Audio Released of Sony Executive's "GT6 on PS3" Comments

Audio confirmation of Sony executive Michael Denny's comments stating Gran Turismo 6 will release this year on the PlayStation 3.

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nrvalleytime1971d ago

Unbelievable. I really hope the game is released for both systems - next-gen racing would just be better.

HammadTheBeast1970d ago

Why sell PS4 systems using GT6, when other new PS4 games can have install bases widened as well, then when the hardware is fully realized, GT7 will be groundbreakingly awesome, and the increased fanbase will buy it. Think long term.

ChronoJoe1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It doesn't make sense to compete with Driveclub either a GT7 release a little down the line would make more sense.

However I think they need to make sure that it's only like, a couple years down the line this time. Rather than spend 5 years in development. Which should be possible with the new architecture and recycled models from GT5 and GT6 on PS3. The models themselves are near perfect it's just the tracks, aliasing and shadows that need some work now.

WarThunder1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

"SCEE Senior Vice President Michael Denny suggesting Gran Turismo 6 will be released this year on the PlayStation 3"

Just like i said many times ago. Media was bashing GT5 for how much time it takes to make, without understanding how games are built

GT5 took 5 years because they were building a new game Engine! and building game engines takes A LOT of time...

Now they have the new engine ready, they only need to focus on the content and improving/updating graphics, physics, tracks etc ...

I think im gonna re-buy the PS3....

BTW: GT5 is best looking racing game! imagine how GT6 will look!




grailly1970d ago

those are extremely good looking pictures, but they were taken in photo mode which had more post-processing and looked way better than the actual game.

shadow27971970d ago

Well, when GT does make the jump to PS4, they already have a very strong foundation. The last thing Gran Turismo car models need is more polygons. Higher-rez textures? Maybe.

Where Gran Turismo graphics need to improve most is the tracks and little things like anti-aliasing and real-time reflections, something the PS4 shouldn't have any problems with.

But I'm happy with another PS3 game for now, though I still have plenty to do in GT5.


I'm actually happy about it as I'll probably keep my PS3 a little longer than I really want to...

I would love to get PS4 soon after release, but I'm in Brazil which means either get it at super high price practiced by Sony Brasil (the vita still costs 1600BRL, about 800USD) or try my luck with direct importation... At Xmas? With Brazillian Customs at the case? Trusting Brazillian Mail Service? Not a good idea... Better to wait for smuglers to get it cheap in Paraguai to resale here (but they also take their time to get a realistic price).

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Dee_911970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Would it really be a next gen racer if it was being developed for the ps3 for the past 2 or 3 years?
You want them to scrap what they did over the years, possibly make a new engine and add an extra 2 or 3 year wait like gt5 orrr get gt6 this year on both ps3 and ps4 ?
Yea I dont see the problem.
PS4 sales arent that important to me for me to want my favorite game to be pushed back just so that the ps4 will sell more.. Thats just stupid.. But yea it was already being developed for ps3 which is why I been saying it will be released on ps3.Its common sense it will be on both ... like a bunch of other games will.

I more than likely would be getting the PS4 version depending on the release dates

Shadow Flare1970d ago

"But yea it was already being developed for ps3 which is why I been saying it will be released on ps3"

Which platform do you think Last Guardian is going to release on?

I'll be perfectly honest, I would rather GT6 were designed for the PS4. I've played GT5 a lot, I even bought a steering wheel for it. But I would really be more interested seeing a PS4 Gran Turismo. GT5 had A LOT of content, and the graphics were great. I really don't see what more they can add that I'd be interested in, but I'd very happily be proven wrong.

Polyphony helped design the ps4, it's not like they didn't know it was coming.

StrongMan1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

GT6 on any PlayStation platform is welcomed.


That may be true but you can't deny the 77 million install base of the PS3 and drop them like a bad habit like MS did with the first Xbox. That's not how Sony rolls. Sony supported the PS2 for years after the PS3 released. Remember God of War 2 on PS2 well into the PS3's life cycle. Besides, GT7 would be even bigger on the PS4.

Galacticos1971d ago

But it might eat PS4 sales.
I dont get it.

nrvalleytime1971d ago

Agreed. It's just odd that it would be released so late in the console cycle and with very little knowledge about it.

Maybe GT7 is only a few years away, but it's going to seem odd until Sony decides to explain the rationale. That is, if it's even true at all.

Ju1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I don't think it will eat into PS4 sales, but it doesn't help them either. It could have, though... OTHO GT wasn't a launch title for the PS3 either. Polyphony usually takes their time and then optimizes for the platform. I hope this is the case here, too. Or maybe they are just pissed PS4 doesn't do ran 4k with 3 or 4

KwietStorm1970d ago

You think a new GT this year will eat PS4 sales? Do you think it will sell MORE PS3s at this point? I think the GT audience has had a PS3 for years now, and it wouldn't deter anyone who is already buying a PS4. Its just one $60 investment vs a new console.

