Ten Ways Microsoft Can Swing The Pendulum Back Their Way

"Sony have managed to throw themselves into the gaming press rather abruptly with their quick announcement of the PS4 on the 20th this month. The Wii U now seems like a thing of the past, and the Xbox 720/Durango feels like little more than a pipe dream as a result."

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cl19831966d ago

Got to love opinion pieces. Show everything that Sony didn't, but hold back important thing for E3.

OlgerO1965d ago

Lol he says focus on Kinect, yeah right.

kingmushroom1966d ago

with Kinect they won't swing Sh!t

MasterCornholio1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Unless its a game where you imitate a monkey tossing his feces around.


EDIT: What am i saying? Theres already a game that does this, its called Duke Nukem Forever. All they need to do is add kinect support and voila.

LOL im just kidding.

ThanatosDMC1965d ago

When they do announce it, i hope Peter Molyneux never takes the stage because nothing he says is true.

slampunk1966d ago

Sony has certainly won me back a little after their presentation but i hope microsoft has something to offer and also surprises us too.....Competition is important for all gamers regardless of console preference....

Kudos to Sony for being first, changing the controller, focusing on better online and making the system easier to develop for...Admitting their faults from this gen and also addressing them for the next gen is great to see Sony....good job...

Cant wait to see how microsoft respond.....

starchild1966d ago

Nice attitude, man. I agree. Sony had a fantastic showing for the PS4. I'm interested to see what MS has to offer.

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The story is too old to be commented.