This is the same character from this image from the Mad Max game. It doesn't look like Just Cause at all, really.


GoldenGamer1666d ago

It probably has a filter on which is why it looks like "old times" and it probably looks current-gen due to being pre-alpha maybe?

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The story is too old to be commented.