PS4: Guerrilla helped Sony 'build a great controller for an FPS'

Sony consulted with a select group of PlayStation-owned studios as it was building the DualShock 4 controller for PS4, according to two developers at Guerrilla Games.

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StrongMan1637d ago

And did a great job. The DS3 was already the best controller but they just made the DS4 even better. Can't wait to see how devs use the clickable touch pad and speaker on the DS4.

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SAE1637d ago

I would agree with you before i saw DS4 but now i hate DS3. I wanna through it in the garbage. I'm that excited xD..

Cupid_Viper_31637d ago

Why 'through' it if you can simply "throw" it?

SAE1637d ago

Sorry. Sometimes words confuse me. Thanks for correcting me ^^

Cupid_Viper_31637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Haha SAE, no problems man, I did in good spirits really. :)

If it makes you feel better, I once stood up in a classroom full of students and said: "he ran away before the bomb could denied..." the silence and confusion on the teacher's face said it all really. But hey, English is only my 4th language..*shrugs*

FamilyGuy1636d ago

More importantly:

Killzone Shadowfall just confirmed Vita Remote Play

I'll probably end up getting a vita just to mess around with my PS4 while im out, knowing that the high quality games will work too is just a bonus.

SAE1636d ago

Lol. My brother say squeeze instead of excuse when he talk english >.< .

4th?. That's impressive. I only know arabic and english. I tried to learn french. I only managed to learn 2 words. Salute and bonjour xD. hehehe . It's hard to learn if you are alone and have things that stop you from learning new things like the school.

I know it's weird but I'm kind of proud of my english. I learned it by my self..

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DasBunker1637d ago

Hopefully it gets more use and doesn't turn out like another sixaxis.

Controller seems bigger which was a common complaint, stick are concave now and triggers seem improved, overall looks great.

InTheZoneAC1637d ago

u know the dualshock has sixaxis right?


negative1636d ago

Xbox controller is still so much better....

DasBunker1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


Yes, so?.. i was obviously talking about the sixaxis feature, not just the controller with the name.

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Amsterdamsters1637d ago

Are you serious? The new controller is completely hideous! It looks like a cheap Chinese ripoff.

solar1637d ago

as a gamer who grew up playing PC and console games, playing Wolf3D the day it came out with a k+m, i hate playing FPS with a controller.

i really wish Sony and MS would let those input devices on their consoles. the analog stick isnt precise enough. it's just too slow for a fast paced game. :(

chaos-lockheart1636d ago

you do know that you can use keyboard mouse on the consoles

ufo8mycat1636d ago

You know you can increase the sensitivity of the analogs in the game settings yeah? To me they are just as fast as kb+mouse.

I honestly prefer FPS and any other genre with the controller (except RTS).

I find kb+mouse boring, it lacks the immersion that a controller brings. Not to mention it takes no skill what so ever to aim with a mouse.

As for the controller not being precise enough, that depends on each person, but I am pretty sure the majority of people that game on PS3 or 360, including myself, can make headshots quite easily.

It just takes practice.

I could never go back to kb+mouse.

deerain1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

That's not what he's talking about, the mouse is more accurate than the controller and yes you can use the mouse and keyboard on console but it's either emulated (not the same) or in the case of PS its not supported in all the games bar a couple. I agree about the mouse but I do find the controller more convenient and would rather see a Move/Wii like controller for FPS, and for the dev's to implement it Killzone 3 and MAG was great with the move but what other FPS uses the move :(

as for skill it must take some degree of skill to use the mouse and the controller but with the controller its also luck when trying to aim that damn crosshair - many times I have be tapping the sticks to just nudge the cross onto the target

infamousinfolite1636d ago

I hope it's a better implementation than what Rim did with the Blackberry storm.

showtimefolks1636d ago


what i am happy about is that sony didn't completely redo the controller, IMO dual shock is a Legendary controller. So while some changes had to be made to improve sony did make those changes and there are some great unknowns like the share button and touch pad so let's see

the Triggers had to be redone and they are
the dual sticks needed to be a little more tight, each felt a little loose so i hope they done that

and D-Pad was already the best for a console controller and now it looks like its gonna be even better

can't wait to get my hands on it day one. GG have really become the Dark Horse for sony when it comes to FPS and pushing the tech. I hope this new advertisement firm does a excellent job and get the Killzone series the rightful high sales the series deserves

UnholyLight1636d ago

@007bond you should know by now, typical. It's still not announced so the good Sony fanboy knows he needs to get those final jabs in before the reveal so that the Sony Gods favour them more than the next Sony fanboy

delboy1636d ago

Knowing Guerrilla, they demand input lag to be build in to the controler, so that every game has awful controls just like KZ2.

FlunkinMonkey1636d ago

No my friend.. I think you'll find the controls were actually unique and awesome. They brought something a bit more challenging from the players perspective.

A lot more skill involved than the erratic, weak, robot dance like controls of COD, Halo and other generically controlled shooters.

Kurt Russell1636d ago

I thought the iron sights were awful FlunkinMonkey... You could precision aim as well as most shooters and were rewarded too heavily for shooting from the hip. Resistence was better imo.

FlunkinMonkey1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Yea that's a fair comment.. After countless hours online though, learning to use it was really rewarding...

BANG HEADSHOT! with the M4 was awfully satisfying.. maybe too much.

I disagree with being heavily rewarded from the hip though.. MUCH less than other games. Hitting someone with a rifle from a good distance was much harder than iron sight

kupomogli1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Dualshock 2 was the best controller. Sony tried replicating the 360 triggers in their own fashion but most people can agree L2 and R2 on the Dualshock 3 sucks.

The Dualshock 4 triggers look good though, kind of like the PS3 Real Triggers by PDP that you can purchase, just part of the controller design this time around.

Rhythmattic1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

In FPS's I use my index finger to shoot with R1 (the finger Id use for a real gun trigger) while using my middle finger on R2 to flick..

I bought Real triggers and removed them... I couldn't flick my middle finger anymore.....

I like to flick it seems.

Omni-Tool1636d ago

I find myself doing the same thing. I aim with L1 or an analog stick (they're interchangeable for me), shoot with R1 and then I flick R2 and L2 for whenever I throw 'nades or melee or whatever special ability I may have. It just feels natural. It just feels right.

I can not use this play style on 360 controller. It feels awkward. It's like I'm forced based on design to use the RT to shoot. It feels taboo almost to not use the RT to shoot on a 360 controller

UnholyLight1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@Omni-Tool......Lol oookay then. RT and LT on the Xbox 360 controller is way better. There's a reason the DS4 is finally going to have proper triggers after retarding their controller for so long..people hated it.

Rhythmattic1635d ago


def L2 & R2 for everything but aiming and shooting for me...

So yeh, Im with ya....

kupomogli1631d ago

I used L1/R1 to aim and shoot as well, but I hated the L2/R2 on PS3 overall.

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DonFreezer1636d ago

How the hell do you troll Microsoft in pretty much every article and yet you recieve bubbles.

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MultiConsoleGamer1637d ago

I love the controller but they should have moved the position of the left analog stick. Anyone who owns both current next gen consoles knows the 360 layout is much better for shooters.

OneAboveAll1637d ago

Agreed with this.
I own all consoles and the 360 controller is fantastic. The Wii U pro controller beats that one in comfort though. Although, it takes time to get used to moving your thumb down to the face buttons instead of up. But there is no denying it's comfortable.

With the PS controllers my thumbs actually touch when pointing both sticks in towards one another. It's really not that ergonomic.