Would You Shoot A Child? How Far Is Too Far?


Robert smiled as he hung up the phone. On the other end of the conversation, his wife Andrea was doing the same. He always called on his lunch break, usually just to tell his wife and toddler that he loved them and couldn't wait to come home. On this day in particular, the family had extra reason to smile, as the boss told Robert he's got a big promotion coming, the income boost from which will enable them to move out of their dangerous neighborhood. However, this would be the last conversation Robert ever had with his family, because you are part of that bad neighborhood. As soon as Robert steps out of his car, you will use a flamethrower to set him ablaze while his wife screams incoherently and his child wonders why daddy is glowing. Cue the trophy chime.

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dbjj120881998d ago

I don't really have a problem with the violence in video games, but I do think we can at least get a bit more variance in what games depict.

Every human emotion or conflict doesn't start and stop with a gun.

doctorstrange1998d ago

Plus, I don't really like children

Count1998d ago

I'm sure they don't like you either.

Foolsjoker1998d ago

At least not after he's done with them.

SilentNegotiator1998d ago

How would you guys know? The children he meets are never seen again.

lol, just joking, strange. I just couldn't help but join in.

Mounce1998d ago

Majority of gamers who've played Skyrim, have hated the snotty brats in that game so much that nearly only a few days after launch, someone made a mod that allowed you to kill the children...

Most cases, for good reason.

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SilentNegotiator1998d ago

The problem I have is in situations like Bethesda games. While I can't imagine having reason to kill any of those children, there's something really annoying about the fact that they're immortal. It's really disillusioning to the atmosphere because I KNOW that they're immortal, and that doesn't fit. Sure, some vital characters are not mortal, but that's more understandable; "You lose because one of the characters got themselves killed" screens suck and immortality is less of a hassle.

Foolsjoker1998d ago

I don't think any topic should ever be avoided, but some need to be addressed with intent beyond the action.

Wedge191998d ago

I don't think it's a question of ha far is too far, but rather in what way is that level portrayed. Blatant murdering of children for no reason in games would be ridiculous, whereas, in Heavy Rain it is possible for you to fail and have the child die, so they are not shying away from harm to children, in the right context.

PopRocks3591998d ago

I do draw a line somewhere but it's only a personal thing, I don't apply it to other people. If you're going to have children die in your story, there better an important and significant reason behind it. Don't do it for the sake of it, or worse, for attention.

Dead Island pissed me off in that regard. They had this whole thing about a little girl dying and becoming a zombie and it was nothing more than a marketing ploy with next to nothing to do with the final game.

Wedge191998d ago

When you bring up senseless violence against children, and rape, etc. There is no context for that. There is no ultimate goal that helps you achieve. It would be completely out of context in a game and i would not play a game that was that senseless. Unlike the airport scene in CoD, which had context, and was difficult, but was a part of something overall. Same with Spec Ops: The Line.

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