PlayStation won't connect Diablo 3 to

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Diablo 3 won’t link up with, which means no cross-platform play using your profile on the PC side. Word comes from Blizzard community manager ‘Vaeflare’ speaking on the forums, as spotted by Shacknews.

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dedicatedtogamers1998d ago

This gives 360 fans a glimmer of hope that D3 will also hit their system. Ok, D3 was not ever announced as a Sony console "exclusive", but if D3 did use, there would be 0% chance of it coming to 360 due to MS's restrictions on XBL.

Nitrowolf21998d ago

I'm sure it'll hit the next Xbox console and of course they won't announce a 360 version at a Sony conference.

Kanzes1998d ago

I'm pretty sure they will announce a X360 version at PAX East next month

kostchtchie_1998d ago

it will, that is also the reason there will be no AH and the game will have Offline mode, MS would never allow people to connect to through live or even people to trade cash for virtual items through it

just shame that blizzard cared more about ripping gamers of with the AH on PC version that they wanted everyone trading through it, that they never gave them the option for offline mode...oh wait it was because of piracy... pfft please

2pacalypsenow1998d ago

How are they ripping players of by having them always be online and have a non mandatory marketplace ?

Christopher1998d ago

Umm... not connecting to really isn't a sign of this coming to 360/720 or not.

What's most important is that it may not utilize the D3 auction house which requires a connection.

NegativeCreepWA1998d ago

They actually mentioned looking into a 360 version around a year ago. Besides there's no way Activision would miss out the extra cash.

ThanatosDMC1998d ago

Sad they're bringing this unfinished game to consoles just for more $$$$$.

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classic2001998d ago

No DRM is good, one of the major reason I stay away from PC gaming.

kostchtchie_1998d ago

am sure console gaming will get it soon enough :/