PlayStation 4 Won’t Recuperate Sony’s PS3 Losses

Joseph DiGrado of RealGamerNewz makes his analysis on Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 and the effects (or non-effects) it will have on the hardware heavyweights efforts to restore capital losses during the research, development, and rollout of the first device to use the cell processor, PlayStation 3.

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majiebeast1966d ago

News with a Z no credibility.

lastofgen1966d ago

so, what would you have said if the same website put out a title like this: "ps4 forecasted to reverse division losses with recovery?"

HammadTheBeast1966d ago

It's an opinion piece...I couldn't care less either way...

Now if it had been placed as a fact, then I'd be worried.

gaffyh1966d ago

This is an idiotic article because it doesn't even matter. It's like saying Windows Phone 8 won't recuperate WP7 losses, but even if there was it wouldn't matter because that's not the frickin point. The point is it is a product that will make some money, yet some idiot always has to bring some stupid fanboy crap into it.

Cupid_Viper_31966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

The article is an Opinion piece that fails to look at several key factors in its analysis, mainly PlayStation Plus.

Next gen will rely more and more on "added services" meaning that services like PlayStation plus is going to bring a huge amount of money for Sony and MS for that matter. Sure you'll be able to play online for free, but look at everything else you could be doing if you pay us $$ a year...

Secondly, Sony wont be spending too much money on advertising game as they'll have a perfect system going for them with gamers being able to share their game with friends (word of mouth) and try before you buy it.
So I'm pretty sure that will save Sony a bunch of money from advertising as it'll be much easier and less costly to advertise within the Social functions of the PS4.

From the article: "And then there is the significant lack of third party support (where a lot of the big bucks generate from) that has hurt them this generation."


user39158001966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Yawn... The usual sony loosing money and ps4 wont help them, its routine not even ps3 has done that.
Maybe vita can get them out of the hole, wait let me re-think that.

Boring article, back to lunch of champions, donuts cofee and cigarretes.

knowyourstuff1966d ago

It's an opinion piece from someone with no education and no credibility. Michael Pachter is an idiot who knows nothing about the entertainment/gaming industry and he's more credible.

PoSTedUP1966d ago

if one could break the article down and explain where it doesnt make any sense, then ones opinion may be credible. every companys main goal is to make money, and sony has lost alot this generation. if it didnt matter to Sony, or any company for that matter, to generate more money from the losses of their last product, then their would be no point in making another product in that division.

starchild1966d ago

Stupid. Anybody claiming to know what will happen next generation is full of crap. It's anybody's game to win.

DeadlyFire1965d ago

I definitely agree with starchild. Although I still hate you for showing up in ME 3. But owell. haha

Last gen PS2 was king with Nintendo and Microsoft dueling for 2nd place.

This gen it has been Wii as the king with Microsoft and Sony fighting for 2nd place.

Next gen it could be either one taking the lead. So far enthusiasm is behind Sony, but it could all change at some point. Although Sony is doing almost everything right so far. People are doubtful of WiiU, and many fear Kinect dependance on X720. The landscape will be very clear after E3 2013 on which one people will side with over the others.

Its still to early to know anything sales wise though. As first year really leaves a mark of success or trouble and WiiU hasn't even been out for a year yet.

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adorie1966d ago

Focusing on the consoles weakness is what the media seems to be doing, atm.

There is a lot of straw grabbing going on.

miyamoto1965d ago

Yup. I see so many crabs in a bucket...

These are the same haters who said the PS3 is Sony's last console.

They believe M$ can erase 15 years of PlayStation history, progress and culture with billions of $$$.

Saigon1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Overall I think the issue that frustrates me the most, is that some analysis still look at the previous generation to compare the current generation. And this will also will be done with the Next Generation, one way to look at this, if you noticed most analyst are high on MS new console.

I think analyst need to revamp their scopes because we have all learned that anything could happen in the gaming world. An example is what occurred during this current generation where everyone wrote off Nintendo and the Wii and looked what happened. I will be honest, I am still a little surprised at the outcome also.

Though that is the case, these analyst are looking at Sony's previous generation, PS2, to compare the current and most of them feel that Sony fell off because of a loss of many exclusives. Which, to some surprise, Sony said in the beginning of the PS3 life cycle that exclusives will be more focused from the first party devs for this current generation, and they were right.

