Assassin's Creed III: Washington Edition Available March 28th, Box Art Revealed

Ubisoft has officially announced the Assassin's Creed III "Washington Edition". Releasing on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 28th, this special edition includes the Hidden Secrets Pack, the Battle Hardened Pack, and the Tyranny of King Washington add-on.

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mrbojingles1940d ago

Why not Wii U? Its getting the DLC, so I see no reason why not

brettyd1940d ago

I don't think the game sold very well on Wii U.

mrbojingles1939d ago

Its sold north of 120k, so not amazing but not exactly bad. Good enough to get Assassin's Creed IV on Wii U anyhow

mrbojingles1939d ago

@ CapsLocke

Thank you for your irrelevant contribution

cloud4951940d ago

Wait does this mean Washington edition will have the last batch of DLC? Or will there be more after?

And this releases five months after the original AC3 on PS3/360 and four months after for the PC version. I'm guessing it's safe to say AC4 will do this as well.

gedapeleda1940d ago

It's almost always like this with aaa titles.They release the game then the dlc and then the game with all dlc to squeeze some more.Waiting a little would be the smartest step but it's so hard.

dazzrazz1940d ago

I'm wondering if this is gonna be complete edition with DLC or they gonna do some crap and still keep releasing stuff after game comes out

BlaqMagiq241940d ago

Wait is this just for Europe or is NA getting this too?