Why the Wii U isn't "dead" just yet

If you're a regular on any gaming-related site, chances are you've caught a glimpse of the seemingly-endless supply of Wii U doom-and-gloom articles as of late. Sure, the Wii U hasn't had the strongest of launches, and the company is set to endure a sandstorm upon the launch of the next Xbox and PS4 - but that's not to say that Nintendo won't put up a fight, and a strong one at that.

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PopRocks3591998d ago

A console that had a financially faster start than two of the top selling consoles of the past two years can't be dead after three or four months. It makes no logical sense.

It's fair to say the Wii U has hit a low point post launch with lower sales and a sparse amount of comment in the spring, what with delays and only Pikmin as the only first party title on the way. But to suggest that it can't go up from here is ludicrous. Both the PS3 and 3DS didn't start off very well and look at how much they turned it around. What proof is there to suggest that the Wii U cannot do the same thing?

Neonridr1998d ago

very well said. We haven't even seen their best software come yet, and people are already saying it's dead. Insanity I say.

But I will say this, this Christmas is super important for Nintendo. They know that Sony will be bringing it, so they need to make sure they are there to scoop up the people who miss out on the PS4 sweepstakes since we know there is going to be a hardware shortage in terms of supply.

Nintendo can become quite attractive, perhaps even with a small price cut and some AAA software available for xmas.

Zuperman1998d ago

The Wii U still has an audience and that's the kids grade 5 or below.

live2play1997d ago

tell me, will this shortage have anything to do with sony cutting back on production to fake demand?

or... does this conspiracy only apply to anything NOT sony

because it will be HILARIOUS to see the same people who insisted nintendo made shortages to increase demand to turn around and say sony will not do the same


Nathaniel_Drake1998d ago

As long as you have great 1st party support you shouldn't count a console out. The mistake the WiiU made was concentrating on 3rd party in the beginning trying to make that sell their consoles when those are actually redone from the PS3 and 360, and also losing some exclusive games like Rayman.

So you should see a bump of sales whenever the 1st party games come out obviously. It's just that Nintendo shouldn't rely on 3rd party to sell their system which is what is showing right now during launch and now

4logpc1998d ago

The problem is that just because you sell a few million units of hardware, doesn't mean you are successful. Its the software that isnt selling.

If Nintendo sold 3 million Wii U's, but only sell 100,000 copies of Black Ops 2, that is a huge problem.

PopRocks3591998d ago

You're aware that New Super Mario Bros. U and ZombiU have had successful attachment rates with the console, right? I'd also count Nintendo Land but at least half of the copies of that game are bundled with the console.

4logpc1998d ago

So a 2d mario game that cost little to make and a mediocre Zombie themed FPS which also cost not alot to make.

How about games like Assassins Creed 3 or Black Ops 2? Im sure their budgets were much higher.

First party will usually sell on Nintendo consoles, but its third party where the problem is. Same thing as the Wii.

Knushwood Butt1998d ago

'Scribblenauts Unlimited, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, ZombiU, and Just Dance 4 are the only third-party Wii U releases in the states with sales over 100,000 units thus far.'.

mcstorm1998d ago

4logpc I have to disagree. If most gamers now own a ps3 or 360 then they are not going to pickup cod on the Wiiu. 1 because there friends will get it for one or the other two so they will get the version there friends get. 2. People who got a Wiiu in day o e will not of wanted it for cod they will of wanted it for Mariou Nintendo land and zombie.

Thai is the same with ac and I expect the new nfsmw not to sell that well as most people who wanted it will already have it.

Once both Microsoft and Sony give is a price and release date for there next consoles people will look to upgrade and then sales of the Wiiu will pickup and they will also have some of there big name games as well as the next cod or bf that could be bundle with console for less than Microsoft and Sony can to tempt fps fans across to the Wiiu.

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dark_1011998d ago

"Why the Wii U isn't "dead" just yet"

Well, because the PS4 and the XBox 720 isn't out yet!!

Erimgard1998d ago

It's not "dead yet" because it's been out for three months. Seriously.

Gamer-401998d ago

WiiU not dead, man, only 3 months old console..

Wait E3!

New Mario 3D
Mario Kart.
Bayonetta 2.
Monolith Soft X.
Zelda WW and new Zelda.
Smash Bros.
Retro Studios new game.
Maybe new JRPG for Mistwalker..etc.

What is talking about many haters? Unbelievable, unbelievable..

dirthurts1998d ago

I love Nintendo. Always have.
I've owned every console they've ever produced, even the handhelds.
But man, at a point, I'm starting to feel they are taking advantage of their fans pushing this dated tech.
I'm sure most will feel this way too.
I miss the days when Nintendo was pushing the boundaries of what hardware could do.
I really expect the Wii U to be short lived. In a way, I think Nintendo does too.

StreetsofRage1998d ago

Haven't you heard the N4G memo? The yet to be announced xbox, wiiu, and pc gaming is already dead.

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