Thomas Was Alone Coming to PS3/Vita

IGN:Last year's lovely PC indie title Thomas Was Alone is getting a PlayStation Network release for PS3 and Vita.

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GribbleGrunger1999d ago

Certainly not a title that you look at and think, WOW, but intriguing none the less.

SlapHappyJesus1999d ago

Actually really enjoyed this one.
Grabbed it when they had it on sale.

The game is as simple as can be, but the writing is really what makes this one stand out. Being able to bring character to a bunch of blocks, purely through narration and the act of jumping, well, that's definitely something.

paddystan1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

HOLY SHIT!!! All of you have to buy this masterpiece. Bought it on Steam a couple of weeks ago. Amazing game. If it doesn't support cross-buy I will recommend everyone to buy it on Vita, it suits perfectly there. I can even see itin the front of me.

Buy it, seriously, it's an awesome game.

Vitalogy1999d ago

Dude calm down, take a deep breath LOL

I'm actually thinking of getting it for the Vita, will be a good game to play on the train heading to wrok and then back home at the end of the day :p

And they said it will have cross-buy.

r211998d ago

Wow, soundtrack sounds epic. Game looks...unique. Will be buying on vita :D