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5 positives and 5 causes for concern about the PlayStation 4

A week after the unveiling, a few more details about the PS4 have come out. Here are 5 things to get excited about and 5 more things to give cause for worry.

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Community1420d ago
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Zuperman1420d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jreca1420d ago

The controller placement is fine. The D-pad is okay where it is. While there are some games that would benefit, I find the D-pad usage in PS3 quite good.

Ju1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

I had the prototype in my hands (not the one they showed, the older one) and when you pick up the current DS3 you get that feeling of wondering how you could have use it that long. It's leaps better than DS3. I don't know what it is. Maybe weight, subtle changes in shape, I even like the sticks more. It just feels much better. The track pad has a nice click to it, same like the buttons, almost better. I'm glad they left the sticks where they are. I like them there.

user39158001420d ago

5 worst concerns ever.

Here its 5 of my own
1) Faulty hardware
2)PSN trophies gone
3) Besides been powerfull, I see no innovation at all, lets hope the cards are lay out at E3
4)Plenty of ram with slow cpu
5) No bc and same old controller and probably blocking used games
6) The rival blows them out of the sky high with offerings
7)The hardware its been delay
8) The design looks like a yugo
9) Insert comment here------------------------

ziggurcat1420d ago ShowReplies(1)
imtheman20131420d ago

The only one that I actually agree with, besides the positives obviously, is Sony using Ustream over TwitchTV. Twitch is getting pretty big, and I have hardly ever, EVER, used Ustream. But we'll see if that changes with the PS4.

BlackTar1871420d ago

yea twitch is what i use . I think it would be better if they went with twitch myself

ThanatosDMC1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Really weird that they didnt use Twitch. Maybe they cant settle a deal with each other? I'm browsing Ustream right now and their gaming section sucks and I cant browse based on game titles.

KrisButtar1420d ago

I'm disappointed in the ps4 in someways, as all these features with gaikai are great don't get me wrong and even if I bought a ps4 day 1, gaikai doesn't do anything for me as I don't have Internet offered in my area, and so the "share button" will do nothing for me. I was looking forward to the new system and it being backwards compatible(would have bought it for that feature alone,before they would remove the hardware to make it cheaper) but I don't even get that. So the only value I see in the system is playing ps4 games, which likely will be worth it in the long run, and I will own one at some point. Just it's unlikely to be within the first 2 years. I'll wait until the is a large selection of games

BlackTar1871420d ago

are you going to throw your PS3 out the window as soon as you open your ps4?

KrisButtar1420d ago

I actually own 3 ps3's and I would've done the same thing I did with my ps2's(had 3 of those to) which is donate them to group homes or to the hospital for sick kids, which is called the IWK here in nova scotia

theBAWSE1419d ago

Well you can donate two ps3s sure the kids will be happy

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