Is the PS4 Making the Same Mistakes as the Wii U?

As of now the only two 100 percent confirmed next-gen consoles are Sony’s PS4 and Nintendo’s Wii U. These two consoles are surly competing against one another although the big battle between Microsoft and Sony has yet to begin. It can be said that Nintendo has been making some huge mistakes over the past few years with their Wii and Wii U consoles. After a huge press conference confirming the PS4 is on its way, players immediately started comparing the two confirmed consoles. With the thought of the Wii U and how many mistakes have been made clear to the gaming community gamers are beginning to wonder if the PS4 will follow in its footsteps.

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ThatXboxGuy1908d ago


Carry on folks, nothing to read here.

Saigon1908d ago

Granted the author did say 'No', but this title was a gimmick to get hits. Other than the ambiguous title, this article was a good read, pointed good points to why the Wii U is not living up to its potential and why the PS4 potential is growing. In my honest opinion, I believe the biggest mistake with the Wii U is the name itself. Should have called it something else to distinguish the systems.

theBAWSE1908d ago

Story quality wtf like this website NO

user39158001908d ago

Not the same for sure, just nearly identical, Are they twins?

ElectricKaibutsu1908d ago

From the article: "Now we ask ourselves, is Sony making these same mistakes with the PS4? The answer is a sure fire… NO! Sony is thankfully doing everything right so far with the announcements they have made regarding their upcoming console, the PS4."

LOL. Oh, it's one of these articles. Couldn't the author just put that line in the title?

Saigon1907d ago


Yeah that title was a little was a hit factor.

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kingmushroom1908d ago

don't give the website hits its a joke

T21908d ago

Surly the consoles are competing against one another " ...So its surly , did you expect friendly competition? Lol

007Bond1908d ago

Please give this a read, don't let this P$ fanboy with a P$ logo as an avatar stop you.

DarkHeroZX1907d ago

No, ps4 is actually a next Gen console and not a "catch-up" to current Gen.

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TheSuperior 1908d ago

PS4 isnt making any mistakes.

ThatXboxGuy1908d ago

So why write this up and submit it?

NexGen1908d ago

Because this is probably his freshman year at high school and this is an assignment. It's written that way at least.

Zuperman1908d ago

The difference is the PS4 is a TRUE LEGITIMATE NEXT GEN system.

The Wii U Isn't. It's just an HD version of the Wii.

Steadyhndz1908d ago

You're completely right...but you know what amazes me, are the people who say PS4 isn't really next gen.

RyuCloudStrife1908d ago

they should have named it Wii HD Now.

Link0791908d ago

Over 200GB of fast Bandwidth RAM on WiiU's gpgpu and this is measured off the 70% of the gpgpu that we know of wiiu achieves high results because of expensive eDRAM.

PS4 has 174GB but compensates in main RAM ? simple,different approach same results both Nextgen,ENF OF.

720 is rumoured to have 100GB Bandwidth RAM,many times more than 360.

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edgeofsins1908d ago

HD Wii graphics would look terrible still. It isn't just higher definition. It is much more polygons and other more sophisticated graphical effects and animations.

IAmTheBest351908d ago

how is it just an hd version of the wii? the games are completely different.. and its not like its just upscaling wii games. it has its own original titles. i dont understand what you mean in your post. as the article said, two of the three next gen systems are known about. we are just waiting for a third. i dont know what world youre living in, but i would like some insight into whats going on in there.

ZombieNinjaPanda1907d ago

The fact that you get 30 agrees for saying this crap for some reason amazes me. It shouldn't though, you Sony Hivemind on n4g are relentless in your "opinions" (I use that term loosely) rooted in idiocy.

fsfsxii1907d ago

Wii U is the reason i bought my Wii 2 months ago

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Steadyhndz1908d ago

Why are people "Agreeing" with ^^^^ This guy (TheSuperior) he's the dude who wrote the article, put a title for you to click on, and then it was a waste of our time....Then in his own comments he says what we all think "No they're not making mistakes"....sigh

HiddenMission1908d ago


I'm sorry people can't be bothered with reading your article. Also I have a new twitter account.

