A Halo Easter Egg That Took Years To Discover

Kotaku: The people at Bungie are famous for putting obscure Easter Eggs into their games. Halo's creators have packed the massive sci-fi shooter franchise with all sorts of references and secrets, and fans love finding them.

But sometimes, Halo's little secrets are so obscure, nobody ever sees them.

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UnholyLight1907d ago

All I can do is laugh at that statement. The :D was a joke.

Does my hand count? Kidding actually if you could only see my girlfriend, Mr Bond.

Rush1907d ago

Bet shes so smoking hot that she fits her clothes like a glove fits your hand.

insomnium21907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )


AHAHAAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Great comedy! Have a bubble for funny.

SignifiedSix911907d ago

I know, right? I've had this since launch day and i never would have even though about doing that. Nice job, Bungie.

g2gshow1907d ago

it's dumb who would really go get a black light halo1 was the only halo the rest jut went down hill end of story

ALLWRONG1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

@g2gshow can't have any nice articles related to Xbox or MS in any way without you and the Sony horde.



I agree Halo 1 was the best, but downhill? That's not fair at all. The only thing I really see is that Halo 1 offered more for SP fans (like me) than the more multiplayer focused sequels, but doesn't means they are worse games, much less that it went downhill, we're just no longer the target audience (which happens within a lot of other games in this gen)... If you think it went downhill just for that, boy, you gonna hate the next gen all around, everything now is about connectivity.

Snookies121907d ago

Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Had to take out my special edition and check it out after reading that lol.

Sam Fisher1907d ago

Wow im impressed, i wonder how people figure these things out, like is it some idiot that goes to his buddy and go, "yo man, why dont we put a backlight on these cards, lets see what happens or torch the bitch" i wonder hmm...

aviator1891907d ago

that's pretty cool. I hope I still have mine upstairs somewhere so I can check it out.

otherZinc1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

My 10yr old daughter uses this card as her book marker.

We think when The Master Chief finds out that a Spartan shot Dr. Halsey, he's going to do something about it!

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The story is too old to be commented.