Naughty Dog on Uncharted 3 Going F2P: It “Takes Away a Huge Barrier That Exists for Many Players”

Yesterday saw the release of a free-to-play version of Uncharted 3′s multiplayer on the PSN, allowing you to rank up all the way to level 15. While free-to-play is nothing new to video games, it is a little strange that Naughty Dog would spend their time implementing this, especially when they are hard at work on The Last of Us and, hopefully, Uncharted 4.

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TrendyGamers1726d ago

I almost forgot about The Last of Us having multiplayer, hopefully they show it off soon.

cloud4951726d ago

Yeah me too, I wonder what they're going to do for multiplayer. Can't be exactly like UC multiplayer.
They have less than four months now to show it. The reveal must be soon.

Do you think they will make a Beta?

SolidGear31726d ago

You'd think so but with the release so close, I'm not sure.

PSVita1726d ago

I don't see it in the NA store yet.

Skate-AK1726d ago

I seen it there yesterday. Try to search for it.

PSVita1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Got it awesome. I had to go to free to play then another free to play icon and there it is. Thought it'd be on "what's new".

ThanatosDMC1726d ago

It's 6.7gb, but it states that other modes of play need to be purchased or something like that.

Drekken1726d ago

Somehow I missed the reveal of the multiplayer in this one! Thanks for the heads up. ND cannot disappoint.

Foolsjoker1726d ago

It seems a bit late to me.

dbjj120881726d ago

I don't even have enough room on my HDD for UC F2P. :(

kingPoS1726d ago

Try deleting the game data associated with your oldest game save, or what ever you play the lest.

ftwrthtx1726d ago

It's a great way to introduce new players into the UC MP world.

Hydralysk1726d ago

I think it's a nice idea, buy a PS3 and you can play an online shooter without having to purchase the game.

Now if only we could somehow get Tribes: Ascend to work on consoles...

Irishguy951726d ago

Don't forget MAG. That got Awesome recently

kevnb1726d ago

they would have to make that play more like halo, unless of course they start letting people use mouse and keyboard ffs.

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The story is too old to be commented.