PlayStation 4: The Difference Between Innovation and Convenience

February 20th saw Sony unveil their entry into the next generation of consoles with the expected PlayStation 4. The conference showed off quite a few PS4 titles, the new dualshock 4 controller, the new PlayStation Eye and the consoles specs. Sony are moving forward from the PS3 and are becoming more community and cloud orientated …

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GalacticEmpire1967d ago

I disagree, I think making something a more of a convenience can itself be an innovation. The share button for example, while the principle is already possible, putting the button on the controller has not been done and is a fantastic evolution of a great idea, which is the very definition of innovation.

I kind of got the impression that the writer was just looking for a way to take this achievement away from Sony in spite, rather than making any logical point.

PopRocks3591967d ago

I disagree with him too, but I see where he's coming from. Not everyone is going to see the novelty in having a button like that when it could probably could have been easily tucked away in a menu in the OS (akin to when you press the center button on PS3/360 controller).

Frankly I think Sony's online transaction and streaming strategy is more innovative. Other than that, the PS4 doesn't do much that's groundbreakingly new. It ups the specs (and therefor the graphics) and they seem serious about getting rid of the concept of the "load time" which I'm all for.

MasterCornholio1966d ago

If they can really eliminate load times then that in itself is a true technological innovation. In the past only cartridge based consoles were capable of this feat but a disk based one is unheard of.

Eliminating load times may not seem like a big deal but once there gone you will not want them back.

More time to game less time to wait.

arbitor3651966d ago

you can play your little semantics game with what "innovation" means until your heart's content, but the point remains that the PS4's network is an exponential leap ahead of what we have now, from speed to features. i just call that "innovation." i call that a "day 1 purchase"