Diehard GameFAN: Multi-Core Gaming Mouse Gun3 V7 (Bloody2) Review

DHGF: Core3 is where things get interesting and, of course, is why A4Tech charges extra for it. You have the three rapid-fire options of Core2 . The big advantage comes from clicking the N button. Once this is on, your left mouse button will now act as a strafe feature while suppressing recoll and window juddering. You can even adjust the rate of fire from your weapon in-game. If this isn’t enough, the Bloody2 software will let you create macros for your mouse to let you do all sorts of crazy things at the click of a button. You can do some pretty impressive stuff with this mouse – as long as you’re playing First Person Shooters. Otherwise, you’re just paying for an expensive mouse with features you will never use.

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SITH1818d ago

I like all the options, but I also can't get over my mouse giving me the ability to change sensitivity on the fly. Helps big time when transitioning from infratry, tank, and to aircraft in planetside 2.

MooseWI1818d ago

I prefer my mice to be wired, but this mouse is only $39.99, most "gaming" mice can get super expensive.

Coach_McGuirk1817d ago

yep. gotta be wired or i'll notice the input lag.