PS4: Why Sony Didn't Show The Box

Breaking down the thinking behind the PlayStation 4's absence at its reveal event.

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PeaSFor1881d ago

because that's the least important aspect about a console.
(a handheld is a totally different thing since YOU HOLD IT)

profgerbik1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

People need to stop trying to think so deeply into this, I was surprised they even showed anything PS4 but I knew from the comment they made in January they were not going to release every little detail and they didn't.

So why it is such a surprise when Sony was quoted saying they don't want their competitors to completely copy them.. I don't know. It really shouldn't be, they practically told everyone before the event happened they weren't going to show everything.

What is stupid is I bet no matter what it would have been, people would complain. If they just showed the PS4, without any game demos, people would complain there weren't any demos, if they showed the PS4 with game demos and didn't show off the new controller, people would complain about how they didn't see the controller..

Sometimes people are just so predictable.

platformmaster9181879d ago

And if they showed all 3 people would say they had nothing left for e3 lol

NateCole1879d ago

To gamers yes. Casuals no. Most of us gamers knew exactly what you are talking about. Other people that just heard about Sony announcing the PS4 on the day expected to see the actual console.

So in other words. They are just uninformed idiots.

aPerson1879d ago

Who cares about the box? It's the games that matter.

NateCole1879d ago

What are you talking about?. I care about the box because i will be carrying it around like my smartphone /s

NateCole1879d ago

They didn't show it because the final casing is not final yet. They have until Nov to launch the dam thing. There is no need to rush the final console shape yet.