Now these analyst are trying to predict the Next Generation and they are falling off with their predictions. The ones that are keeping up with the times and have their hands on the actual product knows how gaming trends will be applied. IMHO, I think that these analyst need to go with the content, gaming trends, and liability of the console and not previous history with the past console.

Also, the only true gaming, hardware company is Nintendo. Sony and MS have other items that affect their balanced number at the end.

007Bond1966d ago

STFU just cause you don't agree you say it's bad go ride your P$ move stick instead of leaving your useless opinion fanboy.

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Cocozero1966d ago

If the PS4 doesn't get any spec cuts Sony will have to sell the console at a $200 loss minimum if they want to be competitive with the 720.

Which will just put Sony further in the red and closer to going into administration.

calis1966d ago

Jesus, people really shouldn't abuse their keyboard privileges with ill-informed rubbish they spout.

Blank1966d ago

Hahaha! +1 bubble made me laugh but its true and then again we are on N4G now as for this article I used my voting privilege Story quality: WTF and Like this website: NO

BLow1966d ago

And you base your numbers off what exactly? Has the 720 been announced yet? Do you know what exactly is in the 720 and how it will be packaged at launch? Do you now what price 720 or PS4 will launch at? Yeah, I'm gonna believe some guy in the comment section on N4g. I mean if you know all of this please let us all know so we all can know exactly how much we will spend on launch day. Spread the love man!!

Jobesy1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Care to elaborate? Can you share some of your inside info with the rest of us because we're all dying to know how much the PS4 costs. And don't give me that bs "a comparable pc costs $xxx" because Sony doesn't pay what the general public does for components.

flyingmunky1966d ago

So you know the following?
1) Sony's final selling price of ps4.
2) Sony's cost for building ps4.
3) MS's final selling price for next console.
4) MS's cost for building their next console.
5) Some measure of the perceived value(or perhaps just the full hardware specs for both) between the two consoles, so that some idea of competitiveness can be devised.

You make so many assumptions in your post it smells like the first 3 letters of the word assumption.

KwietStorm1966d ago

Lol based on WHAT? Please, I am genuinely interested in knowing how you came to these numbers. You seem to know more than most.

miyamoto1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Its a partnership, genius.

What makes you think AMD didn't cut a deal with Sony to shoulder the losses that will initially be made on the hardware in order to 1up Intel,IBM and Nvidia in the long run?

This is AMD's chance 1up the competition and to share the limelight with Sony and M$ in the tech industry.

Look around you.

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N0S3LFESTEEM1966d ago ShowReplies(1)
Waddy1011966d ago

But there aren't any PS3 losses anymore....

aviator1891966d ago

the author, I assume, is talking about total net losses.

Shadow Flare1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Surely the PS3 is back making Sony a lot of money right now?

The console is sold at profit, it has for a while now. It sells a lot of software and its the number 1 best selling home console at the moment in monthly global charts.

I don't know how much money sony lost on ps3 but it must certainly be making them back money at the moment. Not forgetting they now also have ps+ subscription money

wolokowoh1966d ago

It's true that PS3 has been profitable since at least 2010 making $20-70 a unit(depending on the year and SKU)for 2+ years is not going to get back the losses from the first year which exceeded $300 per console if average them. We don't know the second to fourth years but we have to assume from Sony's finances was mostly loss and maybe a very low profit margin. PS3 probably does not any losses due game sales however because Sony's Playstation's division is fine.

ALLWRONG1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Sony is more than the Playstation. The PS3 is doing ok but not like the PS2, Vita has pretty much failed, and now they are going to take a loss on the PS4. Then you have all the other areas Sony isn't doing so great on like TVs, PC, phones, music and movie studio. Sony does nothing but bleed money.

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joel_c171966d ago

Ah god what a load of BS

WarThunder1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Watch out if u make a positive comment about the Playstation u get a instance mindless disagree by xbfanboys.

lastofgen1966d ago

the same can be said about the other way around.

N0S3LFESTEEM1966d ago

Don't worry about the Disagrees... it won't make your penis any smaller than what it is.

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