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Sega’s Nagoshi discusses next-gen battle between Sony and Microsoft – “all-out war”

"Sega's Chief Creative Officer has begun discussing the next-generation of hardware, and it looks like his opinion is that the Wii U brings something very different. However, the real battle for next-generation will take place between Sony and Microsoft, and that's something that will benefit developers." (Industry, Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Jadedz  +   813d ago
''Nintendo? Do you eat excrements?" (joking).
thereapersson  +   813d ago
Back to the good old days
This gen, both companies will pull out all the stops to get an advantage over the other. I hope it's like the SEGA / Nintendo war back in the 90's!
darthv72  +   813d ago
For that...
we need SEGA to come out of retirement and step back into the ring.

I dont think that will happen any time soon. Not to mention that as much as i would like to see SEGA make another system, they just dont have the relations with 3rd parties like they once did.

They do have the industry respect and clout and slew of great back catalog titles that could be resurrected for next gen entertainment.

Whoever can convince them to develop new entries for streets of rage, toe jam and earl, even arcade releases like scud racer...could potentially win. Sony or MS could publish such releases to their platform advantage.

Or better yet, whichever platfrom can get Yu Suzuki to create a true Shenmue 3 will win. Hands down.
IcicleTrepan  +   813d ago
Do you remember the crazy advertisements lol
'Genesis does.. what NintenDONT'
LOL_WUT  +   813d ago
@ IcicleTrepan

''Genesis does.. what NintenDONT''

Ah, they don't make 'em like they used to. ;)
007Bond  +   813d ago
Great to be neutral so I can talk trash about all consoles and their repetitive sequels.
sinncross  +   813d ago
I want Yakuza 6 on PS4 please

oh, and Yakuza 5 given a Western release.
JohnnyAkiba  +   813d ago
I prefer Shenmue.
Oh_Yeah  +   813d ago
I prefer Sleeping Dogs over both Shenmue & Yakuza.
tiffac008  +   813d ago
I would love to see Yakuza 5 localized and Yakuza 6 announced and maybe finally revive Shenmue too.
silkylove  +   813d ago
I want Powerstone.
CaitSith  +   813d ago
Hideki Kamiya reference?
maniacmayhem  +   813d ago
So funny how Nintendo gets pushed to the side and is kind of looked at as Iceland in world war battle between two super powers, Sony/MS.

I hope/wish Nintendo does something awesome at E3 to get back their mojo and become relevant again.

I know they already are but it would be nice to see them in their SNES glory.
thereapersson  +   813d ago
Some SNES or N64-style relevance would be great!
miyamoto  +   812d ago
Cooking Mama is a game made by a genius. One of the most original game ever made.
Number-Nine  +   813d ago
dear sega,

make dreamcast 2.

-Alpha  +   813d ago
Ah, to live the days of Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, Toy Commander, and Power Stone again..
Cryptcuzz  +   813d ago
Yeah that was awesome. Don't forget the port of Soul Calibur 2 that was actually even better then the arcade release at the time.

That was insane on a console and how I loved it so...:(
HammadTheBeast  +   813d ago
What's the name of that Crazy Taxi song?

Starts in beginning like: "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah".
Dms2012  +   813d ago
Remember MDK2 on the DC? Loved that game so much I gave it 4 playthroughs.
DOMination-  +   812d ago
All I Want by The Offspring
contradictory  +   813d ago
Dreamcast 2 will come in year 2019 and
actually is terminator

but don't worry being crushed by a robot that looks like Arnie
and is BC with every game ever made can't be that bad
it costs 99999999$ though
and literally will blow you away
or alternatively you can get the T-X limited edition and
that'll kinda blow you too... not in the same way though...

there. nothing intelligent said
the day is saved thanks to me!
i must be the protector of erf or something
yes, call me when erf is in peril...
i shall not be of any assistance to you at that time either!
woop woop wooop
Cryptcuzz  +   813d ago
Whoa buddy, I think you are lacking some serious sleep there staying up all day and night watching Terminator lol.
Link079  +   813d ago
I'm sick of companys talking like this ?? It's a war between all 3 last time i looked ?