Raider691970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

yOU people seem to be forgeting that the PS3 is going to compete with the PS4 Sony have yet to low the PS3 price to the sweet spot $199,and they need games for the PS3 ,because when it hits $199 or lower PS3s are going to fly out of the shelfs.Most of the market profits for Sony consoles in the next 2 years or 3 are still going to come from the PS3 and not from the ps4.

_-EDMIX-_1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Same could be said about God Of War II and GT4, Sony has always made 2 GT's per PS system. This is not some "new" thing with Sony, they have done this many times and both past systems did over 100 million....they'll be ok.

If you want GT6 on do realize it will be out like 3 to 4 years after the PS4's launch right? They have to make a engine for the PS4 (mind you, I think PD is actually making that while making GT6 too)

So why would Sony make a GT6 on PS4, wait 4 years and then release it, when they can make GT6 on PS3, get a crap load of sales and THEN make GT7 on PS4?

This is a business and Sony know how to do it quite well.

GT4's sales effect the PS3? GT2's sales effect teh PS2?

Drive Club will do, mind you I see 2 Drive Clubs releasing before GT7. So we would have some beast racing games by Sony to play for GT7 is even shown. This is not a "new" choice, this is actually historically correct for what they've been known to do.

(MIND YOU, GT6 was probably being made by PD well before there was even a devkit for PS4!)

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1970d ago
Cam9771970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I have a German speaking exam in 2 days but this has made me a very, very happy person.

SkullBlade1691970d ago

It'd be dumb to release GT6 on such an old system, it would hardly be an improvement over GT5. Plus we'd end up with install and patch hell again.

KwietStorm1970d ago

God of War II came out after PS3 did.

Minato-Namikaze1970d ago

Bubbles sir. You dont just abandon your fans

_-EDMIX-_1970d ago

says the person thats never released a system. EVERY GT HAS RELEASED WELL AFTER A PS SYSTEMS HAS BEEN RELEASED! GT3 might be the earliest GT game to my understanding, almost 2 years after PS2 launched.

Thats nice, but this is still a business. GT2 did 9 million units, GT4 did 11 million units etc. I'm sorry but it would be dumb to not capitalize on sales.

Mind you, the best GT's have ALWAYS been the second on the system.

GT2 (rally added, 650 cars etc)]
GT4 (B-spec mode, 700 cars etc)

GT is a progressive series (with the exception of GT3 which was still an amazing game too) that just gets bigger and better with then the last with each installment. More tracks, More cars, more features etc.

GT6 will be no different. As a huge GT fan, I'm very excited for GT6.

Count1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I'm sorry? There's hope left for your Ps3 and YOU'RE NOT GLAD? See, this surprises me right now, more than anything.

You don't own a Ps4, but you own a Ps3. Having more reason to play your Ps3 would mean getting more value for your money.

But you don't want that?

xursz1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

GranTurismo is a huge seller for Playstation so it seems logical to put it on the new system. And I'm not sure if GT6 on PS3 would look better than Drive Club.

I've gotten more than enough out of the ps3 so I'd be happy if GT6 were on PS4, or both systems. That's my opinion. If they wanted GT6 on ps3 it should have released this year imo.

edited typo

Shadow Flare1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

"You don't own a Ps4, but you own a Ps3. Having more reason to play your Ps3 would mean getting more value for your money.

But you don't want that?"

I've got my value for money from my ps3, and I feel done with the ps3. I'm fully geared towards ps4, everything I want in the future is PS4 related, so yes I want Gran Turismo 6 on PS4, not PS3.

If you bought a new console, wouldn't you want a game like GT6 on it? We've had the PS3 for 7 years now, yes I am ready for something new

Minato-Namikaze1970d ago

So you're saying support for the Ps3 should stop? They will be plenty of titles for the PS4 and GT7 will be on the system at some point.

Shadow Flare1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Did I say support for the ps3 should be stopped?

No, but personally I would like to see GT6 on PS4.

What my point is is that I would rather play a completely new and breath taking GT6 in a year on ps4, as opposed to playing a GT6 on ps3 that is "possibly" not overly dissimilar to GT5, and then wait 5 years for GT7 to finally roll up

No, I've no idea what GT6 will be like. But I didn't buy GT4. I absolutely loved GT3, but still wasn't that interested in GT4

Personally I want to see something totally ground breaking and few companies would show case PS4 as well as polyphony. But if GT6 is now on ps3, what this means is that we won't see GT7 until like 2016/17. And don't act like that's not true. Look at GT5.

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