What Will Happen to Our Digital Content?

This generation was the first gaming generation that allowed us to play digitally distributed console games, but this actually brings up an interesting problem: What will happen to our digitally distributed content when the console generation changes over?

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PopRocks3592000d ago

If they don't transfer over to the next console, I suspect you'll either have to keep the old console or abandon the games you got for it. Frankly I'd prefer it if the games transferred over.

Kran2000d ago

I think we all would heheh

MikeMyers2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Of course. Why shouldn't we be able to play games like Journey on the PS4? You can buy a brand new PC and have games you bought off of Steam years ago that can play. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo need to get their act together. Nobody should have to re-buy everything each time they buy new hardware. You don't do it with movies or music so why do console makers think it's ok?

PopRocks3592000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Not sure why you lumped Nintendo in there. Their backwards compatibility has been fairly consistent since the GBA days. Granted it took until the Wii with consoles, but still.

Sony was pretty consistent about it until the PS3 slim and Microsoft's BC is a joke.

MikeMyers1999d ago

Can you carry over all your Wii purchases over to the Wii U? I thought I read there was a premium charged.

I am not talking about just the hardware being capable of playing older games, but also all the content we buy online and being able to carry that with us. Our accounts should stay intact when we upgrade to new hardware.

doublejj2000d ago

that's all well and good to have your old digital titles transfer over to the PS4 but why not keep the PS3 since they will keep making games for the system about 2 to 3 years after the release of the PS4 then you can have both systems to entertain your gaming needs.

PersonMan2000d ago

What happens when the games are no longer available to download if your drive crashes? What happens when the patch servers are no longer online?

kingeo2000d ago

Yes,the idiots who buy digital content and want a digital only future don't understand that the servers for the games and the patches won't be online forever but for just some years only and the digital only games will cost ALWAYS $60/60€ on consoles.
They are dreaming steam-like prices on PS4...