Can We Talk About How Insane The Last Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Boss Is?


Now that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has come out and people have had time to play the game, I think it's time we had a frank discussion about how next-level insane the last boss battle is, because holy crap.

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Raoh1968d ago

Looking at the title...

Is that a real article title? This is why I need to stop reading sites like n4g and stopped reading kraptaku....

It reads like a forum posts which is usually just some guy with emotions...

How is that an article?

Hanso1968d ago

last boss isnt even hard he just has a lot of different attacks which you have to learn thats why the fight is so awesome

RE_L_MAYER1968d ago

I dont know I kinda hated that guy-seemed like devs ran out of cool bossess ideas and threw some dickheaded polititian that has nothing to do with the game....instead you should of made mistral and other two winds more powerfull and last fight with sam

ceedubya91968d ago

He was frustrating, but once you figure him out, it isn't too bad. Problem is that he hits like a tank, and losing to him usually isn't so much of him being cheap, but more so you making mistakes.

One thing that did bug me was being forced to use manual blade mode when he threw stuff at you. Never used that throughout my whole playthrough, and I just started avoiding the projectiles altogether instead of trying to cut through them. Unfortunately, i missed an opportunity to get some health packs, making my margin for error even slimmer.

Fun game though, and I really hope Platinum makes a sequel/prequel/spinoff in the future for next gen consoles. A lot to build on here.

brich2331967d ago

Last boss is annonying. You fight him 4 times. I watched it on youtube and got that game out of the way. Last part is the hardest and difficulty is inconsistant.

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