Rayman legends,Best version
Dirt wiiu
Project CARS
All NFS games
Modern warfare wiiu
Destiny ?
Beyond good and evil 2
Retro studio's project
Mario 3D adventure


Eternal darkness 2
Metroid prime 4
Gearbox FPS

No their not competing are they ??? get a grip Nintendo will bring bk their A game.
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Cryptcuzz  +   813d ago
Link079, what are you talking about and why are you replying to me? Your post has no relevance to what I was talking about with another poster.

Lol you might have been confused or maybe lack serious sleep like the post right above mines. Oh if you're lacking serious sleep don't be watching The Terminator like the guy above me!!! Haha.

I am sure the Wii U will do fine, you need to take it easy there man.
scissor_runner  +   812d ago
The ps4 and ms console are the next versions of the c64. Yet this gen ms has finally baited Sony into making pc games. Ms will win the highend once again since the real highend will be ummm pc gaming

While they do that nintendo will be doing their own thing and real gamers will be watching and waiting while the rest of the industry gets their dreamcast on. What really killed the dreamcast was a real console and pc gaming.

Just remember quake 3 came out on the dreamcast and pc. Every one bought it on the pc because we all know gpus go down in price almost yearly! Yet luckily that isn't going to matter with the wiiu since its price can drop also in a year or so.

Also lots of talent at retro did quake 3 maps and mods.
dalibor  +   813d ago
Well... Sega spelled backwards reads as Ages. In theory Sega will always be around and will one day make another system. Sega can never die... it will be around for ages
MultiConsoleGamer  +   813d ago
And while they're both distracted a new contender, or two, will steal the market from them both just like Sony did in the 90s.
Link079  +   813d ago
All i can say is lets look at the real results so far.

WiiU so far has shown us

NFS mostwantedU is like pc version on utra,makes 360 look like a ps1 in comparison and the 360 has been optimised for 7 years ?
Zelda tech demo and Garden tech demo look better than anything ive seen and this was like 25% of the final wiiu power ?
Blackops2 looks better in its textures and lighting clearly yes ive seen both together.
All ports except a few look slightly better.
Xenoblade2 looks NEXTGEN.
Beyonetta2 looks NEXTGEN.
Windwaker looks NEXTGEN.
LegoCity looks like a NEXTGEN lego game super crisp viuals and draw distance only ps3 could dream about in an open world game that actually has something to do on every corner and is filled to the brim with content.

ps4 has that CAPCOM game that was the only NEXTGEN game and that will end up on all 3 consoles.
Killzone looked too colourful and not a patch on what the next COD will look like ?

What has the ps4 shown except an 8 core cpu that has weak cores basically at Atom level wow.
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Bumpmapping  +   813d ago
Bu bu but the gimpped ducttapped WiiU CPU!
KZ-Shadowfall makes Monolith RPG look like a gameboy color game.

Related image(s)
Nate-Dog  +   813d ago
Derp Killzone won't be on a scale anything near what Monolith Soft's new title will be. But I suppose being a Sony exclusive and having teh amaezing grafix is all that matters to people like yourself.
miyamoto  +   812d ago
"I'd like to ensure that console games don't lose their luster," he declared. "Behind that, I suppose, is the concern that they will, indeed, become a thing of the past if we don't do something. This isn't new, but in a lot of different ways, the 'social' keyword is seeping into all parts of the console business. So part of me sees the console scene as endangered, something we have to act to support. I feel the need to keep that scene active so it doesn't get shunted to the side, and even at this moment,"

great interview!
Now some Streets of Rage,Nagoshi
profgerbik  +   812d ago
Sega somehow I love you guys but lately I just could really not care at all with that you say.

No Yakuza 5 in NA and no new Shenmue's..
profgerbik  +   812d ago
Fuck it not even going to waste my time responding to Link079's idiocy.
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rjguess  +   812d ago
Off subject but is it just me or does it seem as each new system comes out there are less games. Or maybe its just less good games.

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