PS4 will not support CDs

As technology advances, the storage mediums of today die and new ones are born. The upcoming PlayStation 4 will cease support of a format that Sony's home consoles always have: compact discs.

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cl19831964d ago

Would really suck if dvd's also get axed.

Razmossis1964d ago

I don't believe you, Kotaku

TheGamerDood1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Who the hell still watches DVD or plays CD discs for that matter. Just transfer all your pirated material on to a fast little 8GB thumb-drive if you don't have one already. /problem

thorstein1964d ago

DVDs are supported, it is already confirmed. CDs..... meh. I don't really use my PS3 as a CD player now do I. And it would be much, much faster to just use the USB 3.0 to transfer the data/ music/ whatever.

SilentNegotiator1964d ago

This rumor is based off of a Tweet from a journalist.

Let's not get too hasty here.

gaffyh1964d ago

It supports DVD and the laser is the same so CDs will most likely be supported.

stu8881964d ago

It is stupid - completely.

I want to put my music on the PS4. All my favourite music is on CDs - Its a bit like games, I like to have a physical copy on my shelf.

I like to have custom soundtracks like on GT and FIFA so I will be disappointed.

Its supposed to be a multi media centre too?

Hope this is wrong

user39158001964d ago

Good job Sony great way to kill the CD, now do us a favor and kill blu ray, no wait dvd/s, no wait,,,

Everything has an end cds are like floppys this days, protable sticks are cheap with more storage.

Army_of_Darkness1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

As for me, I can't even remember the last time I inserted a CD into my PS3?! All I use now is a memory stick to transfer all my music and videos. Fast, simple and easy. Like seriously now, who doesn't do that?!

Omni-Tool1964d ago

From my understanding, CDs will be phased out of the market by 2015 anyways. That's right, no more Compact Disc to buy. Now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing a music cd section at wal-mart these last few months.

pixelsword1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

A CD is a compact disc, and a DVD is a Digital Video Disc; A Blu-Ray disc is technically both of those things depending on the data stored, for the ones who wish to sound innocuous of the meaning of the vernacular.



This might be a stupid article, since Sony now owns the BD market it would appear advantageous to only use BD, at the behest of previous PS owners; but if they do support older formats, will everyone here buy it and not complain if it makes the PS4 a higher price?

Panthers1964d ago

I would be upset about DVDs, but CDs? I dont know anyone that either uses CDs, or would use a Playstation as a CD player. If you have CDs, just put them all on your computer and transfer


I have tons of CDs and I still enjoy getting my music in physical media, but quite frankly I never used one in PS3 (or even PC for the last 10 yers or so), only on my home theater and car (yes, my car audio have a USB port, but there's something about checking the case, choosing a disc and putting it on slot that never gets old) so I don't really care if PS4 supports CD, but I hope they are not being phased out.

The_Devil_Hunter1964d ago

So wait, PS4 wont support VHS or Audio Tapes?!!!! NOOO!!

RememberThe3571964d ago

Everybody scroll back up and read what gaffyh said.

If the PS4 plays DVD's it'll play CDs. DVD lasers refocus for CDs so that's why can be used with both formats.

If the PS4 doesn't use CDs, that means Sony is using the oldest and cheapest DVD lasers known. I don't think they even make those anymore.

Oner1964d ago

Sony makes money off CD sales be it via making them and/or by it's artist (and so on...) ~


I can't see how this would be in ANY way, shape, or form a possibility for them to not include it.

BattleAxe1964d ago

Damn, I was pissed when I learned that the PS3 wasn't supporting VHS.

Psn8001964d ago

Who uses DVD and CD anymore ?

steve30x1964d ago

@ TheGamerDood : I watch DVD's all the time.

gedapeleda1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I know ps3 won't read vinyls

shadow27971964d ago

When was the last time a game was stored on a VHS? Exactly. The entire PS1 library is burned on CDs. In fact, there are a number of PS2 games on CDs. The rest are on DVD. Old technology or not (despite CD audio quality being much better than digital), it's still a commonly used media on a Playstation.

The PS4 will support CDs. Now stop giving Kotaku the attention it craves.

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Kanzes1964d ago

Who need CD if you got BD and USB

Conzul1964d ago

Yeah but if BD supports CDs then I don't understand why BDXL is so different that it can't handle them.

Don't make fun of CD use. CDs have been around so long that many have had time to build vast libraries of their favorite content. Sure, they need to join us eventually, but I don't get why the tech is being dropped.

Blank1964d ago

Options are always welcome and just because you find them useless dont mean other all the people in this world do too im personally not bothered or even believe this

3GenGames1964d ago

Why the hell burn a $4 disc when you can burn a $0.50 disc? Especially 10 at a time!

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ThatXboxGuy1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

This really should be a rumor until confirmed.
This is all being based on a "tweet" that "Sony" told some Japanese guy.

greenpowerz1964d ago

Doesn't stop you guys from spreading crap about specs and banning used games etc etc LMAO.

ThatXboxGuy1964d ago

A random tweet vs Developer insight
Why are you always so shameful POG? lol

Count1964d ago

I'm sorry? A random tweet that 'SONY' posted doesn't sound like just a ''random tweet'' to me.

Stop spinning it.

This actually seems more credible than a rumor from some eidos guy. I mean, who's eidos anyway?

moegooner881964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

@Count, Eidos is the publisher behind the Tomb Raider series, Deus Ex series, Batman Arkham Asylum and many others :
Also, it wasn't some guy, it was the president, who stated such matter in an interview, how exactly is this not credible.

kenshiro1001964d ago

Count: If you don't know who Eidos is, you might as well quit gaming.

