Do Games Make You Stupid?

Eskimo Press: "You've all heard people nagging about video games. Declarations such as “rots your brains” (previously applied only to television) and “doesn't teach you anything“ are common when the elderly or uninformed are expressing themselves on the nature of video games. I beg to differ. Sure enough, the vast majority of games don't really teach anything, but most train skills such as; reflexes, observation, and basic logic capabilities, which are all fine skills on their own. A few games, however, are capable of teaching rather useful skills or flat-out enlightening and educating us."

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Hitman07691995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

definitely not! if anything they have been proven to strengthen and build existing and new neurological connections as well as enhance hand-to-eye coordination. not to mention the benefits of using game/simulation virtual environments to learn dangerous jobs such as working on an oil rig or being military personell.

Thatlalala1995d ago

It's not the games, its the mad amounts of weed and alcohol most of the CoD community consumes while playing.

TheSaint1995d ago

Please don't label all weed smokers as CoD players, it's insulting.

dafegamer1995d ago

according to scientists, its actually proven that playing videogames can help improving someones memory and sight. You could say that videogames stimulates your brain as well
An examples is fps. Its said that FPS increases someones reaction time

J0Scorpionake1995d ago

In my opinion that's an stereotype, like others, based on ignorance.

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