Visit the official PlayStation 4 website

GE: "Sony has opened up an official website for its next console, the PlayStation 4."

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Zuperman1667d ago

I love how Sony is marketing the PS4.

miyamoto1667d ago


SEE the Future

OlgerO1667d ago

I havent been this hyped for something in forever!!

Conzul1667d ago

I'm a Sad Panda cus PS4 stole lotsa mah TLoU hype :-(

Reverent1667d ago

But what if TLoU is on PS4?

QuebecSuperstar1667d ago

It may be me getting caught up in the hype but I don't know, I feel great, great things coming for the Playstation Brand. I think Sony decided to install itself firmly in this gen's driver's seat.

MRMagoo1231667d ago

def , its really giving off a vibe like the ps2 right

lovegames7181667d ago

Yeah my gf said every time she surfs the net ps4 ads pop up. They are promoting it where it counts. But beyond that the ps4 features look so sick and cant wait to play it

sourav931667d ago

I'm actually going to disable Adblock Plus just so I can see those ads!

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