Green: Always the sharp one aren't you? /s

Count1964d ago

I know who eidos is. You're missing the point. The point was Sony is a more credible source than eidos is.

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-GametimeUK-1964d ago

I don't use my PS3 for playing CD's, but it would suck if the PS4 lacked the feature. I think CD's still play a part in creating the ultimate multi media gaming console.

T21964d ago

Sorry but I laughed at ur comment " I dont use it but it would really suck if they dont have it " ... Really would it suck?

-GametimeUK-1964d ago

Just because I won't use the feature doesn't mean there are not other people out there who would benifit from it. So yes, it would suck.

MetalProxy1964d ago

I was pissed when my wiiu wouldnt recognize my cds but thats ok..right? Stores have less and less CDs to buy I have noticed. Seams like they want music to mostly digital now days.

WitWolfy1964d ago

Just jailbreak the thing! I bet it will play CDs then :P

nukeitall1964d ago


I don't get why they would axe support for it though?

I still have a large collection of music CDs.

Ceasing support for Super Audio CD is kind of surprising too, considering it is a pretty recent format.

OpenGL1964d ago

Sony removed SACD support on the PS3 with one of the hardware revisions. If I'm not mistaken only the launch PS3s supported it.

Still kind of weird that CDs won't be supported considering the PS4 should play Blu-rays and literally every Blu-ray player in existence plays CDs and DVDs.

MikeMyers1964d ago

CD's use a red laser while bluray of course uses blue. This is probably another cost saving measure if true.

wishingW3L1964d ago

@MikeMyers it still has DVD and they both use the same laser.

1964d ago
MikeMyers1964d ago

I know earlier models of the PS3 had a dual lens so perhaps I was mistaken about needing 2 lenses to play DVD and Bluray. Not sure why they wouldn't support CD then. Maybe they feel its no longer needed?

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Studio-YaMi1964d ago

Maybe get with the program and "evolve" a little Jamal,you know .. future and stuff ? :D

Fil1011964d ago

I Spose it would be a small loss but I'm buying my PS4 to play games.

SugarSoSweet1964d ago

agreed I have music CD's from the 90's I play currently on my PS3. If the PS3 can play CD'S why can't the PS4? a supposed superior piece of technology

N0S3LFESTEEM1964d ago

Guess you'll have to put that CD in your DVD player... or your BD player... or your computer... or your stereo system... or your car.

MRMagoo1231964d ago

or put it onto a usb stick and play it on the ps4 when it comes out

Root1964d ago

Not really

I mean who really buys CDs today....come on we all download online unless it's a CD by our favourite and I mean favourite artist/band. I think I have one CD and thats Tenacious D's Pick of Destiny Collectors Edition

Hicken1964d ago

Just bought one yesterday. I LIKE CDs. I like having physical EVERYTHING. If I could have a physical copy of every piece of digital whatever I have, I'd have a closet full of porn pictures and DVDs. But I prefer that to having my hard drive crash and losing it all(hard to back up a TB of porn, you know?).

Love that the one CD you can recall is the Pick of Destiny soundtrack(I do a killer Master Exploder), but I have to disagree in general.

That said, I doubt there's any truth to this. It doesn't make any sense from a technological standpoint.

joab7771964d ago

Oh nooooooooooo! I wont be able to play my scratched up version of Ten by Pearl Jam any least on that machine. This means i may have to transfer my digital library to the ps4.

joeorc1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

" That's stupid. "


Just like Nintendo's optical drives do not support READING Dvd MOVIE playback?

can people just wait to see if its going to be that way before jumping the gun, God!!! LMAO

Imalwaysright1964d ago

And WTF does Nintendo have to do with this?

Anon19741964d ago

I was originally a bit disappointed by this as I no longer own a CD player and I still have a tonne of CD's I'm too lazy to convert - but upon reflection I think I've put a CD into my PS3 maybe once in the past 6 or 7 years. Meh...

N0S3LFESTEEM1964d ago

No more lion king soundtrack while looking at the earth...

FACTUAL evidence1964d ago

This is kind of a tragedy to me....What some fail to realize is, I, and a lot of people still play our disc based owned PSone classics that will never make it to the ps store, example being legend of legaia....I hope this isn't true.

morkendo231964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

am i the only one not impress with ps4 yet??

no backward compatibility ps1,ps2,ps3.. cd's now

nothing so far impress me enough to want one.

MRMagoo1231964d ago

you are def the only one.

camel_toad1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

That doesn't rule out cassette tape support though! MC Hammer ftw.

rainslacker1964d ago

Seems really odd since Sony has a pretty big music division, and they still sell quite a lot of physical CD's.

If true I guess it also rules out physical PS1 and some PS2 BC through emulation.:(

Mounce1964d ago

I totally love putting my old Michael Jackson CD's into my PS3 instead of playing Games.

Because PS3 is a music box of Compact Discs made in the 70-80's and 90's.

DVD BC? Obviously will stay since it's one of the other primary formats in the current generation of media among Blu-ray itself.

Bowzabub1964d ago

Why? When it will be a media streaming monster. Sony said the system will be interconnected with multiple devices. Problem solved. Next!

zeal0us1964d ago

CD is a format that is slowly dying thx to digital distribution.

I rarely see people even walk around with cd players anymore. Beside there are multiple ways to get music on your console without the need of a cd.

unicron71964d ago