The PlayStation 4 has made games fun again

StickSkills said, "After seven years with the PlayStation 3, I still think we’re yet to see what the thing is truly capable of. But you know what? I’m glad we’re moving forward. To take it one step further – I’m ecstatic. Not because I expect to see a swath of genres and game mechanics at launch never thought possible on the ol’ PlayStation Triple. In all honestly, we’ll probably get our fair share of iron sights and killstreaks when Sony’s ready to sell you its latest toy this fall."

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lovegames7181909d ago

Very true. When i saw knack i automatically focused on it because it just looked like a fun, good game to play. I also focused on Capcoms Deep Down because i love action RPgs and it looked like it would be that type of game.

But even beyond the games i just see the social features adding so much to gaming and the fun factor. Im going to have loads of fun just using the share button and uploading clips of games and bosses i beat. Also the video chat while playing games is just awesome. The fact that one of my friends can watch me playing a game is just awesome. Theres times im kicking #ss and text my friends and say "damn i wish you just saw my crazy kill blah blah blah" Now they can be right there when the action takes place.

nosferatuzodd1909d ago

Indeed and dont forget the drop item so my friend can pick it up later if he needed it very cool indeed

morkendo231909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )


really??? you saying less hardcore gruesome,bodies exploding,killing games and fun beat 'em up' sidescrolling space shooter games coming too?? that WOULD!!! bring back ol school gamers.

nosferatuzodd1909d ago

lol well said those are the good old days maybe Sony is taking it back to basic who knows at this point anything is possible

Gamesgbkiller1909d ago

When I saw this game , I was like " Long time no see :')"

Thepcz1909d ago

lol what a joke

ps4 is not where innovative 'fun' games will be

that is not what the playstation is about. playstation is more about immersion

nintendo provide the innovation and fun

OmniSlashPT1909d ago

Yeah because Nintendo had all the innovative indie games and the big aclaimed triple A series right?...oh no it didnt.

ps3_pwns1909d ago

last gen graphics for 350 dollars is not fun. I still cant believed they used the same music and levels for nsmbu lol which is the only game most people got for wii u and it cost 60 dollars. a total rip off.

Hydralysk1909d ago

How do you associate nintendo with innovation? All they pretty much do is remake Mario, Zelda, Metroid, or SSB.

Whether or not they are fun is subjective so I won't touch that, but in terms of new IPs nintendo has been pretty stagnant since the mid 90s.

Thepcz1909d ago

the modern control pad is based on the nes controller layout- innovation.

nintendo innovations from shoulder buttons to the motion controller, mimmicked by others. yes, including sony.

and the innovation from nintendo is not limited to their technology. their games are innovative too. and to deny that is to basically deny being a gamer. the innovations in nintendo games are taken for granted.

you may 'diss' nintendo for 'remaking'its world renowned classic titles, but you know, they are still classics. classics that are mimicked by everyone, yes, including sony.

nintendo is synonymous with fun. nintendo is synonymous with innovation.

sony simply is not. sony are not innovators- they are imitators. they jump on bandwagons. thats how they got in the games industry

ShaunCameron1909d ago

And all Sony does is rehash ideas and make generic clones of ____(insert popular IP of the day)____ in terms of software.

-GametimeUK-1909d ago

Made games fun again? Define fun? I don't think something has to be innovative to be fun. Games remain fun to me to this day on the PS3. LBP, GodOW, Uncharted, Infamous, Black Ops, Sleeping Dogs, Dark Souls, Rayman Origins, Flower, Journey... yeah, I am still having fun with my PS3. If anything the PS4 will maintain the "fun" factor. To say a console brought back "fun games" implies that games on the PS3 are not fun anymore (which they are).

Fun is subjective, but I am sure a majority of PS3 owners here have fun with their current games.

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