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Submitted by derrickh 1075d ago | interview

Dead Pixel Live Interviews Mrs. Violence, Kelly Kelley

On Episode 743 of Dead Pixel Live they spoke with Kelly 'Mrs. Violence' Kelly for an indepth interview about competitive gaming, women in eSports, and migraines. Kelly doesn't pull any punches as she explains why Bungie dropped the ball, the current state of Call of Duty, the right and wrong way for a woman to enter the industry, and how reality shows effect eSports.

Kelly also talks about the controversial ending to The Controller, her injury on Ultimate Gamer and why you won't be seeing her on another reality show anytime soon. It's a fast paced and fun talk with one of the top competitive FPS gamers around. The hour long interview begins 30 minutes into the podcast. (eSports, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Number-Nine  +   1075d ago
Chrono  +   1075d ago
It's a girl gamer, that's all you need to know.
cleft5  +   1074d ago
She is actually a professional gamer, not some "girl gamer" just preying on people and exploiting her gender to get free stuff. You should listen to the interview, it was really good and she talks about the whole girl gamer thing that you bring up.
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cleft5  +   1074d ago
This was a really great interview, it was surprising and refreshing to hear a professional gamer go into so much revealing detail about the pro scene and a lot of these "gamer" shows.
Virtual_Reality  +   1074d ago
A professional gamer at ''COD'', lol, nuff said.
aawells07  +   1074d ago
What are you 5 old kid?
Linko64  +   1074d ago
She's awful. I recall her wading into a debate about some guy posting something about 'fake nerds' at conventions. She got the guy on twitch and let her friends just lay into him. He barely got a chance to talk and when he did the questions and replies he got were both nonsensical and petty. She just sat there with on interest in the topic, she just wanted the views.

Funnily enough if you look at her older yotubue videos she had the same things to say about 'false gamer girls'. So it's fine for her to have her say, but if yours does not match hers then expect a ban from twitch or a hour long shit show on Twitch. Hollow and egoistical are the best ways to describe her.
Ninja_G_Aidan  +   1074d ago
She has a face like a slapped ass!

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