U4iA Games Exec Dusty Welch Discusses New Major League Gaming ESports Deal For Offensive Combat

Offensive Combat will be part of MLG’s GameBattles and this game showcases the deepest integration into the online competition site to date and enables gamers to easily play right in their web browser. The game will also be included in upcoming MLG broadcast programming featuring popular commentators beginning Feb 28. Former Activision exec Dusty Welch, founder and CEO of Euphoria, talks about the rise of eSports and why it’s so important for his company’s game in this exclusive interview.

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jagiii1967d ago

This is a cool f2p fps.

YoureINMYWay851967d ago

Until MLG gets some older people IE older than 20, Its gonna struggle, especially with all the Awkward Nicknames they give each other GOROBORT45, KIlldeathRatio, Just use your last names please...I personally think its this stuff (and the age of the players) witch is making MLG take off slower than it should be..That and the games they promote, I mean I'd rather watch COD, StarCraft, or UMVC, over any F2P FPS...But that's just me..

awkwardhamster1967d ago

Glad to see esports gaining traction.