@ThatKansasguy and @NexGen
You too need to learn to read before commenting...

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NYC_Gamer1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I believe Sony is way more prepared for the PS4 launch..Nintendo rushed themselves to the market with Wii-U without any solid type of plan and software...Nintendo doesn't fully understand what the Wii-U is supposed to be..

Indo1908d ago

Well said, Nintendo expected people to buy the Wii U just because its labeled Next-Gen. Eventhough Wii U came out first, it relied on many other factors besides great specs to sell. Wii U is good and all but didn't give what people wanted in a Next-Gen Wii console. Its still early to say anything bad about the Wii U, but I have my money on Sony to deliver the best for the PS4.

doublejj1908d ago

I cant agree with you more and the Wii U to me is a complete joke because yes it may be high definition but its just a Wii with high definition and i don't see the Wii U lasting too long in the market even though Nintendo has a boat load of cash they could've used that cash to produce a better system Nintendo you should be ashamed of yourselves. Sony ignore these stories as you are definitely not making a mistake and you are well prepared to tackle this game industry with ease and im on board with Sony.

nintendofeed1908d ago

I don't believe the Wii U made any mistakes? So, what mistakes is their for the PS4 to follow?

Steadyhndz1908d ago

There are a lot of mistakes in Nintendo's way of releasing the Wii U. For one it doesn't match up to what we have now even. It does in some ways, but in most it doesn't....but that's the thing it only matches up to what is soon going to be "Previous-gen".

Nintendo needed to step up its game with the Wii U and they didn't....also having Reggie as their spokesman was not a good idea. Claiming that the Wii U is more powerful than current gen (which is true to an extent but the majority of the population won't see it that way).

Overall the projection sales of the Wii U are about triple of what they actually are so far. Just have to wait and see how it compares this holiday season.

Blackdeath_6631908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

how do you explain the lacklustre games library and the worst monthly sales figure in nintendo's history on January? releasing a console in the awkward gap between next gen and previous gen with specifications that struggle to beat that of consoles 7years older has to be the biggest mistake ever.

kenshiro1001908d ago

Nintendo needs to get back with their roots during Super Nintendo/N64 days. The WiiU really isn't cutting it. I actually want them to succeed but I'm not sure about the direction of their newest console right now.

Persistantthug1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

When you sell, trade, or give you Wii U away, when you get another, your whole account is gone, including everything you've purchased.

That's worse than a mistake.......
That's flippin incompetent.

Stroke6661908d ago

ok, for its plain stupid to say nintendo did something wrong cause its not how its competitor did it. second, it is more powerful than last gen period. the original projections were 5.5 when their sale hit 3.5 mil then halted they lowered thier projections to 4 mil which either way you splice it isn't triple anything. they still may not even make 4 mil the way things are going but watever. lackluster games are from third party devs everything nintendo put their hands on is great. all sony did was take the ps3 add more ram and a gpgpu. the processor is on with 8 cores rather than a build that acts as 8 processors which is the same shit just a different name.but the wii u is just an hd wii? really?!? dont get me wrong i like both the wii u (which i own) and the ps4(which when the price is right i will own) but people come up with the most stupid rationalizations. lastly if you sell or trade your system, then what good is it for you to retain all the shit on the console? now if your shit broke you can send it in to nintendo and they'll fix it up for you real nice like, but if you just want some extra cash or some store credit to buy the competitor then buy a used wii u system (which nintendo gets no cut of) then tough titties.

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Seraphemz1908d ago

This isnt about the Vita... nice tro--i mean try.

Blackdeath_6631908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

the vita and the wiiU admittedly made the same mistakes but the difference is the vita can still be saved with the release of the ps4,gaikai services and a price drop. whereas the wiiu is not likely to show much improvement. besides vita is a handheld the wiiU is supposed to be nintendo's attempt at "next gen".